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Don't Be A Free User (Pinboard Blog)
@OhMeadhbh @yoz @anildash yup. @Pinboard also has opinions on this & business sustainability
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january 2013 by Skud
Peer-to-Peer Hucksterism: An Open Letter to Tim Wu
RT @MsLods: RT @jason_a_w AirBnB, Uber, regulation and "hucksterism masquerading as progress"
altstartup  airbnb  uber  disruption  criticism 
january 2013 by Skud
Tech Cooperatives: A Better Way to Make a Living
here's a link to a SXSW panel about tech cooperatives #altstartup : RT @stuartayeates: @Skud google tech cooperatives
coop  altstartup 
january 2013 by Skud
The Pinboard Investment Co-Prosperity Cloud
RT : Very excited to announce my new angel funding venture, the Pinboard Investment Co-Prosperity Cloud:
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december 2012 by Skud
To Less Efficient Startups
Anil Dash on wealth distribution and the social benefit of less efficient companies. This speaks to me.
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october 2012 by Skud

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