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You do not have to be good
Words to live by. (From chapter 5 of Keep Going) Mary Oliver has died. I have a friend who used to keep her poem “Wild Geese” folded up in his wallet. It
mary-oliver  poetry 
The teachings and the teacher
Yesterday some friends and I (all dudes — this detail will matter later) were discussing the art of acting. None of us are actors, but we all like movies, and
problematic-people  lessons 
Why Malthus Is Still Wrong - Scientific American
Scientific American is the essential guide to the most awe-inspiring advances in science and technology, explaining how they change our understanding of the world and shape our lives.
malthus  population  world  health  culture  sociaty  politics  austerity 
Growing your own - vegetables / RHS Gardening
Expert tips, advice, profiles and videos from the RHS on how to grow your own vegetables at home, on the allotment or in containers.
gardening  vegetables 
Ledger Practices: Separate Your Journals - Felix Crux
Describes how and why to easily keep different accounts in different ledger
journal files. Part of a series describing how I use the Ledger accounting
accounting  hledger 
2 days ago
Program Your Finances: Envelope Budgeting | Pete Keen
Use Ledger's automated transactions to implement envelope-style budgeting.
finance  plain-text  hledger  accounting 
2 days ago
Program Your Finances: Algorithmic Savings | Pete Keen
Using algorithms to calculate savings targets instead of percentage-based automated ledger transactions.
tools  plain-text  finance  hledger 
2 days ago
feramhq/transity: Keep track of your 💵, 🕘, 🐖, 🐄, 🍻 on your command line
Keep track of your 💵, 🕘, 🐖, 🐄, 🍻 on your command line - feramhq/transity
accounting  cli  tools 
2 days ago
Twenty-Five Useful Thinking Tools | Scott H Young
You're only as smart as your thinking tools. Here are twenty-five tools, drawn from different professions, you can apply to your most difficult challenges!
learning  connections  constructivism 
2 days ago
IPFS Desktop Client: Orion v1.0 🎉 – Siderus
We are happy to announce Orion v1.0 🎉 This is the first stable version of our brand new IPFS Desktop client and brings a lot of new features. We published a sneak peek post but a lot new goodies…
tools  ipfs 
2 days ago
How to make Ginger Beer at home (a great way to learn fermenting)
Want to make homemade ginger beer? It's easy - and the results are better than almost anything you can buy in the store.
ginger-beer  fermentation 
5 days ago
Lana Del Rey’s Recent “Fan Tracks” Reflect Some of Her Strongest Songwriting Yet | Pitchfork
“Mariners Apartment Complex,” “Venice Bitch,” and “hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it” continue Lana’s lyrical hot streak.
lana-del-rey  music 
5 days ago
Independent Online Radio Is the Algorithm Alternative You Need | Pitchfork
As streaming continues to dominate, independent online radio stations offer a more human solution to the problem of too much choice.
music  radio  culture  discovery 
5 days ago
Rethinking Unit Test Assertions – JavaScript Scene – Medium
Well written automated tests always act as a good bug report when they fail, but few developers spend time to think about what information a good bug report needs. There are 5 questions every unit…
testing  javascript  tools  library  software 
5 days ago
Understanding Rust Lifetimes – NEAR Protocol – Medium
Coming to Rust from C++ and learning about lifetimes is very similar to coming to C++ from Java and learning about pointers. At first, it looks like an unnecessary concept, something a compiler…
rust  explanation  lifetimes  programming 
5 days ago
Lined + Blank Standard Note Cards — Nock Co.
The Nock Co. Lined + Blank note card features a vertical lined pattern on
the front, and a blank back with the Nock Co. logo tucked away in the lower
right corner. The .25" line spacing gives you enough room for all of your
tasks and to-do’s, while the back gives you space to let your ideas loose.

Each pack contains 50 of our popular ink friendly note cards in white cover
stock with Dusty Blue and Bubble Gum Pink printing.
stationery  note-taking  index-cards 
5 days ago
A good time to be a pack rat
Edward Gorey’s salt shaker collection Marie Kondo mania is in full swing again thanks to her Netflix special. I haven’t watched the show yet, but I read
collecting  marie-kondo 
6 days ago
This is a chord, this is another
“I just learned ‘Imagine’ on the piano,” tweeted @acupoftea yesterday, “and I would like to officially rescind any energy I've spent being impressed with people
punk  energy 
6 days ago
2018 Global Innovation 1000 | Most Innovative Companies | PwC's Strategy&
Most of the world's major innovators are moving into a new world in which R&D is shifting to developing the software that enables and enhances the performance of their products.
innovation  business  data 
6 days ago
Download — GuixSD
Installers and source files for the Guix System distribution
(GuixSD), and the GNU Guix package manager. GNU Guix can be
installed on different GNU/Linux distributions.
guix  operating-system 
7 days ago
specs - Rust
API documentation for the Rust `specs` crate.
entity-component-systems  rust  software  development  programming  languages 
7 days ago
Bury Me, My Love - PC review | Rock Paper Shotgun
Painful decision-making, emojis and joke-making in a crisis
game  refugee  politics 
8 days ago
Pass: The Standard Unix Password Manager
Pass is the standard unix password manager, a lightweight password manager that uses GPG and Git for Linux, BSD, and Mac OS X.
tools  password-management  unix 
9 days ago
albertlauncher/albert: A fast and flexible keyboard launcher
A fast and flexible keyboard launcher. Contribute to albertlauncher/albert development by creating an account on GitHub.
tool  linux  launcher 
9 days ago
Vietnam's Low-tech Food System Takes Advantage of Decay - LOW-TECH MAGAZINE
The food system in the industrialised world is based on mass-production, global distribution, and constant refrigeration. It requires many resources and produces a lot of food waste. Aaron Vansintjan takes to the streets of Hanoi, where the Vietnamese practice a food culture based largely on fermentation. Although food spoils much faster in a tropical climate, the Vietnamese will often store it without refrigeration, and instead take advantage of controlled decay. Vietnam's decentral...
fermentation  food  solarpunk 
9 days ago
Lecture 1A | MIT 6.001 Structure and Interpretation, 1986 - YouTube
This course introduces students to the principles of computation. Upon completion of 6.001, students should be able to explain and apply the basic methods fr...
mooc  sicp  learning  playlist  youtube 
9 days ago
Racket Weekend: A short course on the Racket programming language, by Jesse Alama
Racket Weekend is a 2-day course designed to give you a glimpse into the Racket programming language.
programming  language  learning  course  racket  resource 
10 days ago
Irene Posch |Irene Posch
Irene Posch is a researcher and artist exploring the integration of technological development into the fields of art and craft, and vice versa, and social, cultural, technical and aesthetic implications thereof.
art  irene-posch  craft  embroidery  computing  knitting  textiles 
10 days ago
Watch Noname, Saba, and Smino Perform “Ace” on “Fallon” | Pitchfork
The Chicago rapper brought her Room 25 collaboration to the late night stage
music  noname 
10 days ago
joinr/clclojure: An experimental port of clojure to common lisp. Also some native common lisp implementations of clojure libraries, like seq, persistent vectors, etc.
An experimental port of clojure to common lisp. Also some native common lisp implementations of clojure libraries, like seq, persistent vectors, etc. - joinr/clclojure
clojure  common-lisp  port  software  development 
10 days ago
hypotext/notation: Collection of quotes on notation design & how it affects thought.
Collection of quotes on notation design & how it affects thought. - hypotext/notation
language  notation  thought  cognition 
10 days ago
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