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The Onion for Games News
games  news  satire  humor 
11 days ago
Change and it's detection in JavaScript frameworks
A good overview of change-detection and diffing in various js frameworks, covering naive, data-binding, vdom and immutable approaches
javascript  change-detection  virtual-dom  immutable  idea 
16 days ago
Hyperapp for Redux refugees – Hyperapp – Medium
I don't really like the usage of the word refugee here, but other than that this was a pretty good high-level look into what makes redux and hyperapp state management different, and crucially what makes them the same
javascript  hyperapp  software 
17 days ago
Shadow CLJS
looks like a much more lightweight, simple approach to clojurescript then lein/boot and other solutions I've seen. I don't know loads about clojurescript build systems though so hey
compiler  clojurescript 
22 days ago
IDEA Instructions
visual instructions for algorithms
algorithms  visualisation 
4 weeks ago
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