Build Your Own Operating System Tutorial
How to create an OS from scratch!

I have always wanted to learn how to make an OS from scratch. In college I was taught how to implement advanced features (pagination, semaphores, memory management, etc) but:

* I never got to start from my own boot sector
* College is hard so I don't remember most of it.
* I'm fed up with people who think that reading an already existing kernel, even if small, is a good idea to learn operating systems.
operating-system  tutorial  low-level-computing 
15 days ago
Meshbird create distributed private networking between servers, containers, virtual machines and any computers in different datacenters, different countries, different cloud providers. All traffic transmit directly to recepient peer without passing any gateways. Meshbird do not require any centralized servers. Meshbird is absolutly decentralized distributed private networking.

For example, user can create private network between DigitalOcean’s droplets in each datacenter and link it together by executing one command. All traffic will be encrypted with strong AES-256.
networking  golang  distributed  encryption  tools 
15 days ago
Yo-Yo Ma: Tiny Desk Concert : NPR
Yo-Yo Ma explains how learning isn't painful when done incrementally
music  incrementalism  productivity 
7 weeks ago
A Monastery is a Commitment Device | Beeminder Blog
Why meditation using commitment devices isn't "missing the point", and how using a tool like beeminder can improve meditation practice
meditation  mental-health  beeminder  david-howell  ellen-gamerman  attention  default-mode-network  buddhism 
july 2018
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