Adactio: Journal—Several people are writing
"I told him that I’m going to be writer number 1001, and I’m going to write something great that nobody has written before."

This is a good list of reasons to reconsider how neglectful I am of this stuff.
bdt  writing 
september 2018
"Idea processing. In your brain a complex project in all its facets is just there..."
I like this analogy. The serialization and communication part is stupidly hard. Everyone has their own protocol for effectively receiving that blob, bitrot is rife, and there is no perfect checksum.
bdt  teams  management  ideas 
may 2018
Let's Learn About Waveforms
A great use of interactive visualization to explain primitive waveforms.
bdt  visualization  musictheory 
february 2018
No brogrammers: Practical tips for writing inclusive job ads
"Where once we said:
'We want to see that you know your stuff.'
Now we say:
'We want to see that you have relevant experience, that you like automating away repetitive work, that you have good attention to detail, an aptitude for learning new skills and that you have empathy for your team-mates and our customers.'"

I love this.
bdt  management  hiring 
october 2017
QPR Preview: Ollie, ‘Arry, Bradley & Joey, that ‘bloody darts music’, flouncy answers and chip shops
Preview: Ollie, Arry, 'bloody darts music', flouncy answers & chip shops [@cjsouthwell1902]

RTs welcome #NCFC #QPR
NorwichCity  football  funread 
august 2017
Intersection Observer comes to Firefox ★ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
Yay, a native way of firing an event when an element appears on the page
javascript  webdev  bdt 
august 2017
How to run secret ZX Spectrum message from Radiohead’s OKNOTOK C90 tape
Amazing Easter Egg. Some weird noise on a new track in the OK Computer reissue is actually a Spectrum program.
bdt  radiohead  steganography  easteregg 
july 2017
The Travis CI Blog: Start Every Meeting with a Personal Check-in
Focus and presence were very much things I took for granted before I started managing. I now realise that these are both limited resources. This feels like a nice tool to have in our arsenals.
management  bdt 
june 2017
A Unified Styling Language – SEEK blog – Medium
I finally understand the React-driven CSS-in-JS movement. Great read. I'm still not entirely sold on it, but I understand it. Maybe I need to use it in anger, get a feel for the pros and cons.
bdt  css  javascript 
may 2017
The Guardian is getting 60 percent of its Google mobile traffic from AMP - Digiday
Interesting to see some real positive data around AMP. I'm still not sold, but those are numbers that are hard to argue with. The stories around accidentally creating invalid articles and the fallout from that are also interesting. This all in contrast to Guardian dropping Apple News and Instant Articles.
AMP  statistics  webdev  bdt  guardian  instant-articles 
april 2017
Replacing Disqus with Github Comments · Gazoo.vrv
I love this, I have no idea whether github would be ok with this if everyone did it, but it's a nice solution to the comments problem
bdt  comments  github  disqus 
april 2017
n-gate.com. we can't both be right.
Cynical digests of the last week's hacker news links and discourse. Wonderful.
hackernews  bdt  links 
april 2017
I think the secret to doing things is just doing things | MetaFilter
Everything about this guy is amazing, this is quite the reading list
metafilter  biography  inspiration 
march 2017
KYLI – because it is superior to JSON – Terence Eden's Blog
Terence wasn't happy with JSON, so he created "KYLI". I'll be honest, I mostly bookmarked this for the wordplay.
json  dataformat  bdt 
march 2017
Learning Fluency – Medium
"The disregard of rote memorization is a failure of imagination." Great read, and a perspective I've not considered. Why do I embrace the idea of spaced repetition for something like German in Duolingo, but why does it seem out of leftfield when applied to something like programming?
bdt  programming  learningtolearn 
march 2017
Nice little interface to manage gists
snippets  code 
february 2017
Functional Composition - Chris Ford - YouTube
I found this little gem buried in OneTab. A few years ago I attempted GEB, this makes me want to pick it up again. Also, write more Clojure. I definitely want to write more Clojure.
clojure  music  programming  overtone  bdt 
december 2016
noffle/art-of-readme: Learn the art of writing quality READMEs.
"The ideal README is as short as it can be without being any shorter. Detailed documentation is good -- make separate pages for it! -- but keep your README succinct." Node-centric, but the wisdom can be applied to pretty much any language / ecosystem.
programming  documentation  bdt 
october 2016
PX, EM or REM Media Queries? | Zell Liew
It's 2016. All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again.
bdt  responsivedesign  webdev 
october 2016
How I Could Steal Money from Instagram, Google and Microsoft – Arne Swinnen's Security Blog
Using premium rate phone numbers to exploit automated 2fa services for money. Absolutely fascinating.
july 2016
The Conjoined Triangles of Senior-Level Development
Assessing what qualifies as "Senior" wrt/devs is a ridiculously difficult job. This article is a great summary of how one consultancy is attacking the problem.
development  management  senior  bdt 
july 2016
Stay focused. Accomplish more – Pomello
I've been using this to track sideproject (jankteki) stuff. It's good.
pomodoro  trello  productivity 
may 2016
Mobile Last?
"When building a site from scratch, the additional effort required to support a wide range of devices is extremely low. After all, HTML is responsive by default."
mobile  webdev 
november 2014
Out of Many, One: The Science of Composite Photography
The resulting blurry images allude to idealized shared experiences, but also expose usually unexamined visual conventions. (As Efros noted, looking at Salavon’s newlyweds, “The bride is usually to the right of the groom. I didn’t know that. Maybe he didn’t know that.”)
august 2014
The Running Novelist - The New Yorker
Wonderful piece on running by Haruki Murakami
july 2014
Page Object Pattern - Joseph Wilk
We use this extensively at work at a component level (instead of page's for objects, we use components), it keeps things surprisingly clean
bdd  cucumber  testing 
may 2013
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