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✖ The original luggage w the grooves
A 1978 grooved aluminium board case and pair of suitcases from the RIMOWA Archive in Cologne, Germany.
2019  1978  twitter  rimowa  design  Germany  Cologne  travel  PaulMorszeck 
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✖ BLUNA - 7 Jungfrauen treffen sich bei Vollmond
Charles Wilp AD 1970; Jedes Jahr ein 7tes Jahr.
img ©2000X by crosxcanal
2019  1970  CharlesWilp  bluna  ARTRO  2000X  magacine  advertising  twitter  art  artist  design 
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✖ ITC U&lc
edited & designed by Herb Lubalin, saying that it was every designers dream 2b their own client.
fonts archive .:
Volume 1-1 page4, 1973
2019  twitter  ITC  design  HerbLubalin  typography  fonts  avantgarde  magazine 
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