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: 3, 2, 1 ... LIFT-OFF
| Vor 90 Jahren war der erste Science-Fiction Film der Wegbereiter der Europäischen Raumfahrt; eine kurze Szene des Films gilt als die Geburtsstunde des Countdowns, ohne die kein Raketenstart seitdem auskommt
2019  twitter  CharlesWilp  UweJHaack  magacine  ARTRO  space  Moon  spaceart  Michelangelo  virage  WXLP  books 
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✖ StrangerThanFiction
2014 French TV Fiction
2019 Climate Reality Planet Earth

ClimateChange NoTime4ObscuringTheFacts
2019  twitter  French  TV  ClimateChange  climate  fiction 
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✖ GrachtenFestival 2019
opera & exhibition on occasion of 100 yrs of women's voting rights.
Regie : Lisenka Heijboer
Dramaturgy : Niels Nuijten
2019  twitter  festival  opera  exhibition  Netherlands  Amsterdam  LisenkaHeijboer  NielsNuijten  culture  OPERAFRONT 
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✖ Sustainable Lifestyle
'That's the way it is, dear youth. No more avocados, no Nutella, no Nestlé product, no organic from Aldi, but regional, no new cellphones, no emobility ... Then it works' Fridays4Torture by @SusiTested
2019  twitter  culture  lifestyle  ClimateChange  F4F  Germany  study  environment  regional  cellphone  emobility 
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✖ Sustainable Lifestyle
Environmental & climate protection is most important societal issue4 Germans aged 14-22 yrs.
2019  twitter  culture  lifestyle  ClimateChange  F4F  Germany  study  environment 
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✖ Streaming could kill independent film
AndyPaterson predicted a 'streamer war' that would take its toll on independent sector.
2019  magacine  streaming  film  independent  guardian  twitter  AndyPaterson  netflix 
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✖ True Wilderness Downtown
Wild growing #nature is not only a feature of national parks or #biosphere reserves.
magacine .:

... Selten ist es allerdings ein so prächtiges Gelände wie das Schöneberger Südgelände in Berlin.
shortlist |
2007  2019  twitter  shortlist  magacine  UweJHaack  nature  Berlin  environment  urban  biodiversity 
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✖ 'The zone of art could also be a landscape
full of possibilities and fantasy, but then it would have to be radical.' - unknown artist

attempted consternation v
2019  twitter  art  fantasy  xnews 
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✖ Impacts of Climate Change
'Warming increases global climate-exposed energy demand before adaptation around 2050 by 25–58% RCPs 8.5 (11–27%, RCPs 4.5)'
2019  2050  twitter  ClimateChange  science  environment  study  economy  energy  social  ESM  NatureCom 
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Blue Taxes
Blue Labeling
Blue Conscious Shopping
propagandaGO! JOIN BLUESHEEP |
2019  twitter  oolab  BlueSheep  ClimateAction  culture  lifestyle  greenwashing  propagandaGO  economy 
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Ξ Climate Change #NoTime4ObscuringTheFacts
June2019 European -average temp was more than 3°C higher than average for 1850-1900 Copernicus ECMWF |

Ξ propagandaGO! ★ by oocrewNL
2019  twitter  oolab  ClimateChange  Europe  propagandaGO  copernicus  ECMWF 
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✖ The original luggage w the grooves
A 1978 grooved aluminium board case and pair of suitcases from the RIMOWA Archive in Cologne, Germany.
2019  1978  twitter  rimowa  design  Germany  Cologne  travel  PaulMorszeck 
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✖ Greenland Ice Sheet
has become the main source of barystatic sealevel rise

Study by Stefan Hofer
2019  twitter  Greenland  GrIS  study  ClimateChange  sealevel  StefanHofer  Nature 
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✖ #NoTime4ObscuringTheFacts
Climate Change
St. Gallen und Lugano sind die beiden Extreme unter den Schweizer Städten. Im Tessin herrschen geradezu tropische Zustände.
2019  nzz  ClimateChange  Swiss  Lugano  urban  twitter  Genf  StGallen 
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✖ Max Ernst
'Before he goes into water, a diver cannot know what he will bring back.'
The Couple, 1923, 106,5x142cm boijmans, #Rotterdam, #Netherlands
2019  1923  twitter  MaxErnst  painter  artist  surrealism  boijmans  Rotterdam  Netherlands  art 
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✖ Bicycle Architecture Biennale Amsterdam
BAB 2019 |

Cycling Through Water in Limburg, Belgium by Luc Dalemans/BYCS
2019  twitter  bicycle  architecture  biennale  Amsterdam  Netherlands  BYCS 
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✖ Vosje & Eendje
- Making a picture book

animation by Nick Lutgerhorst, Utrecht, NL
2019  twitter  NickLutgerhorst  animation  graphic  books  Utrecht  Netherlands 
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1556 by Pieter Bruegel

#LoveAndRespect - #vvork |
Art Is Resistance /RT2011cxc
2019  twitter  PieterBruegel  1556  painter  AIR  vvork  Netherlands  art 
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Ξ 6yrs Most Wanted Criminal

propagandaGO! Edward Snowden NSA terrorism ★ #ResetTheNet
2019  twitter  EdwardSnowden  nsa  terrorism  propagandaGO  oolab 
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✖ THEMROC - the urban caveman
R: Claude Faraldo
music: Harald Maury
cast: Michel Piccoli, Coluche, MiouMiou
France, 1973
2019  twitter  1973  film  cinema  ClaudeFaraldo  HaraldMaury  MichelPiccoli  Coluche  MiouMiou  France 
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/|/ Analyse des globalen Kunstbetriebs
von Kolja Reichert, FAZ
… Rugoff spricht von 'Hofkünstlern der Superreichen' und 'Pinkelwettbewerben' ...

Der Staubsaugereffekt |
2019  twitter  KoljaReichert  FAZ  culture  art  gallery  Venice  artist  RalphRugoff  LarryGagosian  investment 
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✖ #AIR Art Is Resistance
…today w disrupted Malmö city council meeting. One activist started reading a climate-related poem….v @ExtinctionR_SV
2019  twitter  AIR  urban  culture  ClimateAction  climate  art  Malmö  Sveden 
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✖ We Make The City 2019: Future Cities
Who owns the city?
Can w rethink #Amsterdam values?
#ReclaimUrCulture #festival #NL #OverTourism #urbanisation @wemakethecity @De_Zwijger |
2019  twitter  Amsterdam  urban  culture  festival  art  OverTourism  urbanisation  dezwijger  Netherlands 
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/|/ WXLP.2000X
CHARLES WILP about science, arts and education.

WXLP.2000X trailer by CROSXCANAL
WXLP.2000X music by Solar Moon
WXLP.2000X r,c by Uwe J. Haack

stay tuned! meer over ¬
2019  twitter  2000X  CharlesWilp  virage  film  UweJHaack  solarmoon  ARTRO  science  education  art 
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✖ Scotland's
nature conservation agency has warned the country faces an apocalyse of flooded towns, dead forests & polluted rivers unless urgent action is taken to cut CO2 emissions.'
guardian .:
2019  twitter  Scotland  environment  guardian  ClimateChange  CO2  nature 
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✖ Bruce Munro
Field of Light: ' …. walk away w a feeling of inner #peace and #harmony … a gently illuminated #landscape that is framed by a star studded sky' -
2019  twitter  BruceMunro  landart  solar  artist  nature  installation  art 
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2.000 #XNOTES now also available as
#shortlist |
= stay tuned! |

2019  twitter  shortlist  magacine  culture  2000X 
june 2019 by shortlist_cxc
✖ 'Incidentally, 'negligible effect'
refers2 marginal effect of desired effort imposed by Climate Issue in 2030 compared2 'doing nothing xtra', which state has so far put into practice. Of course it does make a difference.' Egbert Born
2019  twitter  culture  politics  NotMyEUrope  ClimateChange  Europe  EgbertBorn 
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Ξ #ClimateChange #NoTime4ObscuringTheFacts
Many of us have recognized that our coverage of Global Warming has fallen short.
What if we covered the climate crisis like w did the start of WW2 ?
Bill Moyers

guardian .:
2019  twitter  BillMoyers  journalism  propaganda  science  ClimateChange  guardian 
june 2019 by shortlist_cxc
✖ Stalkerbook
“W don’t have a policy that stipulates that information u post must b true.”
thinkprogress .:
2019  twitter  sustainable  data  propaganda  science  ClimateChange  facebook 
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✖ Pierre Boucher, Jean Moral, André Steiner
End 1920s, a generation of photographers from Bauhaus discovered photography & embarked on a major experiment.

3D tour #exhibition : La bascule | Les Douches
Le Figaro .:
2019  twitter  PierreBoucher  JeanMoral  Paris  France  exhibition  photography  AndréSteiner  Bauhaus  artist  art 
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✖ Solar Moon
Blackbook Translations vol.1 EP
- Incl. Remixes by gelka forteba massivan_music dubvisionist -
release .:
2019  twitter  solarmoon  music  gelka  forteba  2000X  dubvionist  TomDams  dub 
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Portrait of Charles Wilp by Uwe J. Haack
2nd film in the ZERO G Trilogy
P,R,C : Uwe J. Haack
Musik : Solar Moon
Color, 60', S16mm ©2002 Label Virage
2019  twitter  CharlesWilp  film  ARTRO  virage  2000X  16mm  UweJHaack  2002  solarmoon  artist  art 
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✖ #Artists4Future supporting #Fridays4Future
'This spinach ecologism that doesn't interest. The only thing worth raising is the human soul.' JosephBeuys
img ©CharlesWilp
text magacine .:
2019  twitter  CharlesWilp  ecologism  magacine  F4F  2000X  culture  artist  art  JosephBeuys  UweJHaack 
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✖ German 40yrs videoart
Over 100 tapes: Knoebel, Beckett, Valie Export, Rebecca Horn, Michael Klier & more
HatjeCantz | 12DVD, 2006
Ubuweb |
2019  twitter  ValieExport  RebeccaHorn  MichaelKlier  video  artist  art  JosephBeuys 
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✖ art means art of living /
#Science says that living near ocean has positive effects on ur mental health.

.: Residential exposure2 visible blue space |
.: BlueMind science, qz |
2019  twitter  science  life  health  urbanisation  culture  blue  BlueMind  art 
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✖ BLUNA - 7 Jungfrauen treffen sich bei Vollmond
Charles Wilp AD 1970; Jedes Jahr ein 7tes Jahr.
img ©2000X by crosxcanal
2019  1970  CharlesWilp  bluna  ARTRO  2000X  magacine  advertising  twitter  art  artist  design 
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★ Free Bikes
If benefits of cycling – both economic & environmental – outweigh cost of bikes overall, then why not simply give bikes away?

v LessLab1.:
2019  twitter  LessLab1  bike  LIM  LessIsMore  2000X  SustainableLifestyle  Australia  Netherlands  Denmark  Sweden  UK 
june 2019 by shortlist_cxc
✖ Renzo Piano - The Architect of Light
R: Carlos Saura
B: Carlos Saura, Renzo Piano
K: Raúl Bartolomé
color, 80', Spain, 2018
2019  twitter  artist  CarlosSaura  RenzoPiano  architecture  film  RaúlBartolomé  spain  trailer 
june 2019 by shortlist_cxc
✖ Aus LICHT | Stockhausen's 7-part opera
is a never-before-seen spectacle w 15 hours of music in 3 separate parts.
7 reasons not 2miss by Roland De Beer
Holland Festival June 2019, Amsterdam
2019  twitter  Stockhausen  opera  music  festival  RolandDeBeer  Netherlands  Amsterdam  artist 
june 2019 by shortlist_cxc
✖ Arno Schmidt
Zettels Traum, 1334 S., Faksimile
Fischer, Frankfurt aM 2002

Theo Breuer looks back: 'Zettels Traum is a book for life'.

2019  twitter  artist  ArnoSchmidt  literature  TheoBreuer  faksimile  fischer 
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✖ »Schmidt=lesn!? – Allerdings!«
Jochen Kienbaum über Arno Schmidt & das 'elektronische Findmittel' der Schmidt Stiftung zur Bargfelder Ausgabe

2019  twitter  artist  ArnoSchmidt  literature  JochenKienbaum  suhrkamp  digital  archive 
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✖ ITC U&lc
edited & designed by Herb Lubalin, saying that it was every designers dream 2b their own client.
fonts archive .:
Volume 1-1 page4, 1973
2019  twitter  ITC  design  HerbLubalin  typography  fonts  avantgarde  magazine 
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Blue Taxes
Blue Labeling
Blue Conscious Shopping

2019  twitter  oolab  propagandaGO  BLUeECONOMY  BLUESHEEP 
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✖ es steht alles , es fällt nichts | Charles Wilp
Wer jemals eine Vollbremsung im Hirn oder Herz hatte, wird durch die Schwerelosigkeit das Erlebnis einer anderen Merkwelt, einer neuen Bewusstseinszone haben. Schwerelosigkeit ist die Triebfeder für alles Kreative, nicht nur in den Künsten. - Charles Wilp
2000X  exhibition  zeroG  2013  CharlesWilp  artist  ARTRO  art  UweJHaack  twitter  KenAdam  BodoBaumunk  Berlin  MartinGropiusBau  magacine  virage  space  Moon 
september 2018 by shortlist_cxc
: REACTOR TIHANGE more dangerous than previously known
#AKW Tihange deutlich gefährlicher als bislang bekannt
@WDR #Monitor #nuclear #eu #Chernobyl
nuclear  wdr  Tihange  Chernobyl  eu  twitter  2018 
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