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✖ Impacts of Climate Change
'Warming increases global climate-exposed energy demand before adaptation around 2050 by 25–58% RCPs 8.5 (11–27%, RCPs 4.5)'
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/|/ WXLP.2000X
CHARLES WILP about science, arts and education.

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Ξ #ClimateChange #NoTime4ObscuringTheFacts
Many of us have recognized that our coverage of Global Warming has fallen short.
What if we covered the climate crisis like w did the start of WW2 ?
Bill Moyers

guardian .:
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✖ Stalkerbook
“W don’t have a policy that stipulates that information u post must b true.”
thinkprogress .:
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✖ art means art of living /
#Science says that living near ocean has positive effects on ur mental health.

.: Residential exposure2 visible blue space |
.: BlueMind science, qz |
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