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✖ Streaming could kill independent film
AndyPaterson predicted a 'streamer war' that would take its toll on independent sector.
2019  magacine  streaming  film  independent  guardian  twitter  AndyPaterson  netflix 
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✖ THEMROC - the urban caveman
R: Claude Faraldo
music: Harald Maury
cast: Michel Piccoli, Coluche, MiouMiou
France, 1973
2019  twitter  1973  film  cinema  ClaudeFaraldo  HaraldMaury  MichelPiccoli  Coluche  MiouMiou  France 
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/|/ WXLP.2000X
CHARLES WILP about science, arts and education.

WXLP.2000X trailer by CROSXCANAL
WXLP.2000X music by Solar Moon
WXLP.2000X r,c by Uwe J. Haack

stay tuned! meer over ¬
2019  twitter  2000X  CharlesWilp  virage  film  UweJHaack  solarmoon  ARTRO  science  education  art 
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Portrait of Charles Wilp by Uwe J. Haack
2nd film in the ZERO G Trilogy
P,R,C : Uwe J. Haack
Musik : Solar Moon
Color, 60', S16mm ©2002 Label Virage
2019  twitter  CharlesWilp  film  ARTRO  virage  2000X  16mm  UweJHaack  2002  solarmoon  artist  art 
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✖ Renzo Piano - The Architect of Light
R: Carlos Saura
B: Carlos Saura, Renzo Piano
K: Raúl Bartolomé
color, 80', Spain, 2018
2019  twitter  artist  CarlosSaura  RenzoPiano  architecture  film  RaúlBartolomé  spain  trailer 
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