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Locarno Film Festival
The Locarno Film Festival is an annual film festival held every August in Locarno, Switzerland. Founded in 1946, it is one of the longest-running film festivals
2019  festival  film  Switzerland  Locarno 
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✖ GrachtenFestival 2019
opera & exhibition on occasion of 100 yrs of women's voting rights.
Regie : Lisenka Heijboer
Dramaturgy : Niels Nuijten
2019  twitter  festival  opera  exhibition  Netherlands  Amsterdam  LisenkaHeijboer  NielsNuijten  culture  OPERAFRONT 
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is Godfrey Reggio's debut film & first part of his QATSI trilogy. 1982, music: Philip Glass
2018  1982  PhilipGlass  Godfrey  Reggio  film  music  magacine  dvd  berlinale  festival  civilization 
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✖ We Make The City 2019: Future Cities
Who owns the city?
Can w rethink #Amsterdam values?
#ReclaimUrCulture #festival #NL #OverTourism #urbanisation @wemakethecity @De_Zwijger |
2019  twitter  Amsterdam  urban  culture  festival  art  OverTourism  urbanisation  dezwijger  Netherlands 
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✖ Aus LICHT | Stockhausen's 7-part opera
is a never-before-seen spectacle w 15 hours of music in 3 separate parts.
7 reasons not 2miss by Roland De Beer
Holland Festival June 2019, Amsterdam
2019  twitter  Stockhausen  opera  music  festival  RolandDeBeer  Netherlands  Amsterdam  artist 
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: OLD NORSE | Andrew Telling – Conor Harrington
OLD NORSE – a short film embracing a dream:
Conor Harrington’s trip to Vardø, Norway
2012  film  festival  Norway  komafest  magacine  ConorHarrington  AndrewTelling 
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: Isabelle Huppert | International Actors Award 2013
Action! Isabelle Huppert has taken part in more than a hundred feature films, her films, which are actually relevant to her profession, were shot by the Claude Chabrol with her and Stéphane Audran, his wife. Huppert's most internationally renowned were the 1996 César for 'La Cérémonie' by Claude Chabrol and Cannes Best Actress in 1978 & 2001 for Chabrol's 'Violette Nozière' and Haneke's 'La Pianiste'
film  festival  magacine  2013  Cologne  ClaudeChabrol  IsabelleHuppert 
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