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✖ Sustainable Lifestyle
'That's the way it is, dear youth. No more avocados, no Nutella, no Nestlé product, no organic from Aldi, but regional, no new cellphones, no emobility ... Then it works' Fridays4Torture by @SusiTested
2019  twitter  culture  lifestyle  ClimateChange  F4F  Germany  study  environment  regional  cellphone  emobility 
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✖ Sustainable Lifestyle
Environmental & climate protection is most important societal issue4 Germans aged 14-22 yrs.
2019  twitter  culture  lifestyle  ClimateChange  F4F  Germany  study  environment 
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Wildwuchs am Straßenrand, unbemerkt aus den Pflanzkübeln in die urbane Verdichtung kriechend.
Irritiert von der Pracht der Dschungelbiotope und der Erinnerung an den Ursprung der Freiheit, eilt der Stadtmensch seines Weges.
2007  2019  1987  Berlin  UweJHaack  photography  artist  shortlist  virage  environment  urban 
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✖ True Wilderness Downtown
Wild growing #nature is not only a feature of national parks or #biosphere reserves.
magacine .:

... Selten ist es allerdings ein so prächtiges Gelände wie das Schöneberger Südgelände in Berlin.
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✖ Impacts of Climate Change
'Warming increases global climate-exposed energy demand before adaptation around 2050 by 25–58% RCPs 8.5 (11–27%, RCPs 4.5)'
2019  2050  twitter  ClimateChange  science  environment  study  economy  energy  social  ESM  NatureCom 
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✖ Scotland's
nature conservation agency has warned the country faces an apocalyse of flooded towns, dead forests & polluted rivers unless urgent action is taken to cut CO2 emissions.'
guardian .:
2019  twitter  Scotland  environment  guardian  ClimateChange  CO2  nature 
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