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✖ StrangerThanFiction
2014 French TV Fiction
2019 Climate Reality Planet Earth

ClimateChange NoTime4ObscuringTheFacts
2019  twitter  French  TV  ClimateChange  climate  fiction 
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✖ Sustainable Lifestyle
'That's the way it is, dear youth. No more avocados, no Nutella, no Nestlé product, no organic from Aldi, but regional, no new cellphones, no emobility ... Then it works' Fridays4Torture by @SusiTested
2019  twitter  culture  lifestyle  ClimateChange  F4F  Germany  study  environment  regional  cellphone  emobility 
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✖ Sustainable Lifestyle
Environmental & climate protection is most important societal issue4 Germans aged 14-22 yrs.
2019  twitter  culture  lifestyle  ClimateChange  F4F  Germany  study  environment 
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✖ Impacts of Climate Change
'Warming increases global climate-exposed energy demand before adaptation around 2050 by 25–58% RCPs 8.5 (11–27%, RCPs 4.5)'
2019  2050  twitter  ClimateChange  science  environment  study  economy  energy  social  ESM  NatureCom 
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Ξ Climate Change #NoTime4ObscuringTheFacts
June2019 European -average temp was more than 3°C higher than average for 1850-1900 Copernicus ECMWF |

Ξ propagandaGO! ★ by oocrewNL
2019  twitter  oolab  ClimateChange  Europe  propagandaGO  copernicus  ECMWF 
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✖ Greenland Ice Sheet
has become the main source of barystatic sealevel rise

Study by Stefan Hofer
2019  twitter  Greenland  GrIS  study  ClimateChange  sealevel  StefanHofer  Nature 
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✖ #NoTime4ObscuringTheFacts
Climate Change
St. Gallen und Lugano sind die beiden Extreme unter den Schweizer Städten. Im Tessin herrschen geradezu tropische Zustände.
2019  nzz  ClimateChange  Swiss  Lugano  urban  twitter  Genf  StGallen 
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✖ Scotland's
nature conservation agency has warned the country faces an apocalyse of flooded towns, dead forests & polluted rivers unless urgent action is taken to cut CO2 emissions.'
guardian .:
2019  twitter  Scotland  environment  guardian  ClimateChange  CO2  nature 
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✖ 'Incidentally, 'negligible effect'
refers2 marginal effect of desired effort imposed by Climate Issue in 2030 compared2 'doing nothing xtra', which state has so far put into practice. Of course it does make a difference.' Egbert Born
2019  twitter  culture  politics  NotMyEUrope  ClimateChange  Europe  EgbertBorn 
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Ξ #ClimateChange #NoTime4ObscuringTheFacts
Many of us have recognized that our coverage of Global Warming has fallen short.
What if we covered the climate crisis like w did the start of WW2 ?
Bill Moyers

guardian .:
2019  twitter  BillMoyers  journalism  propaganda  science  ClimateChange  guardian 
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✖ Stalkerbook
“W don’t have a policy that stipulates that information u post must b true.”
thinkprogress .:
2019  twitter  sustainable  data  propaganda  science  ClimateChange  facebook 
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Wildwald Voßwinkel
- Wildwald Voßwinkel ist eine Naturerlebniseinrichtung im Stadtteil Voßwinkel von Arnsberg
2018  Cologne  ClimateChange  Vosswinkel  wald  wood  education  children  2000X 
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Waldlabor Köln
Im März 2010 wurde die Aufforstung des Waldlabors in Köln-Marsdorf feierlich begonnen. Das Waldlabor Köln ist ein Experimentierfeld, das neue Erkenntnisse und Informationen darüber bringen soll, wie der Wald der Zukunft aussehen kann.
Cologne  ClimateChange  2000X  Vosswinkel  wald  wood  2018  education  children 
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: Mutter Erde – Charles Wilp
Auf dem von ihm selbst so beschriebenen schwerelosen Werdegang vom Afri Cola-Rausch zum All-Orgasmus , gab es bei Charles Wilp auch schwergewichtige künstlerische Manifeste zu den Themen Umwelt und Klima.
magacine .:
2000X  2014  nature  space  spaceart  art  sculpture  magacine  ARTRO  CharlesWilp  ClimateChange  Bonn 
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