How LinkedIn uses Artificial Intelligence to keep NSFW content out | FactorDaily
Fluff piece with useless content and muddled explanations of both ML and how they apply it at LinkedIn. How did I come across this?
june 2018
Some thoughts on Amazon Go Retail – Om Malik
"But not everything is business, and there are social implications. America depends heavily on retail and service industry jobs and we don’t really have any other professional options for this part of society, which is being pushed into what was considered the “underclass” in third world economies.THIS WORRIES ME NO END, and frankly this is where I see lack of empathy in tech becoming more obvious."
Amazon  business 
february 2018
FAQ for academic social scientists interested in tech | Paul Litvak
A summary / FAQ of what it's like to work in industry for people coming from academia. I agree with a lot of it, although I *am* a research scientist and I don't think I'd agree with "you probably know if you do something that would make you competitive for these jobs." I came from cognitive psychology.
academia  career 
may 2017
Eliminating delays on ESC in vim and zsh - John Hawthorn
I love the internet.

Without intending to help me, @jhawthorn wrote about fixing a tiny prob and helped me anyway
august 2016
Checking links and link responses with httr and R
✎ Using and to aggregate urls & url responses

This was a fun one ⛱
pinboard  rstats  httr  sherif  tnowfi  from twitter
june 2016
✎ Using and to aggregate urls & url responses

This was a fun one ⛱
pinboard  rstats  httr  sherif  tnowfi  from twitter
june 2016
totes profesh: how to blog about code and give zero fucks
I like this.

"how to blog about code and give zero fucks"
march 2016
Karl Popper on democracy: From the archives: the open society and its enemies revisited | The Economist
Sir Karl Popper on a better theory of democracy and why prop representation is bad for it.

(cc: @cgpgrey)
Economist  Popper  democracy 
january 2016
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