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Data cleaning in OpenRefine and R | Finding Knowledge
Tutorial RT Data cleaning in OpenRefine and R , datacleaning, OpenRefine, R
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An R Tutorial: Visual Representation of Complex Multivariate Relationships Using the R qgraph Package, Part Two Repost | R Statistics and Programming
This article is part of my series of articles exploring the use of R
packages that allow for visualization of complex relationships among variables.
Other articles have examined visual representations produced by
the qgraph package in both large and small samples with more than three
variables. In this article I look specifically at the R qgraph package with a small
dataset of N=10, but a large number (14) of variables.
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Tidyeval meets PDF table hell – Luis D. Verde Arregoitia
Using tidy evaluation to fix values broken up across rows.
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Dog breeds bump chart – Luis D. Verde Arregoitia
bump charts cool for showing changing rankings over time...
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Data Visualization, Fast and Slow – Elijah Meeks – Medium
"Data Visualization, Fast and Slow" by First in a series of posts on what w…

In order to reveal a “slow” data visualization I want to examine charts more closely and think structurally about what charts say, what charts mean and what charts do. These two modes are not in opposition, rather all charts are capable of being slowed down with reflective analysis. This examination is broken down into three parts:
WHAT CHARTS MEAN (Coming 5/14)
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Absolute vs Relative: Who lives in the capitals? | Uncharted
marimekko charts (sort of) - seems a simpler version than usual examples, so it looks like a proportional stacked bar chart with variable width bars. (which is neat)
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