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The only cheat sheet you need Unified access to the best community driven documentation repositories of the world
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7 days ago by sharjeelsayed
Hyperpolyglot: Programming Language Cheat Sheets
Hyperpolyglot is a term coined in 2003 for someone who can speak 6 or more languages fluently.

* Scripting Languages: Bash, Tcl, Perl, Python, Ruby
* Platform Languages: C, C++, Objective C, Java, CSharp
* Lisp: Common Lisp, Scheme, Clojure, Emacs Lisp
* ML: Standard ML, Alice, OCaml, FSharp, Scala
* Math Languages: Sage, Octave, R, J, Factor
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april 2010 by sharjeelsayed
Learning vi -- the "cheatsheet" technique
This tutorial will show you how to use vi, a powerful visual editor. Using a special accelerated cheat sheet method, this tutorial is designed to make you a proficient vi user without requiring a huge time commitment. In this vi tutorial, you'll learn how to move around, edit text, use insert mode, copy and paste text, and use important vim extensions like visual mode and multi-window editing.
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february 2009 by sharjeelsayed
IT posters to cover your empty walls
We have collected a list of posters that focus on interesting information rather than nice-looking sunsets. And of course all are computer and network related.
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june 2008 by sharjeelsayed
Unix Toolbox
This document is a collection of Unix/Linux/BSD commands and tasks which are useful for IT work or for advanced users. This is a practical guide with concise explanations
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march 2008 by sharjeelsayed
The Definitive Guide to Bash Command Line History - good coders code, great reuse
Let me teach you how to work efficiently with command line history in bash.

This tutorial comes with a downloadable cheat sheet that summarizes (and expands on) topics covered here (scroll to the end for a download link).
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march 2008 by sharjeelsayed
Subversion Cheat Sheet
This Subversion cheat sheet was created during the initial setup of Subversion on Apache 2.0 on Windows and Mac OS X. A detailed tutorial covering most of the features of Subversion can be found in the online Subversion book. However, to make Subversion m
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january 2008 by sharjeelsayed
Linux Commands Line list v1.2 - Single page
List of most used linux commands(over 350 commands) divided into arguments,
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january 2008 by sharjeelsayed
Cheat Sheet : All Cheat Sheets in one page
All cheat sheets, round-ups, quick reference cards, quick reference guides and quick reference sheets in one page. The only one you need.
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september 2007 by sharjeelsayed
Keyboard Shortcuts for Bash ( Command Shell for Ubuntu, Debian, Suse, Redhat, Linux, etc) :: the How-To Geek
Ctrl + A Go to the beginning of the line you are currently typing on Ctrl + E Go to the end of the line you are currently typing on Ctrl + L Clears the Screen, similar to the clear command Ctrl + U Clears the line before the cursor position. If you are at
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december 2006 by sharjeelsayed

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