Asana’s Rise to a $900 Million Valuation
“Every team in the world is capable of accomplishing bigger goals… software could help empower them to drive work forward with more ease, clarity, and accountability.” – Asana co-founders There are a handful of common workplace struggles that plague almost every industry.
Postgres full-text search is Good Enough!
When you have to build a web application, you are often asked to add search. The magnifying glass is something that we now add to wireframes without even knowing what we are going to search. The search has become an important feature and we've seen a big increase in the popularity of tools like elasticsearch and SOLR which are both based on lucene.
2 days ago
Front-End Checklist
Front-End Checklist The Front-End Checklist is an exhaustive list of all elements you need to have / to test before launching your site / HTML page to production. It is based on Front-End developers' years of experience, with the additions coming from some other open-source checklists.
5 days ago
Growth Story: How learning app Blinkist became one of Europe’s fastest growing startups
Growth Story is a new four-question format we’re doing about startups finding and influencing a defining metric that helped really grow their company. This week the CEO and co-founder of Blinkist, Holger Seim, shares valuable insights into growing a subscription-based B2C service.
productivity  business 
12 days ago
Pitching your early stage startup
Include a prototype if possible. Prototypes demonstrate the ability to ship working software. Many fewer early-stage tech entrepreneurs than you would expect can successfully ship working software.
business  longreads 
13 days ago
go-perfbook This document outlines best practices for writing high-performance Go code. Multiple Language Versions
19 days ago
Misadventures with Kube DNS
Kubernetes DNS is neat way to handle simple service-discovery in a kube cluster. The general idea is: watch the kube API for Services and Pods (source here)
19 days ago
Nginx ingress, GKE and static IP · Issue #1281 · kubernetes/ingress-nginx
What the hell, we need to set the static IP? Why wasn't this covered anywhere in the Google Cloud documentation?
gcloud  gke  kubernetes  ingress 
24 days ago
Nginx HTTP2 Server Push
Hey, some days ago HTTP2 server push has been added to Nginx (at least the open source version). That’s great news since this was one of the most interesting features from HTTP2 that Nginx was lacking.
4 weeks ago
Real Docker Adoption Has
Updated April 2017. Earlier editions of this article were published in October 2015 and With thousands of companies using Datadog to track their infrastructure, we can see software trends emerging in real time.
4 weeks ago
Historic note: earlier releases of the algorithm
Although the presented algorithm may seem complex, you should find it easier to follow its steps if you understand the evolution of individual concepts such as E-Factor, matrix of optimum intervals, optimum factors, forgetting curves, or mid-interval repetition:
programming  productivity 
5 weeks ago
Blue/Green Rails app deployments in Google Container Engine (GKE)
Blue/Green Rails app deployments in Google Container Engine (GKE) In a previous article, I had described the process of deploying a Rails App to Google Container Engine and how to use Kubernetes to achieve this.
programming  gcloud  docker  devops 
5 weeks ago
GKE startup time & the container problem
Reducing Stackdriver’s Logging Resource Usage Yesterday I received an alarming mail from Google informing me about the new pricing model for Stackdriver logging and that I am exceeding the free tier limit.
5 weeks ago
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