Customizing My Postgres Shell
As a developer your CLI is your home. You spend a lifetime of person-years in your shell and even small optimizations can pay major dividends to your efficiency. For anyone that works with Postgres and likely the psql editor, you should consider investing some love and care into psql.
Programming  Productivity 
10 days ago
I make $10,000 per month with the Amazon Affiliate Program—AMA
I have the afternoon off of work today and I'm bored, so I thought I'd try to add a little value to this sub. First, some proof: Second, I have no blog, no email list, no course to sell you.
19 days ago
Management Self-Study for Developers
TL;DR Below are a list of resources which I have found useful in my journey as a "Technical Manager". Consider this a starter-guide.
Work  Management  Business  Longreads 
28 days ago
The secret origin story of the iPhone
“The iPhone is the reason I’m divorced,” Andy Grignon, a senior iPhone engineer, tells me. I heard that sentiment more than once throughout my dozens of interviews with the iPhone’s key architects and engineers. “Yeah, the iPhone ruined more than a few marriages,” says another.
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5 weeks ago
The Norwegian who knew his tortoises so well that he changed the course of history
This article has previously been published in Norwegian in Aftenposten Historie no. 6, 2015 and Biolog no, 1, 2014. Due to several requests, I have now translated it into English. On December 27 1831, the frigate HMS Beagle left Plymouth on a five year journey around the globe.
6 weeks ago
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