We're not quite transient, by maliwanhellfire
Slash. "When Felix joined the Wardens, he thought he'd never see Dorian again. He dealt with it the way most healthy adults do; by getting an enormous chest tattoo.

Years later, after the Clusterfuck that is Adamant, Felix meets the Bull on the road to Skyhold."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Felix.Alexius  Iron.Bull  Dorian.Pavus  Cullen.Rutherford  Cremisius.'Krem'.Aclassi  Dorian.Pavus/Felix.Alexius  Dorian.Pavus/Iron.Bull  Felix.Alexius/Iron.Bull  4000-4999.words 
Warm Home, by Lafaiette
Het. "He realizes with horror that he will experience the cruelty of fever and the mortification of a running nose for the first time in his long life."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.PG  Solas  Female.Lavellan  Dorian.Pavus  Leliana  Varric.Tethras  Cole  Female.Lavellan/Solas  5000-5999.words 
Abyss, by benedictcumberlongpond
Het. "He almost saw her die. A little alcohol and a lot of bottled-up sexual tension don’t go well with anger and grief."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Varric.Tethras  Female.Hawke  Jean-Marc.Stroud  Female.Adaar  Female.Hawke/Varric.Tethras  6000-6999.words 
The Captain, by Kauri
Het. "I've spent my entire life since I was fifteen training, or in Circle. Didn't leave much time for...whatever this is." He raises his head. "What is this, by the way?"

"Sex, Knight-Captain." She pushes him back on the bed. "Just sex."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Cullen.Rutherford  Isabela  Cullen.Rutherford/Isabela  3000-3999.words 
Three Beers, by Elysium-fic
Slash. "Alistair realized he had to be at least a little drunk, or he'd never have had the courage. He'd have been mired in doubt and fear until he fled. Three beers. That was what it took to finally give him the guts to claim something for himself."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Alistair  Duncan  Alistair/Duncan  7000-7999.words 
Walk a Mile on this Crutch, by AParticularlyLargeBear
Femslash. "Or, 'five times having only one leg was an issue, and once that it wasn't.'

A dip into the life of Rosemary Surana and her adventures in the Blight, and the struggles she encountered along the way."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Femslash  Rated.PG-13  Female.Surana  Irving  Cullen.Rutherford  Duncan  Alistair  Jory  Daveth  Morrigan  Sten  Greagoir  Leliana  Wynne  Shale  Oghren  Zevran.Arainai  Loghain.Mac.Tir  Eamon.Guerrin  Rendon.Howe  Shianni  Female.Tabris  Female.Surana/Leliana  30000-34999.words 
9 days ago
It's a cheat somewhere, by Solshine
Slash. "Dr. Dominik Vergoldetschnauze would have enough problems if Agent Bradley Ellington were only his nemesis. Unfortunately, it's more complicated than that."
Genghis.Khan.(song)  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG  Secret.Agent.(Genghis.Khan)  Supervillain.(Genghis.Khan)  Supervillain's.Wife.(Genghis.Khan)  Secret.Agent.(Genghis.Khan)/Supervillain.(Genghis.Khan)  2000-2999.words 
9 days ago
The Inquisitor's Favor, by ajackdaw
Slash. "Dorian had seen the Inquisitor give Cole a sun hat after the spirit had joined the Inquisition, the boy’s face lighting up in joy at the unexpected gift; and one would have to be blind not to see the steady stream of practice dummies delivered to Cassandra’s usual practice spot, or the sweats Alexander bribed the servants to send to Josephine on her busiest days.

It was an ill-hidden secret in the ranks that the Inquisitor liked to share gifts among his inner circle, but this, this was something different altogether. It was almost as if Alex was trying to court him, but that couldn’t be possible…could it?"
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.R  Dorian.Pavus  Male.Trevelyan  Blackwall  Varric.Tethras  Mother.Giselle  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Cole  Josephine.Montilyet  Iron.Bull  Dorian.Pavus/Male.Trevelyan  50000-54999.words 
9 days ago
Of Dogs and Leaders, by Tassos
Gen. "Alistair and Morrigan don't like each other. A mabari hound adopts Ian. And someone has to decide where they're going next. Conversations on the way to Lothering."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Male.Tabris  Alistair  Morrigan  2000-2999.words 
9 days ago
Pas de Deux, by icarus_chained
Slash. "Lying shackled beneath a laser by a dancing supervillain who says he loves you gives a man a chance for some self-reflection. And, maybe, a little bit more than that."
Genghis.Khan.(song)  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG  Secret.Agent.(Genghis.Khan)  Supervillain.(Genghis.Khan)  Secret.Agent.(Genghis.Khan)/Supervillain.(Genghis.Khan)  9000-9999.words 
9 days ago
All's Fair, by mahbecks
Het and slash. "The Inquisitor and Dorian need to get laid. Fast.

But that's easier said than done when you're practically a demigod. Or when you're a mage from Tevinter living in the South. Never one to willingly accept a hardship, Dorian comes up with a plan to get them both satisfied - they'll each make a list of their potential partners, and then go in for the kill with bold flirtation and witty seduction.

Nothing could go wrong... right?

But alas, the course of true love never did run smooth."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Female.Trevelyan  Dorian.Pavus  Cullen.Rutherford  Male.Mage.Hawke  Iron.Bull  Varric.Tethras  Lace.Harding  Leliana  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Josephine.Montilyet  Jean-Marc.Stroud  Cremisius.'Krem'.Aclassi  Halward.Pavus  Dorian.Pavus/Male.Mage.Hawke  Dorian.Pavus/Iron.Bull  Cullen.Rutherford/Female.Trevelyan  80000-84999.words 
10 days ago
Embers, by Bullfinch
Slash. "In the week since he left Hawke, Fenris's markings have been giving him extraordinary pain. When he ends up facing mages in battle, things only get worse."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Fenris  Male.Hawke  Aveline.Vallen  Anders  Fenris/Male.Hawke  4000-4999.words 
14 days ago
Yes, by Dragonflies_and_Katydids
Slash. "Alistair and Zevran talk about what happened in "Off Label", after a week of Alistair pretending it didn't happen."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.R  Alistair  Zevran.Arainai  Female.Mahariel  Alistair/Zevran.Arainai  2000-2999.words 
17 days ago
Good Ideas, by Dragonflies_and_Katydids
Slash. "Fluffy fluff. Zevran drops hints, and Alistair misses them, but fortunately Leliana is there to catch.

No redeeming nutritional value whatsoever. Takes place three or four weeks before "Shadows.""
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Alistair  Zevran.Arainai  Female.Mahariel  Leliana  Morrigan  Alistair/Zevran.Arainai  3000-3999.words 
17 days ago
Of Crossroads and Doubt, by Tassos
Gen. "Stopping a Blight is a big ask, and Ian's has some deep reservations about three people being able to raise an army. Still getting to know his new traveling companions, Morrigan is surprisingly inspiring. In her own way. A conversation on the road to Lothering."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Male.Tabris  Morrigan  Alistair  1000-1999.words 
18 days ago
The Whip or the Hand That Wields It, by codenamecynic
Het and slash. "Sebastian yearns to be made to suffer, but sometimes a whip is more than a whip, and friends can become more than friends."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Isabela  Male.Hawke  Sebastian.Vael  Isabela/Sebastian.Vael  Male.Hawke/Sebastian.Vael  5000-5999.words 
19 days ago
A Gift for Tongues, by Luc
Slash. "Fenris can't read, but he has a gift for tongues. Hawke likes listening to him-- even if he has no idea what he's saying -- and tries to get him to talk as much as possible. Hijinks and bonding over learning ensues."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG  Fenris  Male.Mage.Hawke  Fenris/Male.Mage.Hawke  5000-5999.words 
21 days ago
Different Kind of Brand, by nalathequeen2186
Gen. "Cadrin encounters the phrase "knife ear" for the first time."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Female.Brosca  1000-1999.words 
22 days ago
Shadows, by Dragonflies_and_Katydids
Slash. "The night after Taliesin's death.

Zevran is very bad at feelings. Alistair isn't much better."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.R  Alistair  Zevran.Arainai  Alistair/Zevran.Arainai  8000-8999.words 
22 days ago
Refraction, by CES479
Het. "In 9:32 Dragon, Katria Trevelyan arrives in Kirkwall and meets a young Knight-Captain Cullen. As expected, the reckless smart-ass and the stuffy, inflexible Templar clash and do not part ways amicably.

Nine years later when Katria appears in Skyhold, the Commander of the Inquisition and Inquisitor Lavellan’s new companion are still determined to hate one another. Except there’s also an undeniable attraction between them that results in a tacit agreement about sex, though they’re insistent they are not friends or in love. (They are.)

The companion!AU, rivalmance-esque story no one asked for."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.NC-17  Female.Rogue.Trevelyan  Cullen.Rutherford  Raleigh.Samson  Maddox  Female.Mage.Lavellan  Josephine.Montilyet  Leliana  Solas  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Dorian.Pavus  Varric.Tethras  Male.Hawke  Female.Mage.Lavellan/Solas  Cullen.Rutherford/Female.Rogue.Trevelyan  100000-149999.words 
23 days ago
Of Trust and Longswords, by Tassos
Gen. "On their way to Lothering, Ian and Alistair start getting to know each other. Ian's barely held a proper weapon before; Alistair offers to show him a few things. After a lifetime of living at the mercy of human whims, Ian's not sure what to make of his fellow warden trying to make friends."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Male.Tabris  Alistair  Morrigan  2000-2999.words 
23 days ago
Freeze on the Stones, by Robin4
Gen, with background het. "One choice can change fate. Regina chooses love, Snow stays silent, and Cora casts the curse. Rumplestiltskin knows that trusting Cora with that much power is dangerous—but he has no choice if he wants to find his son. 28 years later, Gold and Regina awaken in Storybrooke and must work together to make the Savior believe.

Yes, this Storybrooke is far darker than the one you know."
Once.Upon.a.Time  Genre.Gen  Genre.Het  Rated.R  Rumpelstiltskin|Mr.Gold  Cora  Evil.Queen|Regina  Daniel  Prince.'Charming'.James|David.Nolan  Henry.Mills  Snow.White|Mary.Margaret.Blanchard  Mad.Hatter|Jefferson  Belle.(OUaT)  Gaston.(OUaT)  Robin.Hood.(OUaT)  Little.John.(OUaT)  Johanna.(OUaT)  Emma.Swan  Roland.(OUaT)  Huntsman|Graham.Humbert  Killian.Jones  Red.Riding.Hood|Ruby  King.Leopold  Victor.Frankenstein|Dr.Whale  Magic.Mirror|Sidney.Glass  Zelena  Nurse.Ratched  Red.Queen|Anastasia  Grumpy|Leroy  Jiminy.Cricket|Archie.Hopper  Maurice|Moe.French  Baelfire|Neal.Cassidy  Knave.of.Hearts|Will.Scarlet  Pinocchio|August.Booth  Blue.Fairy|Mother.Superior  Tinker.Bell.(OUaT)  Maleficent.(OUaT)  Widow.Lucas|Granny  Nova|Astrid  Tamara.(OUaT)  Geppetto|Marco  Cruella.De.Vil.(OUaT)  Ursula.(OUaT)  Jafar.(OUaT)  Jabberwocky  Ingrid  Greg.Mendell  Evil.Queen|Regina/Daniel  Evil.Queen|Regina/Robin.Hood  Prince.'Charming'.James|David.Nolan/Snow.White|Mary.Margaret.Blanchard  Belle/Rumpelstiltskin|Mr.Gold  Baelfire|Neal.Cassidy/Emma.Swan  600000-649999.words 
24 days ago
Back with me (with us), by Starrie_Wolf
Het, slash, and threesome. "Why would Bellatrix Lestrange use a Stunning Spell instead of Avada Kedavra?"

"Well, maybe she wants him alive."

They stared at each other in dawning horror.
Harry.Potter.(series)  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Genre.Threesome  Rated.PG-13  Nymphadora.Tonks  Remus.Lupin  Sirius.Black  Nymphadora.Tonks/Remus.Lupin  Remus.Lupin/Sirius.Black  Nymphadora.Tonks/Remus.Lupin/Sirius.Black  1000-1999.words 
25 days ago
Signals, by Sheeana
Threesome. "In between missions, Ashley and Kaidan talk – about choices, and signals, and Shepard."
Mass.Effect  Genre.Threesome  Rated.PG-13  Ashley.Williams  Kaidan.Alenko  Female.Shepard  Ashley.Williams/Female.Shepard/Kaidan.Alenko  2000-2999.words 
25 days ago
Reunion, by Thistlerose
Gen. "There was nothing he could have done, but Poe feels guilty about abandoning BB-8 on Jakku."
Star.Wars  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Poe.Dameron  BB-8  700-799.words 
25 days ago
Dust to Dust, by Goodluckdetective
Het. "You can't leave home. Not really.

Warden Lira Brosca knew this, but that didn’t mean she wanted a reminder.

A picture of a return to Orzammar."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Female.Brosca  Alistair  Leliana  Wynne  Alistair/Female.Brosca  1000-1999.words 
4 weeks ago
An Easy Choice, by Goodluckdetective
Het. "Alistair is to state his claim for king. Warden Brosca knows what that means.

So does Zevran."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.PG  Female.Brosca  Alistair  Zevran.Arainai  Alistair/Female.Brosca  1000-1999.words 
4 weeks ago
In Dreams, by Goodluckdetective
Gen. "Haven't you ever wondered what it’s like to dream, Warden Brosca?

Brosca vs the Fade."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Female.Brosca  Alistair  2000-2999.words 
4 weeks ago
Contest of Champions, by Goodluckdetective
Gen. "Warden Brosca is short. Sten is tall. Alistair thought he knew how this fight would end.

As usual, life likes to prove him wrong."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Alistair  Female.Brosca  Sten  Morrigan  900-999.words 
4 weeks ago
as a light is lost in light, by paperiuni
Slash. "Dorian takes a few faltering steps towards belonging. The path is neither straight nor smooth."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Dorian.Pavus  Iron.Bull  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Vivienne  8000-8999.words 
4 weeks ago
Nothing's Impossible, by owlmoose
Het. "After the terrible events at Adamant Fortress, Natia Brosca refuses to believe that Alistair is lost forever. She visits Skyhold, determined to do whatever it takes to go into the Fade and get him back."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Female.Brosca  Alistair  Nathaniel.Howe  Velanna  Sigrun  Carver.Hawke  Leliana  Solas  Female.Trevelyan  Alistair/Female.Brosca  10000-14999.words 
4 weeks ago
Save Every Day, by moodyrebelmage
Het. "After receiving an alarming letter from his wife, Alistair puts an end to his time at Weisshaupt and goes off in search of her."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Alistair  Female.Brosca  Alistair/Female.Brosca  7000-7999.words 
4 weeks ago
The Painted Elf, by nalathequeen2186
Het. "Cadrin Brosca escapes death and spares the life of the assassin that tried to kill her, for reasons she refuses to share."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Female.Brosca  Zevran.Arainai  Alistair  Morrigan  Leliana  Sten  Female.Brosca/Zevran.Arainai  4000-4999.words 
4 weeks ago
Thaw, by Bullfinch
Slash. "Dorian falls in a freezing river. The Iron Bull fishes him out. Dorian has mixed feelings about this."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Dorian.Pavus  Iron.Bull  7000-7999.words 
4 weeks ago
Beautiful, Terrible Things, by escritoireazul
Femslash. "Simon Masrani wants only the best for his beloved Jurassic World. That means, somehow, he must convince Lex Murphy, tech genius extraordinaire, to create the perfect systems to run his park.

Lex thinks this is a terrible idea."
Jurassic.Park  Genre.Femslash  Rated.PG  Lex.Murphy  Kelly.Malcolm  Simon.Masrani  Claire.Dearing  Kelly.Malcolm/Lex.Murphy  3000-3999.words 
4 weeks ago
Old Soldiers, by victoria_p
Gen. "I heard about the stormtrooper who defected, and I had to see for myself."
Star.Wars  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Finnick.Odair  CT-7567|Rex  800-899.words 
4 weeks ago
with your feet on the air and your head on the ground, by avocadodreamin
Gen, with background slash. "Finn's first mission for the Resistance doesn't go as planned. He gets lost, but maybe he's found something he needed."
Star.Wars  Genre.Gen  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Finn  Poe.Dameron  Rey  Chewbacca  BB-8  Finn/Poe.Dameron  5000-5999.words 
5 weeks ago
Of Families, by Lookawaynothingtoseehere
Slash. "Okay, so there might have been better ways of handling this, but the point is, Dorian's Parents are now at Skyhold, and Bull has to deal with the fall out. Bull doesn't mind."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.R  Dorian.Pavus  Iron.Bull  Male.Adaar  Solas  Varric.Tethras  Halward.Pavus  Aquinea.Thalrassian  Josephine.Montilyet  Cole  Sera  Dorian.Pavus/Iron.Bull  4000-4999.words 
5 weeks ago
Of Shadows and Memory, by Tassos
Gen. "He was his mother's son, and life in the Alienage didn't sit well with him.

Snapshots of a Tabris Warden growing up."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Male.Tabris  Shianni  Soris  Cyrion.Tabris  Duncan  Alistair  Daveth  Jory  2000-2999.words 
5 weeks ago
We Three, by Thistlerose
Gen, with hints of future het, slash, and threesome. "In which Poe and Rey are bonded by a mutual desire to protect Finn, and Poe almost gets his jacket back."
Star.Wars  Genre.Gen  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Genre.Threesome  Rated.PG  Finn  Poe.Dameron  Rey  BB-8  Temmin.'Snap'.Wexley  Jess.Pava  Finn/Poe.Dameron  Finn/Rey  Finn/Poe.Dameron/Rey  1000-1999.words 
5 weeks ago
Geology and Geography, by sheafrotherdon
Threesome. "She feels no compunction to stake out that Finn is hers because he's not, he's himself, and he's learning what that means as surely as she is, and perhaps Poe Dameron is part of that, too."
Star.Wars  Genre.Threesome  Rey  Finn  Poe.Dameron  Finn/Poe.Dameron/Rey  1000-1999.words 
5 weeks ago
I'm so mean I make medicine sick, by the_dala
Slash. “Go back to bed, man. This is what we in the more civilized corners of the galaxy refer to as a ‘sick day,’ and it is to be appreciated and enjoyed.”

Finn has never been sick before, so Poe takes care of him when he comes down with a stomach bug.
Star.Wars  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG  Finn  Poe.Dameron  Finn/Poe.Dameron  2000-2999.words 
5 weeks ago
Rain, by Dragonflies_and_Katydids
Slash. "In which it rains (a lot), Alistair is a big ball of shame and insecurity, and Zevran accidentally stumbles into one of his own triggers. Fun times for everybody!"
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Alistair  Zevran.Arainai  Morrigan  Female.Mahariel  Alistair/Zevran.Arainai  10000-14999.words 
5 weeks ago
Now, by Dragonflies_and_Katydids
Slash. "Alistair and Zevran steal some time alone after the battle in Denerim.

Apparently, "yay, we survived the archdemon, now let's have sex!" is the prompt of the week for me."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Alistair  Zevran.Arainai  Alistair/Zevran.Arainai  3000-3999.words 
5 weeks ago
Off Label, by Dragonflies_and_Katydids
Slash. "Zevran lies to himself, Alistair discovers that the things he wants aren't actually wrong, and warming balm is used in a decidedly off-label fashion."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.NC-17  Zevran.Arainai  Alistair  Alistair/Zevran.Arainai  5000-5999.words 
5 weeks ago
By The Still Waters, by emilyenrose
Het and slash. “There are two people I can think of who might know anything,” Lavellan said. “Experts - on the Fade, on the history of elvhenan. Unfortunately,” a grimace, “one of them has vanished, and if all the resources of the Inquisition can’t find him, I doubt you can.”

“And the other?” Fenris demanded.

“Something from my own history, for once. Not an Inquisition thing. There is - a criminal,” said Lavellan. “Exiled from the clans. She was the blood mage who murdered Clan Sabrae and its Keeper. Last I heard she was living in Kirkwall. A very dangerous woman - possibly insane, actually - but I met her once at Arlathven, and if anyone could help you -”


Hawke was left in the Fade. Fenris goes looking for him. He doesn't go alone.
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.R  Fenris  Varric.Tethras  Female.Mage.Lavellan  Merrill  Solas  Male.Mage.Hawke  Bethany.Hawke  Donnic.Hendyr  Aveline.Vallen  Female.Mage.Lavellan/Solas  Fenris/Male.Mage.Hawke  80000-84999.words 
5 weeks ago
Ready For Flight, by kvikindi
Slash. "Poe guesses he’s a little fucked-up now, more than before. He certainly has a lot of nightmares. He tries to take it in stride. It doesn’t really surprise him. What had he expected? (Dead, he thinks. You expected to be dead.)"
Star.Wars  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Poe.Dameron  Finn  Leia.Organa  Temmin.'Snap'.Wexley  Finn/Poe.Dameron  8000-8999.words 
5 weeks ago
i'll help you see it through (cause i just really want to be with you), by Mamaburnie
Slash. "Every betrayal begins with trust.


“Don’t be sorry.” Poe banks the rising flames of anger that lick up his rib cage at the idea of all the shit the First Order put him through. “I just want you to know that I’m going to be here for you every step of the way. You’re not gonna lose me that easy, yeah?”

And I’m not going to lose you."
Star.Wars  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG  Poe.Dameron  Finn  Leia.Organa  BB-8  Finn/Poe.Dameron  3000-3999.words 
5 weeks ago
Fumbling Toward Who We Are, by JayRain
Slash. "As the third son of the Trevelyan family, Theo was destined for the Chantry and had no say in it. The only child of a Tevinter Magister, Dorian relinquished a life of power and privilege to redeem his homeland. The Inquisition brings them together to save the world; but they're also fumbling toward something else, something neither thought to find in all the chaos."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Male.Rogue.Trevelyan  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Varric.Tethras  Solas  Fiona  Dorian.Pavus  Felix.Alexius  Cullen.Rutherford  Leliana  Gereon.Alexius  Josephine.Montilyet  Cremisius.'Krem'.Aclassi  Iron.Bull  Cole  Mother.Giselle  Female.Mage.Hawke  Halward.Pavus  Jean-Marc.Stroud  Dalish  Grim  Rocky  Skinner  Stitches  Livius.Erimond  Clarel.de.Chanson  Vivienne  Gatt  Florianne.de.Chalons  Gaspard.de.Chalons  Morrigan  Dagna  Raleigh.Samson  Lace.Harding  Abelas  Dorian.Pavus/Male.Rogue.Trevelyan  100000-149999.words 
6 weeks ago
While I Breathe, by Xris
Slash. "I am Commander of the Grey in Ferelden. This man belongs to us, and we've come to either bring him back or execute him for sedition. Your interference won't stop us."

In which the Warden Commander is both helpful and unhelpful, Fenris broods, Hawke is sarcastic and Anders is freed of Justice and becomes the Scarlet Pimpernel. Sort of.
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Anders  Female.Amell  Male.Hawke  Fenris  Isabela  Varric.Tethras  Corff  Otto.Alrik  Merrill  Aveline.Vallen  Thrask  Orsino  Meredith.Stannard  Cullen.Rutherford  Anders/Fenris  25000-29999.words 
6 weeks ago
The Sun Always Rises, by Bullfinch
Gen. "Less than a year after escaping Danarius, Fenris—frozen, starving, and hunted—winds up in a Chantry outside Starkhaven."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Fenris  Male.Hawke  Original.Female.Character(s)  6000-6999.words 
7 weeks ago
Luxury, by Bullfinch
Slash. "Fenris is new to romantic relationships. After a long day that leaves him utterly exhausted, it takes him a moment to realize he has the option of spending the evening with a loving partner rather than recovering alone."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Fenris  Aveline.Vallen  Bodahn.Feddic  Male.Hawke  Fenris/Male.Hawke  3000-3999.words 
7 weeks ago
The Absence of Light, by Bullfinch
Slash. "Takes place during Here Lies the Abyss. Hawke stays in the Fade. Then he tries to get out. Easier said than done—he's bone-tired and trapped in a hostile, unfamiliar environment with no way of finding an exit.

At least he's not alone."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Male.Hawke  Fenris  Jean-Marc.Stroud  Female.Inquisitor.(unspecified)  Varric.Tethras  Iron.Bull  Cole  Sera  Solas  Fenris/Male.Hawke  15000-19999.words 
7 weeks ago
the best lack all conviction, by gatheringbones
Het. "He had a habit of pinching her the minute her back was turned, and snickering as she whirled around snarling, but always too slow, never quick enough to heap punishment on his head. He said he liked making her angry."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.R  Female.Brosca  Zevran.Arainai  Leske  Female.Brosca/Leske  Female.Brosca/Zevran.Arainai  3000-3999.words 
8 weeks ago
Advantages to the Arrangement, by etamiss
Femslash. "Vivienne and Trevelyan are both very happy with their current entanglement."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Femslash  Rated.NC-17  Female.Trevelyan  Vivienne  Female.Trevelyan/Vivienne  1000-1999.words 
8 weeks ago
Artistic Licence, by etamiss
Het, with background slash. "Besides," Varric says, "I figured it was my turn to be the love interest."

"This is not love," Cassandra mutters. "It is barely interest."

Cassandra has doubts about being in a relationship with Varric (and about the literary records of said relationship.)
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Varric.Tethras  Iron.Bull  Male.Hawke  Fenris  Fenris/Male.Hawke  Cassandra.Pentaghast/Varric.Tethras  3000-3999.words 
8 weeks ago
Surfacer, by nalathequeen2186
Gen. "Cadrin Brosca has just been recruited by the Grey Wardens, and learns a few important things about the surface world as she travels with Duncan to Ostagar."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG-13  Female.Brosca  Duncan  4000-4999.words 
8 weeks ago
Traverse, by Aurënfaie
Slash and threesome. "Following Here Lies The Abyss, Hawke leads his team to Weisshaupt. Unfortunately, the Anderfels is a treacherous country. The desert may be more dangerous than the missing Wardens."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Genre.Threesome  Rated.R  Anders  Fenris  Male.Mage.Hawke  Anders/Fenris/Male.Mage.Hawke  25000-29999.words 
8 weeks ago
Taut, by Aurënfaie
Slash and threesome. "In difficult times, love and intimacy can go far. Wounds start to heal, and maybe things will be alright.

Or: Hawke is horny and useless. Fenris is a grump and trying not to be (and failing). Anders is a mess of a human being, but he’s pretty sure sex fixes everything."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Genre.Threesome  Rated.NC-17  Anders  Fenris  Male.Mage.Hawke  Anders/Fenris/Male.Mage.Hawke  5000-5999.words 
8 weeks ago
Tension, by Aurënfaie
Slash and threesome. "With the distance from Kirkwall growing, the wounds should be healing. Hawke can't fix everything, but he can keep them together. He can keep them alive. That should be enough, right? In their travels, they realize that nothing is alright."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Genre.Threesome  Rated.PG-13  Anders  Fenris  Male.Mage.Hawke  Anders/Fenris/Male.Mage.Hawke  6000-6999.words 
8 weeks ago
Plan For All Contingencies, by muirgen_lys
Gen. "Fill for a kmeme prompt asking for Anders losing his staff in a fight, and being forced to defend himself with a sword - which he does quite competently, much to the astonishment of the others."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Anders  Female.Rogue.Hawke  Fenris  Varric.Tethras  1000-1999.words 
8 weeks ago
Conflagration, by mind_the_thorns
Gen, with background slash. "Friendly fire" really doesn't mean what Cole thinks it means.
Dragon.Age  Genre.Gen  Genre.Slash  Rated.PG-13  Cole  Dorian.Pavus  Male.Adaar  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Dorian.Pavus/Male.Adaar  4000-4999.words 
8 weeks ago
send out the mourning birds, by vulpineRaconteur
Gen. "Queen Anora, in the wake of Alistair's sacrifice, is surprised to find common ground with the woman who didn't want her to be queen."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Gen  Rated.PG  Anora.Mac.Tir  Female.Mahariel  Shale  Sten  Wynne  1000-1999.words 
8 weeks ago
Snowfall, by mywordsflyup
Het. "She looks up as he approaches, her cheeks flushed against the cold. “This is my first snow,” she offers.

“I figured you didn’t get much down in Orzammar. Doesn’t go well with lava. Or so I've heard.”"
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.PG-13  Alistair  Female.Aeducan  Alistair/Female.Aeducan  1000-1999.words 
8 weeks ago
Trust and Birthrights, by Cyberfairie
Slash. "When Bull returns Dorian's Birthright outright fury isn't the response he expected. But Dorian is only too familiar with what happens to people who go out of their way to help him and he'll do anything to prevent Bull from experiencing pain...even if it means breaking his own heart.

Can he realize that no matter the risk they are stronger together...before it's too late?"
Dragon.Age  Genre.Slash  Rated.R  Dorian.Pavus  Iron.Bull  Male.Lavellan  Cassandra.Pentaghast  Leliana  Dorian.Pavus/Iron.Bull  7000-7999.words 
9 weeks ago
Words, by LoonyLupin
Het. "Fenris struggles to find the words; Hawke struggles with all that remains."
Dragon.Age  Genre.Het  Rated.PG  Female.Mage.Hawke  Fenris  Female.Mage.Hawke/Fenris  1000-1999.words 
9 weeks ago
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