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‘The Expanse’ Canceled By Syfy After Three Seasons, Will Be Shopped | Deadline
The cable network has decided not to renew the show for a fourth season, with the last episode slated to air in early July. Alcon Television Group, which fully finances and produces the critically praised series, plans to shop it to other buyers. We want to sincerely thank The Expanse ’s amazing cast, crew and all the dedicated creatives who helped bring James S.A. Corey’s story to life. “We respect Syfy’s decision to end this partnership but given the commercial and critical success of the show, we fully plan to pursue other opportunities for this terrific and original IP.” The cast includes Steven Strait, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Dominique Tipper, Cas Anvar, Wes Chatham, Frankie Adams and Thomas Jane.
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"Stranger Things" Is Nostalgic For A Time Before Nerds Were Toxic
This worked best when it focused on the intense bond between Mike (Finn Wolfhard), Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), and the missing Will (Noah Schnapp), depicting them as friends so close that they lived in their own slightly tweaked reality. Poor, doomed Barb — sitting by herself on that diving board in her mom fashions while the popular kids canoodled inside — emerged as a poignant, acutely relatable figure for anyone who's ever been left behind by a friend's changing social status. Before Bob (Sean Astin) meets his gruesome end, his romance with Joyce (Winona Ryder) serves as a middle-aged fulfillment of Nancy’s prophecy, proving that the onetime founder of the Hawkins AV Club can eventually attain the girl he crushed on from afar as a teen. Nancy herself drifts into the arms of the dreary Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), not out of any evident attraction but because she seems to eventually surrender to the idea that it's her narrative destiny, as someone caught between the prom king and the moody loner. Nancy turns to Jonathan just when it makes the least sense, just as her soon-to-be-former boyfriend Steve (Joe Keery) is completing his unexpected transformation from luxuriant-maned jerk to stealth hero of the second season, becoming a chaperone, protector, and source of advice to some of the younger characters.
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Get Out director Jordan Peele to reboot The Twilight Zone | Ars Technica
Enlarge / The end credits from Twilight Zone episode "Eye of the Beholder," written by the pride of Binghamton, New York— Rod Serling . So it shouldn't come as a surprise that CBS, which recently produced new series from established franchises like Star Trekand The Big Bang Theory , decided the time for a reboot has finally come. Done in the style of classics like the original Night of the Living Dead, the film artfully blended legitimately terrifying horror with smart social satire. "[ Get Out ] has more than earned its place in the cult movie hall of fame," Ars' Tech Culture Editor Annalee Newitz wrote in her review. But based on early response to its Star Trek: Discovery streaming-only experiment , CBS evidently feels confident about its ability to deliver.
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Amazon Studios has been looking for a way to duplicate HBO’s success with Game of Thrones , and the company may have found a solution: adapting J.R.R. Variety reports that the company is currently in talks with Warner Bros. Television and the late author’s estate, and while discussions are said to be in “very early stages,” it is clearly a high priority, with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos himself involved in the negotiations. Earlier this year, Bezos reportedly got involved with the creative direction of the studio, tasking the group with finding high-profile dramas like the hit HBO series that could have a broad, global appeal. While the adaptation is far from certain — the deal hasn’t even been closed yet — this is the kind of project that could bring Amazon Studios a significant amount of attention, and draw in viewers across the world. While The Lord of the Rings would certainly check all the Game of Thrones boxes when it comes to fantasy and adventure, it is also worth noting that the books aren’t really known for being filled with the kind of sex-and-violence antics that HBO’s show has become synonymous with.
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Stranger Things Retro-Style Game Launched – MacStories
Season 2 of Netflix's original series Stranger Things will debut on October 27th. To promote the new season, a retro-style RPG game featuring the characters and scenes from the show has been released on the App Store. The free game promises hours of gameplay with 7 playable characters, 6 dungeons, and 30 quests. I have only had a short time to start exploring Stranger Things: The Game, but anyone who enjoys the TV show and retro-style games should have fun playing through the Stranger Things world and listening to the excellent chiptune soundtrack. MacStories Weekly newsletter, delivered every week on Friday with app collections, tips, iOS workflows, and more; Monthly Log newsletter, delivered once every month with behind-the-scenes stories, app notes, personal journals, and more; Access to occasional giveaways, discounts, and free downloads.
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Amazon Developing ‘Ringworld’, ‘Lazarus’ & ‘Snow Crash’ TV Series | Deadline
The streaming platform has been ramping up its slate with new projects as part of a programming strategy overhaul in search of big, buzzy shows. Ringworld, a co-production with MGM, is based on Niven’s science fiction book series from the 1970s and tells the story of Louis Gridley Wu, a bored man celebrating his 200th birthday in a technologically advanced, future Earth. Written by Rucka based on his comic book, Lazarus is set in an alternative near future where the world has been divided among 16 rival families, who run their territories in a feudal system. Plunging headlong into the enigma of a new computer virus that’s striking down hackers everywhere, he races along the neon-lit streets on a search-and-destroy mission for the shadowy virtual villain. Amazon recently gave straight-to-series orders to a comedy starring Saturday Night Live alumni Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph and Tong Wars , a drama from filmmaker Wong Kar Wai and Homicide creator Paul Attanasio.
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We don’t need a TV show about the Confederacy winning. In many ways, it did.
(I can’t recall a time, for instance, when a president had to issue a clarifying statement that the United States was on the right side of the Revolutionary War and therefore a monument to King George III was inappropriate in the Capitol.) Perhaps this is why HBO’s recent announcement of a new show called “ Confederate ,” which presents an alternate history in which the Confederacy won the Civil War, struck many, including myself, as completely tone-deaf to historical reality. After all, the current president of the United States received endorsements from various white supremacist organizations, including the Ku Klux Klan , a group founded by former Confederate soldiers whose mission was to terrorize newly freed blacks and the radical Republicans seeking to grant them voting rights. Weiss, the showrunners for “Game of Thrones” who are tapped to helm “Confederate,” didn’t see fit to cast black actors in their current show for any roles other than slaves who are freed by a white savior, the character Daenerys. Bree Newsome is an artist and activist who drew national attention in 2015 when she climbed the flagpole in front of the South Carolina statehouse and lowered the confederate battle flag following the mass shooting at Mother Emanuel in Charleston.
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Matt Pearce on Twitter: the idea of "Confederate" and "Black America" airing at the same time is just mindblowing
@mattdpearce: the idea of "Confederate" and "Black America" airing at the same time is just mindblowing
august 2017 by sechilds
Matt Pearce on Twitter: alt-history about reparations rather than slavery. I can dig it
@mattdpearce: alt-history about reparations rather than slavery. I can dig it
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Matt Pearce on Twitter: "an alternate history where newly freed African Americans have secured the Southern states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama"
@mattdpearce: "an alternate history where newly freed African Americans have secured the Southern states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama"
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Drunk Austen 🍹📚 on Twitter: Anyone going to the library this weekend? -b
@Drunk_Austen: Anyone going to the library this weekend? -b

from Arthur

DJ: And now I can take out any book I want.

DJ: Now I know what true power feels like
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Vicki on Twitter: Watching 30 Rock because it never fails to put me in a good mood, until I realized it's 10 years old. 😱
@vboykis: Watching 30 Rock because it never fails to put me in a good mood, until I realized it's 10 years old. 😱
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On Wednesday , HBO announced that after the conclusion of Game of Thrones, the network will tap the show creators, David Benioff and D.B. The cast is complete with a suite of slave hunters, Confederate politicians, and even a group of slaveholding executives and the families they control. However, while Weiss thinks there’s ample value to be gained from a show that explores the nation’s original sin through this alternate history, the truth is that programming delving into the very real systematic oppression of practices like slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, and mass incarceration would go further to educate Americans and confront the shadows of their own culture. If HBO is set on producing a fictionalized show with nuanced characters that explore and complicate America’s racial history, they can do that – they could pick up Underground. As assistant Professor of Sociology and Africana Studies at Stony Brook University, Crystal Marie Fleming explained on Twitter :
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Season 2 of Stranger Things looks even creepier and more intense | Ars Technica
Excitement about Netflix retro-horror series Stranger Things was at a fever pitch during Comic-con this weekend, especially after we saw the first trailer for season 2. The kid gang is back together, innocently playing videogames, when Will starts to see visions of the Upside Down taking over the entire world. David Harbour, who plays Sheriff Hopper, said on Wired's Facebook Live that his character has changed a lot in the past year. There's a great bit where the kids are experiencing what looks like existential horror while dressed as the Ghostbusters, in front of a lawn sign that reads "Reagan/Bush 1984." Stranger Things season 2 is coming October 27 to Netflix, just in time for a Halloween binge.
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This ‘Seinfeld’ 9/11 Spec Script Is Insane and Incredible
Here's a great way to make a name for yourself as a comedy writer: write a pitch-perfect spec script for the classic sitcom Seinfeld... set in the days after 9/11. Yes, Seinfeld may have gone off the air in 1998, but comedian Billy Domineau imagined a world in which the show kept airing and Jerry, [...]
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Abbi Jacobson, Dave Franco to star in Netflix drama 6 Balloons
Abbi Jacobson and Dave Franco are most known for their comedic roles, but the two actors are taking a breather…
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Ep 3 recap for Funny or Die. One of the best shows on TV. Still unclear abt on my list. 🤔
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‘Stop Crying And Fight Your Father’: ‘Seinfeld’ Writers Tell How Festivus Came To Be
'Seinfeld' writers Alec Berg, Jeff Schaffer, and Dan O'Keefe explain the true and wonderful story of how Festivus was created.
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The real star of Stranger Things is Dungeons & Dragons
Stranger Things , an eight-episode miniseries now available on Netflix, is being discussed mostly in terms of its inspirations, and that’s fine. Everything from…
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I have blasted off into dad and become a merman.
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The ’80s Nuclear War Movie That Just Appeared on The Americans Is Still Unbelievably Terrifying
The Day After. YouTube The Soviet sleeper agents of The Americans have murdered innocents in cold blood and spent years living next door to an FBI…
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Here’s Where “The Walking Dead” Goes Wrong With Zombies - Facts So Romantic - Nautilus
Rick Grimes is cornered. A walker shuffles toward him, thoughtless yet eager for flesh. Sweat drips through Grimes’ thick beard, grown in the hundreds of…
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The Female Bad Fan - The New Yorker
I’ve written several times about the phenomenon of the cable-drama “bad fan”—the loyal viewer, often a guy, who views antiheroes as heroes. The archetypal bad…
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All 339 Books Referenced In "Gilmore Girls"
> Anyone who’s watched an episode of Gilmore Girls knows that Rory is something of a book lover and aren’t surprised to find out that nearly 339 different texts were either read or mentioned throughout all seven seasons. From Rory’s time at Chilton to her graduation from Yale and everything in between — including her oh, so literary relationship with Jess — it’s abundantly clear to viewers that loving Rory also means loving her infatuation with literature.
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The Homeland Season 3 Finale: Too Little, Too Late for a Lost Show
Like Carrie Mathison, I, too, have loved recklessly and too deeply. Like Carrie, I have listened to the addled voices in my own head when the facts on
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'Heroes' Creator Apologizes to Fans
> On the chilly Monday morning that Hollywood's writers went on strike, Heroes creator Tim Kring called from the streets outside the Hollywood studio where his NBC series is shot. ''Yes, I'm picketing my own show,'' says the 50-year-old writer-producer. ''So surreal.''
> But Kring wasn't calling to discuss labor woes — he was calling to explain why Heroes, suffering a creative decline and a 15 percent ratings drop from the same period last year, went from Human Torch hot to Iceman cold. The good news? A turnaround appears to be under way. After weeks of sluggish storytelling, the Nov. 5 episode recaptured some of last season's fanciful energy. We've also seen the next two episodes — and we like them, too. The cliff-hangers are back. Narrative purpose has been discovered. Old favorites like Peter (Milo Ventimiglia) and Horn-Rimmed Glasses (Jack Coleman) take center stage. Even more encouraging: Kring himself is keenly aware that Heroes is broken.
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Network Thinking In TV — Rumproarious
The Sopranos is a story about a man that happens to be set in the world of organized crime. The Wire is a story about a setting, Baltimore, that happens to include a story about some people. They just so happen to be there so we learn a little about their lives, but the the real story is that of the city. This distinction is what makes The Sopranos one of the biggest shows of the last 20 years, and it makes The Wire a show with a small but vocal crowd who think it may be the best TV show ever made. Oddly, this comparison also illustrates why feed readers aren’t used by as many people as they could be.

These two shows are both critically acclaimed, but The Sopranos has objectively won more honors. I don’t think this was because The Sopranos was objectively better, though. I think it comes down to context, the network of stories in a long drawn out series and how they are connected in their respective worlds.
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Netflix Has a Plan to Rewire our Entire Culture
And that’s why what Netflix is trying to do is so audacious. For the past two years, the Silicon Valley company has been making a major push into original programming, putting out an ambitious slate of shows that have cost Netflix, which had profits of $17 million in 2012, hundreds of millions of dollars. Because of the relative quality of some of those series, such as “House of Cards” (a multiple Emmy winner) and “Orange Is the New Black,” they’ve been widely interpreted as part of an attempt to become another HBO. Because every episode of every show is made available to watch right away, they’re also seen as simply a new twist in on-demand viewing. But in fact the company has embarked upon a venture more radical than any before it. It may even be more radical than Netflix itself realizes.
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Surprise! You’re Watching More TV Than Ever.
> That’s a small decrease (and it’s still more than people were watching in 2011) but it’s still a decrease. Hence: End of TV. Right?
> Nope. For whatever reason, the Nielsen chart above doesn’t factor in video-on-demand viewing. And video-on-demand viewing is skyrocketing.
> Comcast, the country’s biggest pay TV provider, said 70 percent of its subscribers watch stuff on demand, and that TV shows account for 40 percent of its usage. (If you factor in pay-TV channels like HBO, the number jumps up to 60 percent.)
> So once you do factor in on-demand usage, you see a different story. Nielsen said that there has been a small increase in the number of people watching live TV, and a significant increase in the number of “timeshifted” TV watchers — people watching on either DVRs or VOD.
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get_iplayer lives!
> Unlike the web sites above, get_iplayer has PVR-like capabilities (like Sky+ / TiVo / Series-Link); You can save lists of programme searches which are automatically recorded when they become available so that you can watch them when you choose and on devices that cannot run Adobe Flash Player - even if you don’t have adequate broadband speeds or if your broadband streams too slowly at peak hours when you want to watch a programme.
> The iPhone H.264 feeds from the BBC are higher quality than in the Flash iPlayer (normal quality). See the beebhack wiki for a comparison. They are intended for the Apple iPhone and are consequently difficult to download for any other OS. The same goes for the iPhone MP3 radio streams. get_iplayer also allows recording of the high-quality (even HD 720p) flash based content using rtmpdump. None of the above content is ‘protected’ by DRM. get_iplayer cannot remove DRM.
> Phil Lewis and a few others worked out how to work around these problems and now have tools which essentially simulate an iPhone as far as the BBC web servers are concerned.
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Not Marvel-ous: Why 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' Is A Bore
>Seven episodes in, I care not a whit for any of the characters. Shockingly for a drama with which Joss Whedon is involved (he's one of several executive producers), I don't care at all about the relationships between the characters. The stakes for the individuals, for various character pairings and for the team as a whole, don't add up to much. And thus I must conclude that, as is so often the case with J.J. Abrams dramas, Joss Whedon has only passing familiarity with what is transpiring on this show because he is off making movies.

>I can see the strained, obvious ways in which "S.H.I.E.L.D." tries to amp up the stakes within each story, but every character is too narrow and limited to animate the proceedings, and the stories themselves are constricted, unimaginative and predictable.

>Sadly, "S.H.I.E.L.D." isn't the only drama infected by the no-fun virus that's going around. "Hostages," "Almost Human," the upcoming "Intelligence" and "The Blacklist" are so glumly competent and unrelentingly serious that I half expect James Spader to sputter "This town needs an enema!" before the year is out. At least "The Blacklist" serves up some prime ham and cheese between its bland slices of competence, but so few other new shows have the loopy spark of a "Scandal" or "Sleepy Hollow." What sets those two shows apart, aside from charismatic characters and an energetic desire to stuff a whole lot of story into every episode, is the simple fact that they appear to be having fun.
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The Lost Legacy of Tim Kring’s ‘Heroes’ — Editor's Picks — Medium
>One show that I was not thinking of sharing with her is Heroes. I devoured the first season, binge-watching it over a weekend with the friend who had originally recommended it. But as the years rolled by, the enjoyment I took from it lessened until it became like a habit; I had to clip my toenails and I had to watch Heroes.
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'Fargo' TV series with Coen Brothers and Billy Bob Thornton arriving next spring
>>> (from 2017-08-05) -- interesting to see this after the 3rd season (and the show) has ended. Fargo was super great!
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How 'The Mindy Project' Misrepresents Female OB-GYNs - Atlantic Mobile
There's a lot to admire about The Mindy Project. It's the brainchild of Mindy Kaling, the only woman of color to write, create and star in a prime-time sitcom on a major network. Her character, Dr. Mindy Lahiri, is a young OB-GYN in a small practice, a role likely inspired by her mother's profession. Female doctors are also unusual in the current TV landscape: According to an analysis of TV programming between 2006 and 2011, just a third of characters portrayed as doctors or health care administrators on prime time were women.

"I'm half-Indian, half-Filipino. So I just lit up when I saw the promo because I was like, that's me right there. She represents my demographic," said Portland area-based Dr. Stella Dantas, who said she hasn't yet gotten a chance to watch the show yet.

Related Story

Female Doctors on TV: Professionally Competent, Socially Inept
All too often, Dantas said, OB-GYNs are depicted either as delivering babies or giving abortions, with little attention given to the range of care they provide. "I think it's great to have a female OB-GYN to really demystify what our job is and all of the issues we deal with," she said.

How accurately Kaling's show will shine light on this rapidly changing profession, however, remains to be seen. On a recent episode, the head of the practice, Dr. Schulman (Stephen Tobolowsky), abruptly retires, prompting Lahiri and her remaining colleagues, Dr. Danny Castellano (Chris Messina) and Dr. Jeremy Reed (Ed Weeks), to scramble to retain patients. Lahiri manages to save the day, but only after her colleagues reluctantly agree to let her be an equal at the practice.
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Behind a Press Release
A few hours ago, I landed in Los Angeles, turned on my phone, and confirmed what you already know. Sony Pictures Television is replacing me as showrunner on Community, with two seasoned fellows that I’m sure are quite nice - actually, I have it on good authority they’re quite nice, because they once created a show and cast my good friend Jeff Davis on it, so how bad can they be.
Why’d Sony want me gone? I can’t answer that because I’ve been in as much contact with them as you have. They literally haven’t called me since the season four pickup, so their reasons for replacing me are clearly none of my business. Community is their property, I only own ten percent of it, and I kind of don’t want to hear what their complaints are because I’m sure it would hurt my feelings even more now that I’d be listening for free.
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Copper | BBC America
A BBC series set in 1860's New York City? I think someone has been reading my diary:
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Yglesias » Game of Thrones: Naked Ladies, Rape, Incest Subplots Not Necessarily Sexist
Guest post -- defends Game Of Thrones from accusations of sexism: Hey there, folks, I’m very glad to say that Alyssa Rosenberg (formerly a guest blogger in these parts) is joining the ThinkProgress family and that while some technical aspects of her joining the crew are getting worked out she’s going to be contributing some posts to this space (among other things). Her first such contribution is below:

Given how heavily HBO promoted Game of Thrones, the fantasy series it premiered last night, I’m not really surprised that there’s been an outpouring of critical response to the show. What I didn’t expect, though, was that so much of the morning-after analysis would consist of a discussion about whether the show is sexist.
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Terra Nova (TV series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The show is set in the year 2149 when all life on the planet Earth is being threatened with extinction. Scientists have opened a door allowing people to travel back to prehistoric times. The Shannon family (father Jim, his wife Elisabeth, and their three children Josh, Maddy and Zoe) join the tenth pilgrimage of settlers to Terra Nova, the first human colony on the other side of the temporal doorway. However, they did not realize that they placed it in the middle of a group of carnivores.
[edit]Development and production

Alex Graves has signed on to direct the pilot.[4] Brannon Braga will serve as showrunner.[5] The series is to be filmed in south-east Queensland, Australia, with filming to begin in November.[6] The series will have a budget of approximately $4 million an episode.[7] Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly stated, "This thing is going to be huge. It's going to take an enormous production commitment."[7]
In June 2010, the first cast member was announced – Jason O'Mara as Jim Shannon.[8] In late August, Allison Miller joined the cast.[9] In September, Deadline Hollywood reported that Stephen Lang signed on to play the role of Commander Frank Taylor.[10] An executive producer, David Fury, left the series as a result of creative differences.[11] In September, Shelley Conn landed the female lead role.[12] In October, Mido Hamada was cast as a security head,[13] while Landon Liboiron, Naomi Scott, and Alana Mansour were cast as the three children.[14] In November, Christine Adams joined as the final member of the regular cast.[15]
The show will debut in a special two-hour TV event in May 2011 and will then continue in the fall schedule of the 2011–2012 primetime television season.[16][17]
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EyeTV Lounge • View topic - Working Front Row Plugin for EyeTV
It provides a nice interface to your EyeTV library (organizing recordings by series) right from Front Row, and allows easy playing, restarting, and deleting of recordings, as well as access to the program guide and channel list from Front Row.
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april 2008 by sechilds -- Stream Live HDTV from Your Mac
EyeTV-compatible tuners, like those offered by Elgato and Miglia, are the television tuners of choice for the Macintosh. These tuners provide analog and digital, standard and high definition solutions for Mac TV-watching. You can sit in front of your Mac
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Livestation brings live radio and television to your desktop
This looks pretty cool, though I'm not sure how it works. I'm going to need to look at home entertainment solutions in the future.
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