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China Mobile Adds the iPhone Follow-up | stratēchery by Ben Thompson
>China Mobile may not need its own iPhone. I updated yesterday’s post with this point, but in case you missed it, Naren Balaji pointed out this Forbes post:

>hina doesn’t have number portability, limiting the attractiveness of carrier switching. This was first pointed out to me by Jay Wang, although it’s not completely accurate. China has actually been trialing number portability in Tianjin and Hainan provinces since 2010, but to little effect, primarily due to restrictions put in place by the carriers. This paper has a lot more details if you want to learn more. The net result, though, is that in practice there are significant barriers to switching networks, which helps explains all those iPhones on EDGE on China Mobile.

>Those 45 million iPhones on China Mobile were unsubsidized. As Eugene Kim noted on Twitter, these folks by definition are at the upper end of the income curve.

>To be clear, Apple will reap significant growth from this deal, and by definition that growth is in the future. However, said growth will be quickly priced into the stock (if it’s not already). What I’m referring to is growth beyond this deal. Apple is hugely dependent on the iPhone, and the easiest way to goose iPhone growth is to add distribution. That, though, is largely over now.
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december 2013 by sechilds
'Hanging Up On iPhone' — Unretrofied
My thoughts on 's "iPhoneless" experiment:

I wouldn't go so far as calling this experiment stupid, but I doubt the usefulness of these kinds of cold turkey tactics. The problems they're trying to solve could be avoided with a little self control (which Stephen also admits), or at the very least by "pruning."

What do I mean by pruning? Well, I believe that people should only attempt to keep up with a select number of feeds, dropping anything unnecessary and sticking with only the highest quality stuff. Trim the fat. Reduce. Whatever you want to call it.
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november 2012 by sechilds
iPhone 5 review |
If you InstaPockaBility’d my iPhone 5 review, please refresh. (Fixed some caching bugs on updates, sorry!)

The iPhone 5 was, is, and remains inevitable. An iPhone, new to be certain, but still an iPhone. Some say this is a sign Apple has lost their drive for innovation. Others, a sign Apple has kept their sense of focus. Both are facets of a single truth -- that through craft something is revolutionized, refined, and one day, replaced. The question then becomes, where is the iPhone 5 along this continuum? Is it a boring, uninspired, end-of-line update that should have Apple desperately seeking to once again "think different", or is it iconically, deceptively, insanely great enough to delight customers, inspire developers, and once again drive the entire industry forward?
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september 2012 by sechilds
Carriers Whine: We Wuz Robbed! | Monday Note
Ever since the iPhone barged in, we’ve heard carriers cry extortion; they complain that Apple’s prices — to them — are too high. But they took the iPhone and its prices for two simple reasons: higher ARPUs and fear of losing subscribers to a competitor, the cost of watching your most “productive” subscribers — the ones who contribute to the 1.9x ARPU factor — go elsewhere. It’s better to bet the company on the iPhone than on not having it.
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march 2012 by sechilds
do not fill this field: protecting siri
Having a device that you put into users hands and trusting it is always a very hard, if impossible thing to do as the device can (more or less) easily be tampered with.

So to solve this problem, we need some component that we know reasonably well to be safe from the user’s tampering and we need to find a way for that component to prove to the server that indeed the component is available and healthy.

I would do that using public key crypto and specialized hardware that works like a TPM. So that would be a chip that contains a private key embedded in hardware, likely not updatable. Also, that private key will never leave that device. There is no API to read it.

>>> A depressing thought.
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march 2012 by sechilds
iPhone sine qua non
Last week I made an attempt to measure the iPhone’s manufacturing cost given new data points from the Foxconn field trip. The post generated a great amount of new knowledge and the feedback was very valuable.

The main value to me came from stepping back and looking at the entire cost and value structure for the iPhone. Putting costs into perspective is as valuable as knowing what they are.

The following diagram shows my estimates for this cost structure for the fourth quarter given both bill of materials estimates and the other parts of the cost of goods sold and operational expenses and even ancillary sources of revenue.
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february 2012 by sechilds
REVIEW: Siri is a seriously good innovation - even in beta - Chicago Sun-Times
Siri, the iPhone 4S’ new “personal voice assistant” feature, is something quite new, and quite ambitious. It does incorporate speech-to-text and that simple feature works great. It ought to; Apple licensed Nuance’s text-to-speech engine, so it benefits from years and years of usage from millions and millions of users. Just tap the onscreen keyboard’s new microphone button, speak, and presto, you’ve got text. You couldn’t write an entire email with it all at once, but it works great for texts and other snippets of a sentence or two. And it’s accurate enough that you can confidently use it to fill in fields in a form.
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november 2011 by sechilds
Andy Ihnatko Reviews the iPhone 4S
There are two things I like about the AllThingsD (or as John Gruber likes to call them “some website”) report on the “Facebook Phone”.

1) The complete and utter lack of any link to or mention of TechCrunch even though we broke this story over a year ago.

Do they have new information? Yes, namely the codename, “Buffy”, and the partnership with HTC. But it is the same project, as they even acknowledge: “Although it has changed scope and leadership, Buffy has been an ongoing area of concern at the social networking giant for the past two years.”

2) While Facebook denied the project at the time of our report, there’s no question it has been real the entire time. I’m going to stick by what I wrote last September: Facebook Is Not Working On A Phone Just Like Google Was Not Working On A Phone.

In that post, I outlined exactly what these new reports suggest. Namely that Facebook has been working on their own version of Android with social deeply ingrained — which Dan Frommer was first to point out on Business Insider also over a year ago, and I reiterated hearing this past February. And working with a third-party to manufacturer the hardware (again, HTC).
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november 2011 by sechilds
Onavo Poll Shows Average iPhone Data Usage in Canada is 404MB | iPhone in Canada Blog - Canada's #1 iPhone Resource
Onavo Poll Shows Average iPhone Data Usage in Canada is 404MB

The average iPhone data usage in Canada is 404MB on the iPhone, and is evenly split amongst the major Canadian carriers. Bell users lead the way at 423MB average per month, Telus next at 409MB, Fido at 406MB, and Rogers users at 378MB. Note, these numbers are based on iPhone users that have Onavo running.
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october 2011 by sechilds
Apple’s Latest ‘Innovation’ Is Turning Planned Obsolescence Into Planned Failure « iFixit Blog
MT : Must-read if you own an or other products: Apple's planned obsolescence & planned failure

We’re accustomed to planned obsolescence. New models come out every year—faster, shinier and just plain better. But before the iPhone, cell phones without user-replaceable batteries were almost unheard of. Apple realized that they could sell more phones if they built the phone with an integrated battery, prompting users to upgrade once the battery wore down. A phone isn’t very useful once you can’t take it away from the charger for more than an hour—which is guaranteed to happen with every iPhone. We’ve written extensively about Lithium-Ion batteries in the past—they’re wonderful technology, but they have a finite life of 300 to 500 cycles. If you’re like me and use up your battery completely every day, it’ll only last a year or so. (When I travel, I have to charge my phone at least twice a day.) Once the battery is worn down, it needs to be replaced—just like the light bulb in your refrigerator or the air filter in your car. Until the iPhone, all consumer product designs included a way to replace consumables. Apple’s consumer-hostile approach has turned product design on its head.

>>> Call me an Apple fanboy, but this seems a bit overblown. Is the battery in the iPhone really a "consumable"?
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january 2011 by sechilds
New independently-produced iPhone app from Adam Schwabe show riders when next streetcar arrives
A new iPhone application called Rocket Radar shows TTC riders when the next streetcar will arrive at their stop. The application was developed and designed independently by Toronto interactive designer Adam Schwabe and is on sale at the iPhone App Store for $1.99.

Schwabe says that he'd been wanting for some time to create an application that would answer the question "Where's my streetcar?" (He notes wryly that sometimes the phrase would contain crude expletives.) But he says, "It wasn't until the City of Toronto and TTC released the Next Vehicle Arrival feed late last year at that the app became feasible." The feed provides real-time GPS data from streetcars in a format that allows independent developers to then use it in various other formats.
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january 2011 by sechilds
Creig's Website » Blog Archive » Mac OS X 10.6 Update: Image Capture
In all versions of Mac OS X previous to 10.6, when you plugged a camera or iPhone in, it would launch iPhoto or Aperture or whatever program you’d set up as your default. Pretty inconvenient if your brother in law plugs his iPhone into your iMac to charge, thus launching iPhoto about four times a day.

Image Capture 6.0, in 10.6 takes care of this with a little preference portion in the lower left corner of the app. For each camera or iPhone (or, presumably, other camera phones, but why would you buy one of those?), you can set a preference as to which program, if any, will launch when that device is plugged in.
december 2010 by sechilds
Apple releases iOS 4.2.1 GM to developers | Mobile | iOS Central | Macworld
Those waiting for iOS 4.2’s public release may have to sit tight just a little longer: in a surprising move, Apple on Thursday released to the developer community a Golden Master (GM) build of 4.2.1.

The latest build (8C148, up from the previous build's 8C134) is available to developers for all compatible devices—iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone. It seems that in lieu of releasing a second 4.2 GM (or, in the iPad's case, a third), the company has moved forward—though whether Apple intends to publicly release this update as 4.2 or 4.2.1 remains to be seen. Despite the version increase, however, Apple has apparently advised developers not to resubmit their apps, according to a report from MacRumors.

The new GM has reportedly been released to address bugs and errors found in previous builds. Earlier on Thursday, MacRumors published an e-mail sent out by VoIP developer Toktumi—responsible for calling app Line2—that warns customers not to upgrade to the latest version of Apple’s iOS. “If you upgrade to iOS 4.2 and you are running Line2 in the background, the ringer will continue to ring even after an incoming call is answered,” the e-mail notes, stating that the issue has been designated as “severe” by Apple Developer Support.

It is not known yet whether 4.2.1 was released in response to this specific bug, or to address any of the other issues that have cropped up since the iOS 4.2 GM’s first appearance several weeks ago. But either way, it will likely still take some time for the GM to go through all the necessary checks and testing for a final, public release.
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november 2010 by sechilds
Tony Clement won’t stand for a tax on his iPhone – or yours - The Globe and Mail
Tony Clement, iPhone owner and federal Industry Minister, is unmoved by a renewed call for a federal fee on smart phones and handhelds to compensate artists for file-swapping.

He says Canadians won't stand for a tax on their iPads or BlackBerrys – one that would hurt the market for these products.
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november 2010 by sechilds
How to convert video for the iPhone 4's high-res display
The iPhone 4 just begs for some good video content to be played on its high-resolution display—which, contrary to popular belief, isn't made of retinas. The easiest way to get video is through Apple's iTunes Store, but there are many reasons why you might want to watch videos that you already have lying around instead. If you're lucky, your video is already in a format that the iPhone supports. In that case, just add the file to iTunes and sync. But what if it's not in the right format?

The iPhone 4, the iPad, and the latest versions of the iPod touch all support H.264 main profile level 3.1. What that means is that you can play HD video with a resolution of up to 1280x720 and a framerate of 30 frames per second. That's a significant step up from the baseline profile level 3.0 (720x480x30 or 720x576x25) that the older iPhones and iPod touches support, and even an improvement over the older Apple TV, which could only play 1280x720 video at 24 frames per second or less. The main profile rather than baseline profile means that it's possible to use more effective compression.
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october 2010 by sechilds
Optimized Handbrake Presets to Encode Video for Your New iPad or iPhone 4
Apple has strict video encoding guidelines for its devices, and popular encoding tool Handbrake's default presets are a little out-of-date. So we put together our own presets optimized for creating both iPad and iPhone 4-optimized video in Handbrake.

Note: these presets were designed to work with the new iPhone 4 and the iPad. They may not be compatible with other Apple devices.
handbrake  video  iPhone  iPhone4  iPad 
october 2010 by sechilds
HomeControl: Local Mac control for iPhone « Brett Terpstra
I tried out a tip recently for controlling a Mac via Mobile Safari on your iPhone, and it got me thinking, which is often dangerous. I put together this little web app today as a proof of concept (that got a little out of hand). It basically provides a full interface for volume control, application starting and stopping and many iTunes functions, including volume and EQ. All features provide interface feedback and update you with current info from your Mac.
october 2010 by sechilds
Copy Mac Clipboard to iPad/iPhone (Using Automator + Dropbox) -
I came  up with a super useful way to copy the clipboard from OS X straight to your iPad or iPhone!
Everything you need is free. Only pre-reqs are Dropbox and Automator. I've only tried this on Snow Leopard and I'm not sure if it works on Leopard. I use this to get URLs onto the iPad, notes and it even works pretty well if you need to copy a Wifi password without syncing to iTunes. Best thing about it is that the copy process is near instantaneous!
Dropbox  iOS  iPad  iPhone  Automator 
october 2010 by sechilds
10 Handy eBook Readers for iPhone | iPhone.AppStorm
I must confess that I don’t have a Kindle or read eBooks on my laptop, but I was thinking the other day about downloading a few eBooks on my iPhone. After a little research, I found myself fairly impressed at the range of options out there!
I’ve put together a roundup that includes ten of the best eBook readers for the platform. Whether you’re wanting to read Kindle books, classic novels, or simply PDFs – there’s something for you.
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september 2010 by sechilds
Neven Mrgan's tumbl
Neven Mrgan’s Tumbl
Missing vowels since before it was cool.

Carcassonne for iPhone just updated itself (check the wiggly icon on the main screen) and the update includes a fun little tie-in: Frank from The Incident is available as a computer character against whom you can test your skill. This is his fancy in-game avatar, drawn by Vanja Mrgan.
iPhone  Carcassonne  games:board 
august 2010 by sechilds
How to set up your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch as a new device
In some cases you may want to erase all data on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and set it up as a new device. Example: After purchasing a new device, you decide to give the previous device to a family member, friend, or another person for their use.

Follow the steps in this article to erase all content on your device and set it up as if it were a new device.
august 2010 by sechilds
Using an iPhone without a wireless service plan
If you upgrade your iPhone to a newer model or cancel your wireless service account/tariff for your iPhone, it is possible to continue using your older iPhone without an active cellular service (using it with Wi-Fi only).
august 2010 by sechilds
iPhone: Transferring information from your current iPhone to a new iPhone
This article explains how to replace your current iPhone with a newly purchased iPhone using the same carrier. If you follow these steps to back up your previous iPhone first, and then restore the backup to your newly purchased iPhone, your saved SMS messages, email accounts, photos, notes, and other personal settings will be present on your new iPhone.
august 2010 by sechilds Flexibility and power
Whenever I think about new (or old) features in software, I think about whether they’re flexibility or power features.

They’re different things. Flexibility is the ability to change how software works; power is the ability to do more with less effort.

There’s a complicated relationship between the two things. Sometimes flexibility may add to power — if I could just make these things green, my eye could pick them out more easily, and I’d get my work done more quickly.

But flexibility detracts from power just as often — or more often. Flexibility is an invitation. It says, “Hey, futz with this. And this. And this. You’re not getting anything done, but at least you kind of have the illusion of doing something.”

One thing I love about iPhone and iPad apps is that they have to be designed for power. There’s just not enough conceptual canvas space for a ton of flexibility.
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august 2010 by sechilds
Daring Fireball
I don’t know much more than what I wrote yesterday regarding Mark Papermaster’s ouster from Apple in the wake of Antennagate. I do have a few points to add, though.

Several readers asked whether this is proof that the iPhone 4 antenna is, in fact, fundamentally flawed. (Or as one put it, “fucked up”.) No. Here’s the iPhone 4 antenna, in eight words: It’s a good design but has a flaw. The problem is the last four words.

Does Apple have a “make one mistake and you’re fired” policy? No. But, if the mistake is big enough, sometimes yes. But I don’t even know whether the iPhone 4 antenna is the only thing that led to Papermaster’s sacking.
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august 2010 by sechilds
Bought an Unlocked iPhone 4 From Apple? Check Your Receipt | iPhone in Canada Blog - Canada's #1 iPhone Resource
Did you buy an unlocked iPhone 4 from Apple? If you did, here is some very important info for you. Apparently some people who purchased unlocked iPhone 4 units have had issues of being sold locked phones. Forums user draz and iFoneHome have started some threads here and here on this issue. iFoneHome bought an unlocked phone, but it was actually locked. How to check?

Here’s the lowdown. Go grab your receipt first, and check for the following under the SIM details:

No Contract Sim = Your iPhone 4 is unlocked.
Rogers/Telus/Bell Micro Sim iPhone 4 = Your iPhone 4 is locked.

Here is an image of an unlocked receipt (left) versus locked receipt (right):
iPhone  telecom:canada:rogers 
august 2010 by sechilds
Minimal Mac
Soulver for iPhone, the iPhone port of my favorite calculation scratchpad, was just released. I’ve been beta-testing it for months (and may have bugged them into making it in the first place), and its beta version (“Sums”) was even in my First & 20 profile.

Soulver for Mac is always open on all of my computers — home, work, and laptop. It’s a calculator, a numeric scratchpad, and a simple spreadsheet all in one simple, fast, inexpensive program with almost no interface.

Nobody ever knows what it is, but everyone who sees me use it always asks, “Hey, what’s that?” And when they see what it does, they instantly download their own demo copy.

If you frequently perform calculations throughout the day, you need to try Soulver. If you like it, buy it. And strongly consider the iPhone version as a Calculator replacement.

Not sure why I have not heard of this app (or it’s lovely Mac counterpart) before but this looks like a fantastically simple way to get one’s math on. Especially for the m
iPhone  Soulver 
august 2010 by sechilds
Minimal Mac
Delete Unnecessary iPhone Backups in iTunes to Regain Disk Space – Shawn Blanc →
I had about a dozen backups (one as old as July 2008!). Deleting all but the most recent ones for my iPhone and iPad just saved me over 3GB of disk space.

Good to know. I think I’ll add a rule to Hazel to keep these in check.
iPhone  app:hazel 
august 2010 by sechilds
Apple Researching Methods to Turn iPhone Into Feature-Rich Bike Computer - Mac Rumors
Good morning internets! iPhone + my bike = awesome. (I guess it could be used with other bikes too...)

Patently Apple reports on an Apple patent application published today that describes Apple's vision for using the iPhone, iPod, or other electronic device as an interface for a multi-feature bicycle computer. While current bike computers are typically limited primarily to such data as speed, distance, and cadence with the possibility for integration of other devices such as heart rate monitors, Apple's plans reveal a much broader scope to incorporate such features as GPS routing, communications between multiple riders within a group, weather recording, and gear settings.
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august 2010 by sechilds
Too Many iPhone Apps? Just Search |
Patrick “Minimal Mac” Rhone is engaged in a bid to slim down his iPhone home screen to the bare essentials:

I am going to clear everything from the home screen. Any apps that get accessed more than once in the course of the next week will be allowed to come back.

I tried a similar experiment a couple of weeks ago, ending up with eight essential Apple apps, plus four favourites: 1Password (iTunes), NetNewsWire (iTunes), Simplenote (iTunes) and Instapaper (iTunes).

I sent the screenshot above to Patrick, and mentioned offhand the ‘secret’1 to using the iPhone with a stripped-down home screen: search.
august 2010 by sechilds
Minimal Mac
Fantastic writeup by Jack Mottram on why using the Spotlight-like search features of the iPhone seems like a far better way to launch applications, especially if you have lots of them. Love this line:

Computers are much, much better than people at indexing and retrieving stuff, so let them.
This is in step with much of what I believe and have expressed here in the past. For some reason, my monkey brain did not translate this idea to the iPhone. I plan to change this as part of my “use it or lose it” experiment.

Also, check out his home screen:
august 2010 by sechilds
Better Elevation » Typewar iPhone App
Eldarion and Massively Overrated are proud to present the Typewar iPhone app (iTunes link).

Our thanks to the Eldarion team for putting so much time into creating an API for us. Jay and I could not be more pleased.
august 2010 by sechilds
ongoing by Tim Bray · The Great Game
Is it VHS vs Betamax, Mac vs PC, or Coke vs Pepsi? The current multibillion-dollar mobile-market war is a confusing tangle of software makers, hardware makers, and network operators. This isn’t what a theorists would call a perfect or even very clean competitive market, but it does seem to be delivering a regular flow of better, faster, more usable products to the people of Earth. It’s a privilege to be in it.

This piece is provoked first by the general hubbub; not a week goes by without someone trumpeting a ludicrously-huge number of handsets or activations or subscribers. It got intense enough that Fred Vogelstein tried to clear the air recently in WIRED, ending with the plea “let’s get our numbers straight”.

John Gruber read Fred and wrote “I think the mobile market is going to be more like the console gaming market, with a handful of major players each with a 20-40 percent slice, rather than the monopoly-dominated PC market.”

Then there’s Tomi Ahonen’s typically lengthy and ramb
mobile  smartphone  Apple  iPhone  Android  Blackberry 
august 2010 by sechilds
I Bought SoundHound, The Videos Made Me Do It — Just Another iPhone Blog
I’ve been meaning to try out the SoundHound – the music identifier and discovery app – for a while now, since Thomas posted about its huge update a couple months back.  Last night I got a chance to check out a set of superb demo videos for the app, and I was completely sold – I bought the app and I’m well happy with it.

I hate to say it, as Shazam has been one of my favorite ‘wow factor’ iPhone apps for ages, but SoundHound runs rings round it.  It’s faster, offers voice and text search, and a number of other very cool features.  Shazam is still a very nice free option for doing just quick ‘what is that song’ identification, but SoundHound offers that plus lots more.
august 2010 by sechilds
Disable Spotlight Searches to Improve iPhone 3G Performance on iOS 4
If you're still a loyal iPhone 3G owner and upgraded to iOS 4, you've probably noticed one major new thing: slowness. You can downgrade to 3.1.3, but more than one Gizmodo commenter suggest a fix that's worked for them.

Commenter acidrain69 (oh, youth) notes in a post about Apple officially investigating the iPhone 3G/iOS 4 slowdown that Spotlight search, the omni-search box to the left of your main home screen, is a major culprit of app-switching lag. Here's the fix:
iPhone  iOS  iPhone3G 
august 2010 by sechilds
How Can I Make iOS 4 Usable on My iPhone 3G?
Dear Lifehacker, My iPhone has been intolerably slow since I upgraded to iOS 4, and while I know I can downgrade to 3.1.3 if I have to, I was wondering if I can do anything to speed things up on iOS 4.
august 2010 by sechilds
iPhone Textperiment: Simplenote vs Simpletext, WriteRoom, and Taskpaper — Just Another iPhone Blog
Last night I ended up picking up a copy of Taskpaper to compare notes with Patrick and accidentally stumbled upon a very cool, very free syncing service called, run by Hogbay Software. is a lot like Dropbox, but for small text files. This means that you can use just one Google App Engine service to sync your notes and tasks if you use WriteRoom and Taskpaper.

I was so excited by this new discovery that I immediately threw all of my Simplenote/Notational Velocity files into and am now trying to use WriteRoom and Taskpaper out as replacements for Simplenote and Things. I won’t know whether I like or hate the differences until I’ve had a few days to work with this new setup, but I have already recorded some thoughts from Day One.
iPhone  Simplenote  Simpletext  WriteRoom 
august 2010 by sechilds
Fred Vogelstein: ‘Doing the Math on Android vs. Apple’
Smart piece by Fred Vogelstein for Wired: The true comparison is between Android and iOS, Apple’s mobile operating system. Android’s activation numbers are not device dependent. Apple’s shouldn’t be either. If we are going to truly compare the two mobile OSs we need to include sales of iPads and iPod Touches. Add them into the mix and the data shows that Android is catching up but still isn’t close. Something to think about: If Android unit sales surpass those of all iOS devices combined, can iOS remain the dominant mobile software platform? I think the mobile market is going to be more like the console gaming market, with a handful of major players each with a 20-40 percent slice, rather than the monopoly-dominated PC market. Raw market share isn’t everything. ★
iphone  android 
august 2010 by sechilds
Apple’s Advice on Using FaceTime Behind a Firewall — Just Another iPhone Blog
If you’re stuck at work when your kiddo is blowing out birthday candles, or have a similar reason to need to make the new FaceTime video chat feature work behind a firewall,  Apple has a support document that will help you out.

If you’re an IT / admin type, you’ll find info on the port forwarding required by the app:

If the Wi-Fi network router that you are connected to uses a firewall or security software to restrict Internet access, contact the network administrator and reference this technical article. To use FaceTime on a restricted Wi-Fi network, port forwarding must be enabled for ports 80, 443, 3478, 4080, 5223, and 16393-16402 (UDP).

If you’re ‘just a user’ you’ll need to talk to your office IT team, or just step away to a local coffee shop with free WiFi.
iPhone  FaceTime 
july 2010 by sechilds
iPhone 4: Using FaceTime behind a firewall
For most Wi-Fi networks, FaceTime video calling will just work. If you are on a Wi-Fi network that is behind a firewall, see below.
iPhone  FaceTime 
july 2010 by sechilds
If Apple wants to be a major player it needs to start behaving like one | Technology | The Observer
Over the past two months, Apple's market capitalisation (ie its value as measured by the stock market) averaged out at $229.8bn.

The corresponding figure for Microsoft was $215.9bn. And yes, you read those numbers correctly: Apple is now worth significantly more than Microsoft, and the difference isn't just a flash in the Wall Street pan.

This has implications for all of us who follow these things. The mainstream media, for example, need to discard the rose-tinted spectacles through which they have viewed Apple ever since Steve Jobs returned to the helm in 1997. Apple is no longer the Lucky Little Company That Could but a looming, secretive, manipulative corporate giant.

Recent developments suggest that Apple itself also needs to adjust to its new status as just another company. Last month it released the iPhone 4, the latest version of its smartphone, to near-universal media acclaim. But shortly after the release of this magical device, complaints began to surface about problems wi
Apple  iPhone 
july 2010 by sechilds
YouTube - iOS 4.0 on 3G iPhone (parody)
iOS 4.0 running very slowly on an iPhone 3G. It's interesting to me, because I have one. I haven't really experience it being super slow, though.
july 2010 by sechilds
iClarified - iPhone - How to Put an iPhone Into DFU Mode
DFU means Device Firmware Update. If a restore using Recovery Mode doesn't work you will want to use DFU Mode as a last resort. When placing your iPhone into DFU Mode it does not load the OS before attempting the restore.

Apparently this is a potential fix if an iPhone 3G is running slowly.
july 2010 by sechilds
Page Flips Are Better Than Infinite Scroll - Release Candidate One
Scrolling is neat, and scrolling your way through buttery-smooth tables in iPhone OS is even kinda fun. But when it comes to slow, purposeful reading—as opposed to flicking through a list—it becomes tedious. Dragging through thousands of words of prose isn’t skimming, isn’t navigation… it’s laborious. You’re paginating by hand.

When we’re reading on the desktop we have a quick shortcut for pagination: push the space bar to advance exactly one screenful through a web site or PDF. I rely on it so much that I react poorly when web designers obscure part of the viewport with fluff. When a chunk of vertical real estate is obscured, the definition of “pageful” changes in a way the web browser can’t anticipate. Jason Kottke learned this lesson with his blog redesign last year. He was swift to correct it.
iPhone  iPad  scrolling 
march 2010 by sechilds
iPhone lessons from Google's Nexus One | Phones | iPhone Central | Macworld
In 2010, as in 2007, the entire technology industry gathered at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, only to have the hot tech news of the week usurped by a smartphone announcement back in the Bay Area. In 2007, it was the announcement of the iPhone at Macworld Expo. This year, Google tried to replicate the experience by calling a media-only event of its own to announce the Nexus One, the first device running the search-engine giant’s Android operating system to be sold directly by Google.

Why is 2010 the right time for Valve and gaming on the Mac?
Seven reasons Chrome isn't my default browser
Standout iPhone and iPod accessories
Apple purges Wi-Fi stumblers from App Store
Jailbreaking in the iPhone 3.0 era
Apple drops price, changes name of Mac Developer Program
Unlike the iPhone announcement, which was revolutionary, the Nexus One announcement marked the evolution of Android. A few months before, Motorola’s Droid was announced as the fir
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march 2010 by sechilds
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Save time/be more efficient:

Found a phone number in the yellow pages? Dial it instantly from your iPhone
Spotted a cool URL while browsing? Open it instantly on mobile safari
Seen a cool picture on the web? Add it instantly to your iPhone photo gallery
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february 2010 by sechilds
Meat stylus for the iPhone
Sales of CJ Corporation's snack sausages are on the increase in South Korea because of the cold weather; they are useful as a meat stylus for those who don't want to take off their gloves to use their iPhones.
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february 2010 by sechilds
Carbon Chaos – Celebrating the Launch of an iPhone App |
At the beginning of September Gerri Sinclair and I began scheming around me working with a group of her students at the Centre for Digital Media on a project. My initial idea didn't pan out (more on that in another post) but I the students pitched a new idea, one the maintained the original idea of a game that would be fun and that would carry an environmental message.

There result?

Carbon Chaos - an iPhone game designed and built to be fun while educating those who download it about the various advantages and activities of Translink - the transit authority here in the Greater Vancouver area.

And so, with a ton of pride in the students who worked really long hours to create this in a few short weeks here is some beautiful art work they created...
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february 2010 by sechilds
SD Card Reader Coming to the iPhone
I often wish the iPhone and iPod touch supported memory extension via external modules. It would make my old iPod touch much more useful, which I suppose is why Apple doesn’t allow it (it’s a good reason to buy a new one). Soon, you’ll be able to use external SD cards with your devices, though probably not in the memory expansion capacity I’ve been dreaming of.

Still, you should be able to do at least as much as you can with the SD camera connector accessory that Apple’s officially releasing for use with the upcoming iPad. There’s no indication of whether or no that device will also work with the iPhone and iPod touch, but a third-party device by capitalization-challenged company zoomMediaPlus definitely will.

The accessory in question, called zoomit, will plug into your iPhone’s dock connector, and features an SD card slot that’s compatible with all currently available SD classes and capacities. Using a free app available from the App Store, you’ll then be able to access the data fo
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february 2010 by sechilds
Opera: Mini 5 browser ready for iPhone if Apple will have it
Opera is set to show off an iPhone version of its Opera Mini 5 mobile Web browser to the press during the Mobile World Congress next week. However, there's no guarantee that the software will ever make it into the hands of users.

Opera Mini is a browser specifically designed for mobile phones that aren't capable of running an otherwise full-fledged browser (those of you who surf the Web with regular cell phones may be familiar with it). It sends URL requests to a proxy server run by Opera, which renders a page into an image that is sent to the phone for display. This method typically offers much faster browsing than downloading an entire page and all its resources and rendering it on most underpowered mobiles, and is especially nice for devices limited to EDGE or slower connections.

Opera makes a full-fledged browser for smartphones called Opera Mobile, but that version and its JavaScript interpreter might run afoul of iPhone developer agreement stipulations that prohibit application
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february 2010 by sechilds
Squaregirl - Blog - iPhone CSS
Ever wished you could isolate one or two elements in your site's style to render differently on the iPhone? You can! Use this CSS:

@media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) {
  body {color:#000;}

This example will change the text on your site to black, but you can swap the element name or values to match your specific needs. Just write the CSS as you normally would, and wrap the syntax in:

@media only screen and (max-device-width: 480px) {

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february 2010 by sechilds
About Air Video
Video Streaming
Air Video can stream videos in almost any format to your iPhone and iPod touch. You don't need to copy your videos to the device just to watch them.
Live Conversion
If the videos in your collection are not in format supported by iPhone, Air Video will convert them on fly*. You don't need to wait until the entire video is converted. You can start watching it almost immediately!
february 2010 by sechilds
Jaadu VNC | Features
Access and control your computer from anywhere
Jaadu gives you full control of your computer's mouse and keyboard while providing a rich visual display of your computer screen on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Jaadu connects to any device running a VNC server and is currently the only VNC client for iPhone that allows you to see all of your displays full-size, with no screen resolution limits.

Jaadu provides:

A touchpad interface for mouse control and screen navigation
Remote and Modifier menus for access to arrow, function and special keys, as well as shortcuts to common actions
Easy setup instructions
A connection utility that automatically configures router and network settings
Support for Mac, Windows, Linux, and AMX Touchscreen Interfaces
Support for ultra-high resolutions -- we've successfully tested on two Apple 30-inch Cinema displays with a combined resolution of 5120 x 1600!
Jaadu VNC is our flagship version and offers full control of a remote computer.

Touchpad Elite offers
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february 2010 by sechilds
Slacker Radio for iPhone now available in Canada | iLounge News
iLounger: News: Slacker Radio for iPhone now available in Canada: Following the Canadian launch of Slacker Radio last week, ...
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january 2010 by sechilds
Review: Just Mobile Lounge Dashboard & Desktop Stand for iPhone | iLounge
$50 seems a bit too expensive for this. I'd pay $15 for something like this.

Just Mobile's new Lounge ($50) is an aluminum and padded foam iPhone 3G/3GS stand with a rotating arm that holds devices either in horizontal or vertical orientations, ratcheting into locked 90-degree positions for stability. Though its base might be a little too large for dashboard mounting in some cars, it ships with a coin-like adhesive mount that can be attached to the dashboard or other surface for stability, locking into a matching grooved spot on the bottom of the 4.25"-diameter rubber-padded base. We see it working more easily as a low-profile desk stand, but it'll work nicely in some vehicles, and the foam padding inside the iPhone holder will flex to accommodate some cases.
january 2010 by sechilds
stephenchilds |
I'm over 2GB of apps on my iphone again!
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december 2009 by sechilds
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