Interview with Anne Case | Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
The Princeton scholar has developed econometric theory, pioneered epidemiology, estimated technology diffusion models and explored political economy, opioid addiction and funeral expenditures. Some of her earliest studies involved the influence of neighbors, loosely defined, on teen behavior in Boston, sickle adoption for rice harvesting in rural Java and tax policies among U.S. states. Region: I’d like to ask about a full gamut of your work, from early days to current research, and I wonder if we could start with your papers on the distribution of benefits within families—benefits meaning health care, education, expenditures on food. A recent SSRN [Social Science Research Network] paper garnered much attention by documenting the level of disrespect that some male economists pay to their female colleagues. Region: The American Economic Association recently announced an ad hoc committee “charged with evaluating various aspects of professional conduct, including those which stifle diversity in Economics.” Its report is due in time for discussion at the AEA’s January 2018 conference.
7 hours ago
DOJ confirms new criminal probe linked to Waymo v. Uber lawsuit | Ars Technica
View more stories A newly released letter has formally acknowledged what was only briefly stated last month in a San Francisco courtroom: federal prosecutors have an open criminal investigation into Uber. Late last month, as part of the proceedings in the high-profile and ongoing Waymo v. Uber trade secrets lawsuit, US District Judge William Alsup said that on November 22 he had received a letter from San Francisco-based federal prosecutors. In other words, the letter could mean Uber and/or its current or former employees may be under investigation for possible crimes under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, a longstanding anti-hacking law. Curiously, while on the stand during evidentiary hearings held late last month, Jacobs repudiated some of what was in the letter, calling some language "hyperbolic." In a separate filing , Judge Alsup said that barring any extraordinary objections, the Jacobs letter will be made public on Friday at 12pm Pacific Time.
7 hours ago
Government of Canada fulfills commitment to give Statistics Canada greater independence - Canada.ca
Canadians rely on the integrity and accuracy of the data produced by Statistics Canada to properly manage their affairs and facilitate business and economic growth. It helps ensure that decisions on statistical matters are transparent and are based on professional considerations. The changes will increase transparency around decisions and directives made by the government as they relate to Statistics Canada. enable the appointment of the Chief Statistician by the Governor in Council to a renewable term of not more than five years—the Chief Statistician may only be removed for cause; create the Canadian Statistics Advisory Council to advise the Minister and Chief Statistician on the overall quality of the national statistics system and publish an annual report; remove from the Act the threat of imprisonment for those who refuse to respond to mandatory surveys; and allow the transfer of records for all censuses from 2021 onwards to Library and Archives Canada after 92 years and the transfer of records where consent was given for the censuses of population taken in 2006, 2011 and 2016 as well as for the 2011 National Household Survey. These amendments reflect the Government of Canada’s commitment to increasing transparency and supporting evidence-based decision making.
7 hours ago
Survivor wants the world to know her residential school story – but first, she must get permission - The Globe and Mail
Angela Shisheesh, 72, says she wants to tell the world what happened to her and her sister at the infamous St. Anne's Residential School in Fort Albany, Ont., and she is determined to have her story documented at the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation in Winnipeg. The IRSSA, which compensated those who attended the schools and provided additional money to those were were abused, came after an estimated 18,000 civil actions, included the one involving Ms. Shisheesh, had been launched by survivors. That includes transcripts that have not previously been made available for use during hearings under the Independent Assessment Process (IAP), which was established as part of the class-action agreement to set compensation rates for those who were abused. Ms. Shisheesh is determined to press ahead, in part for the sake of her sister Sophie, who, she said, was locked in an outhouse in the middle of winter by a nun from early morning until late in the afternoon, where her skin froze to the interior of the structure. "The centre takes the position that every story of every survivor matters and is important for the record, so long as access and privacy conditions are in place."
7 hours ago
GitHub - jupyterhub/zero-to-jupyterhub-k8s: Resources for deploying JupyterHub to a Kubernetes Cluster
For additional information about JupyterHub, such as a technical overview,
configuration reference, and API reference, please consult the JupyterHub project documentation which
contains information that applies to Kubernetes as well as other deployment
methods. The JupyterHub project documentation provides detailed information
about authenticators, spawners, and services. Much of the intial groundwork for this documentation is information learned from
the successful use of JupyterHub and Kubernetes at UC Berkeley in their Data 8 program. Aaron Culich Carol Willing Chris Holdgraf Ryan Lovett Yuvi Panda Future contributors are encouraged to add themselves to this README file too.
7 hours ago
Uses This / Roxane Gay
MY FINGER CONSTANTLY HITS THE ESCAPE BUTTON AND OMG I'm mad just thinking about it. She asks Alexa to play Ariana Grande and music from Frozen, A LOT. I watch TV on Samsung TVs that are garishly large with accompanying sound bars. I use Google Suite , Google Keep , Microsoft Word , Final Draft , Chrome , Adobe Creative Suite , and a bunch of apps on my phone to make it appear as if I am on top of everything when I am not -- respective banking apps, apps for American , Delta , United , and Alaska Airlines , Kayak , TripAdvisor , Carey , Uber , blah blah blah. Also Scrabble and Words With Friends , Candy Crush Saga , Pokémon GO , Snapchat , Twitter , and Dropbox .
7 hours ago
This Is The Daily Stormer's Playbook
HuffPost Illustration/Getty
Back in September, Vox Day, a Gamergate holdover who has assumed the position of racist alt-right figurehead, published a handful of brief excerpts from what he described as the “Andrew Anglin” style guide. “Fourteen,” of course, alludes to the 14 words in the old David Lane slogan, “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” The double eights refer to the eighth letter of the alphabet (“HH” or “Heil Hitler”). The site’s stylistic decisions, the subjects it covers, the specific racial slurs it employs — all are consciously chosen for the purpose of furthering The Daily Stormer’s ultimate goal, which, according to the style guide itself, is “to spread the message of nationalism and anti-Semitism to the masses.” Everything is deliberate. You can find me in the club, bottle full of teaLook mami I got the Moroccan hash if you into getting headachesI’m into gang-rape, I ain’t into making loveSo come give me a hug if you into to getting trafficked Daily Stormer style guide
The constant line-toeing and the deliberate muddying of intentions and meaning can have a dizzying effect, especially for media outlets that aren’t used to grappling with such bad actors.
7 hours ago
With Trump, The GOP Is Playing A Game Of Diminishing Returns
In December 2016, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham emerged as one of the strongest Republican critics of Donald Trump, and particularly, of his ties with Russia. Graham’s radical change in rhetoric is reminiscent of the behavior one sees in autocratic regimes when potential political opponents are mollified or threatened into compliance. Who would act to ensure the integrity of the executive branch, when so many in it– like Jeff Sessions and Jared Kushner–have already committed serious violations of federal protocol , yet have faced no consequences? In the end, there will likely be little personal or political benefit for Graham to act against Trump, even as America’s security continues to be compromised and its daily life consumed by chaos and scandal. Graham may think he’s playing to win, but the prize–serving as a lapdog to the unhinged aspiring autocrat of a declining state–brings diminishing returns if Trump gains even more power over the GOP.
7 hours ago
Toronto’s Best New Public Spaces (Best of 2017) | Indie88
Technically speaking, this one makes our year-end list by narrow margins since the trail doesn’t open until January 6th 2018, but considering how close it is we’ll give this one a conditional pass. Included in the lush new green space is Henry Moore’s “Two Large Forms,” a modern looking playground and plenty of blooming foliage (in the warmer months of course). The new jewel of Toronto’s east end Corktown Common is a 7.3-hectare (18 acre) park located at the foot of Lower River Street and Bayview Avenue. Located on the grounds of a former industrial park, Corktown Commons is a scenic new green space complete with a marsh, urban prairies, playground areas, a splash pad and and even an outdoor fireplace. Located steps away from the picture worth Gooderham Flatiron building and the St Laurence market, the new downtown park boasts a dog-themed fountain that was the talk of the town.
7 hours ago
Cat Manning on Twitter: (SF's only level 1 trauma center is in fact named "Zuckerberg Hospital", I am not making this up)
@catacalypto: (SF's only level 1 trauma center is in fact named "Zuckerberg Hospital", I am not making this up)
7 hours ago
First part of phishing with EV
This post is intended for a technical audience interested in how an EV SSL certificate can be used as an effective phishing device. After all, this was finished, I now had to include a telephone number on a third party database as stipulated in section 11.5.2 of the EV SSL certificate guidelines. I only needed to get my Dun and Bradstreet ID and fill in a form with my mobile number as the telephone and after a few days, it was included. After filling in all the details required by Symantec and including a 256-bit ECC CSR, I was finished for now until the validation process was completed. To conclude this post, I think Symantec shouldn't have issued this EV SSL certificate in the first place as the company name was too common and could easily be misconstrued in the browser.
7 hours ago
Extended Validation is Broken
What a legal entity can be turns out to be quite flexible; James Burton, for example, recently obtained an EV certificate for his company "Identity Verified" . The primary point raised by advocates of extended validation is that obtaining EV certificates would leave behind a signifigant paper trail of the bad actor's identity. After James Burton obtained a certificate for "Identity Verified", a discussion on the CA/Browser Forum's public mailing list, cabfpub , ensued. One of the solutions proposed was to require some form of face-to-face validation, either virtually or in real life, with the applicant and have them present identification to confirm their identity. While this may stymie some bad actors, those engaging in more targeted or high-profile attacks will have no problem taking a little extra time to invest in fake identification, or generally try to defeat other verification methods.
7 hours ago
Nope, this isn’t the HTTPS-validated Stripe website you think it is | Ars Technica
For a decade, some security professionals have held out extended validation certificates as an innovation in website authentication because they require the person applying for the credential to undergo legal vetting. Now, a researcher has shown how EV certificates can be used to trick people into trusting scam sites, particularly when targets are using Apple's Safari browser. When viewed in the address bar, the page looks eerily similar to https://stripe.com/ , the online payments service that also authenticates itself using an EV certificate issued to Stripe Inc. The demonstration is concerning because many security professionals counsel end users to look for EV certificates when trying to tell if a site such as https://www.paypal.com is an authentic Web property rather than a fly-by-night look-alike page that's out to steal passwords. He established a business named "Identity Verified" and showed how the resulting EV certificate might be used to add the air of authenticity to a scam site.
7 hours ago
What you need to know about the new Line 1 subway extension opening Sunday | CP24.com
A segment of the rapidway between Vaughan Metropolitan Centre and Dufferin Street is already complete and the line will eventually allow east-west travel across York Region between Pine Valley Drive and Unionville GO Station. Customers can pay with a PRESTO card, Metropass, tickets, tokens, or exact cash. Customers will be able to ride the entire length of Line 1 on a single TTC fare, even when crossing into Vaughan on the subway. The TTC says all six new stations are “modern, bright, fully accessible stations.” They will all be equipped with Wi-Fi, enhanced cellular service, new PRESTO fare gates and dedicated bicycle parking. Several nightclubs, restaurants and entertainment options are within a 20-minute walk of the station, including the Cineplex Cinemas Vaughan, Dave & Buster’s and Yuk Yuk’s A number of big-box stores are within reach, including Walmart, Costco, BestBuy and The Home Depot Ikea is a 13-minute walk away Canada’s Wonderland is a 30-minute bus ride away Vaughan Mills is also roughly a 30-minute bus ride
7 hours ago
Editorial: 20 Years of Persistent Identifiers – Applications and Future Directions
Previously: After completing a DPhil in English Literature, Fiona held a range of scholarly publishing roles with Oxford University Press, Bloomsbury Academic and Wiley. The article concludes with an outlook on activities at a current W3C group and puts forward an urgent warning that the principles must be obeyed to prevent a possible PID sustainability failure visible on the horizon. The fundamental section concludes with a stimulating essay by Kunze et al ( 2017 ), who challenge the established vocabulary of the PID community and advocate new terminology, methodology and an overall call for action to be more precise when communicating about persistency and the policies depending on it. When it was first introduced to the scholarly community, ORCID needed to explicitly offer some value to researchers in the form of self-compiling publication lists in order to justify the time required for them to register and thereby adopt an identifier for themselves. Güntsch, A , Hyam, R , Hagedorn, G , Chagnoux, S , Röpert, D , Casino, A , Droege, G , Glöckler, F , Gödderz, K , Groom, Q , Hoffmann, J , Holleman, A , Kempa, M , Koivula, H , Marhold, K , Nicolson, N , Smith, V S and Triebel, D (2017).
7 hours ago
Cookie Monster on Twitter: Okay me glad me cleared that up. Me going back to eating cookies now. Bye!
@MeCookieMonster: Okay me glad me cleared that up. Me going back to eating cookies now. Bye!
7 hours ago
Right-Sizing the Power of Republican Insurgents - Bloomberg
As Bloomberg’s Joshua Green reported , the man at the helm of this particular disaster is Steve Bannon, who remains a powerful thorn in the side of the Republican establishment despite being banished from the White House. As the Trump Machine overwhelmed all the party establishment’s defenses during the primaries, the insurgents began to believe that they were unstoppable, that they were The Future TM . Trump was almost incomprehensibly successful at beating back the establishment, and many people took this as a sign of a groundswell of support for a radically different vision of the Republican party. Even then, these candidates tend to succeed in highly fragmented races where they can consolidate just enough star-struck voters to cross the finish line ahead of their too-numerous opponents. That’s how Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger won governorships, and also how Trump managed to win the Republican primary despite never commanding a majority of his party’s support.
7 hours ago
Open Data Master Plan Review
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
7 hours ago
Worlds Without Master, Issue 10 — Worlds Without Master
Attention EU Customers: Please make your purchases through the Dig 1,000 Holes Payhip Store to accommodate your VAT. That time of the year when we celebrate the friends and loved ones who have brought cheer and comfort into our lives with the games that do the same. When you buy issues of Worlds Without Master from our bazaar, sign up to have a copy of the same issue will be sent to a recipient of your choosing for free. Use the coupon code EPIMAS at checkout to save 20% off of any purchase of 2 or more issues! Wishing you and your loved ones happy holidays and a far better new year!
7 hours ago
Jupyter demo 6—Play with NumPy Arrays - YouTube
[[getSimpleString(data.postText)]] [[getSimpleString(data.referenceUserText)]]
7 hours ago
‘Ready Player One’ is a terrible book and it will be a terrible movie | The Outline
Articles with titles like “A Breakdown of All the Clues, '80s References, and Surprises in the Ready Player One Trailer” abound, as do 15-minute YouTube videos meticulously dissecting the CGI puke in search of recognizable characters. Apparently, Duke Nukem made a brief cameo appearance, as did Garfield, Freddy Krueger, the gun from Halo, Gandalf, The Iron Giant, the car from Back to the Future, Lara Croft and, most nauseatingly, Harley Quinn. Halliday’s retro-themed scavenger hunt provides a thin cover for Ready Player One’s true purpose, which is to pelt the reader with an ungodly amount of pop culture references. For the megalomaniacs of Silicon Valley, Cline provides a comforting fantasy: the world has gone to hell, all the resources of the underclass have been redirected to a few emotionally stunted computer geniuses, and what do they do with their world-historical dominance? It simply constructs a world around the reader, where his comfort zone, his passively acquired knowledge of retro video games and Star Wars, is enough to effortlessly make him a Great Man of History.
7 hours ago
The first trailer for ‘Annihilation’ looks incredible | The Outline
If you’re a fan of Jeff VanderMeer’s Southern Reach Trilogy of books ( Annihilation , Authority , Acceptance ), today is a good day. Paramount has just released the official trailer for the first film, Annihilation , starring Natalie Portman and written and directed by auteur Alex Garland. As far as sci-fi filmmaking goes, this looks set to take Arrival ’s throne as the next big thinker in the genre, and with Ex Machina ’s Garland at the helm, one can expect few punches pulled. Speaking of not pulling punches, I sat down with Alex Garland after the release of Ex Machina to talk about politics, technology, and who really controls the future. Listen to that conversation below… and watch the trailer above.
7 hours ago
Harvey Weinstein Is My Monster Too - The New York Times
This fall, I was approached by reporters, through different sources, including my dear friend Ashley Judd, to speak about an episode in my life that, although painful, I thought I had made peace with. In the 14 years that I stumbled from schoolgirl to Mexican soap star to an extra in a few American films to catching a couple of lucky breaks in “Desperado” and “Fools Rush In,” Harvey Weinstein had become the wizard of a new wave of cinema that took original content into the mainstream. At that point, I had to resort to using lawyers, not by pursuing a sexual harassment case, but by claiming “bad faith,” as I had worked so hard on a movie that he was not intending to make or sell back to me. Much to everyone’s amazement, not least my own, I delivered, thanks to a phalanx of angels who came to my rescue, including Edward Norton, who beautifully rewrote the script several times and appallingly never got credit, and my friend Margaret Perenchio, a first-time producer, who put up the money. It was soul crushing because, I confess, lost in the fog of a sort of Stockholm syndrome, I wanted him to see me as an artist: not only as a capable actress but also as somebody who could identify a compelling story and had the vision to tell it in an original way.
7 hours ago
The Smart, the Stupid, and the Catastrophically Scary
It’s so bizarre, because you go to Caltrain, and there’s a giant banner showing a cool-looking data scientist peering at computers in some cool ways, advertising Spark, which is a platform that in my day job I know is just barely usable at best, or at worst, actively misleading. I’m sure in elementary school you had to learn the Dewey Decimal System, and that crazy library and reference language where you have the Boolean qualifiers on terms that might appear in an item summary or something. Thomas Edison was really fucking good at making money and keeping the IP for himself, so obviously he’s going to promulgate the view that it was a single genius, a loner working super hard in a room, who owns everything that came from it. And one of their shticks was, “Oh, we're going to use social media data to figure out if you're a great credit risk or not.” And people are like, “Oh, are they going to look at my Facebook posts to see whether I've been drinking out late on a Saturday night? It's a very optimistic way of looking at things, and I'm hesitant to abandon that, because I think ultimately… It's hard, grappling with this idea of the enormous amount of individual leverage and the crazy rate of change.
7 hours ago
'Right in their own backyard': New Google Earth project maps Canada's residential schools - Manitoba - CBC News
The residential schools story project, which launched Monday, is a partnership between the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, based at the University of Manitoba, and Canadian Geographic Education. "In this project, you can actually see residential schools, you can see where they were, and that helps make it that much more concrete.… This is not the distant past," said Ry Moran, director at NCTR. "The hope is that as Canadians become more informed on what happened in the schools, they will begin to look at all of the other manifestations of aggressive assimilation and cultural genocide that has been playing out in this country," Moran said. Canada's residential schools, originally designed to assimilate Indigenous people, started operating in the 1830s. The project is just one piece in the bigger picture of reconciliation, said John Thompson, a high school geography teacher at Winnipeg's Kildonan-East Collegiate and part of the Canadian Geographic education committee.
7 hours ago
What’s New — pandas 0.21.1 documentation
Pandas implements some matplotlib converters for nicely formatting the axis
labels on plots with datetime or Period values. Toggling this to False removes pandas’ formatters and restore
any converters we overwrote when registering them ( GH18301 ). We’ll then gracefully
deprecate the automatic registration of converters in favor of users explicitly
registering them when they want them. Improvements to the Parquet IO functionality will now write non-default indexes when the
underlying engine supports it. Previously columns with display formatting were normally left as ordinal numbers and not converted to datetime objects.
7 hours ago
Centennial adopts “It's Your Shift” sexual violence and intervention training | Academica Group - Research and Consulting for Higher Education
Centennial College's School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts has announced that it is integrating an industry training program into its curriculum to ensure that its students can identify and intervene in instances of sexual violence and harassment in the workplace. A Centennial release explains that SHIFT training includes five online modules with a dedicated module for supervisors, managers and owners, along with job aids, resources, and guidelines for the workplace. “We feel strongly this certification is valuable and significant for our graduates to enter the industry with the awareness and ultimately the confidence to handle sexual harassment challenges they may face in the workplace,” says Amanda Tarrant, Manager of Strategic Operations at the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Culinary Arts. Centennial
7 hours ago
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