RT : 'Sharon was a goddamn genius and I will never doubt a librarian again'
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I see what you did there That made my morning! 🙂
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4 days ago
Introduction to data cleaning using Pandas – Madhav Ayyagari – Medium
In this article I want to go over basics of how to use pandas for cleaning data in excel files. As a first step, lets look at the raw data we have, to understand what needs to be done as part of cleaning. If you are opening up jupyter for the first time, command prompt should provide you with a local host url. Save the file to your local and run this piece of code in jupyter. Displays the header of the csv fileDisplays number of rows ,columnsDisplays True is a cell does not have a valueLooking at the first and last 5 rows, I can see that some cells in the Name column are blank, panda displays this as NaN.
4 days ago
Performance gain by writing a C extension in python
To gauge performance benefits i tried coding same algorithm (trivial sort ) in python , C & Cython . Now its time to test code and profile same algorithm in python,C & Cython We should probably go for ctypes extension only when we have a small CPU bound code which is taking more than half of total processing time & we have ran out of other optimizations . most of the python code that you have can be put it out in cython by adding simple build step in between . Again i would recommend profiling your code and putting only small CPU bound pieces to cython .
4 days ago
Why Are More American Teenagers Than Ever Suffering From Severe Anxiety? - NYTimes.com
At a workshop for parents last fall at the NW Anxiety Institute in Portland, Ore., Kevin Ashworth, the clinical director, warned them of the “illusion of control and certainty” that smartphones offer anxious young people desperate to manage their environments. Though 504 plans for anxiety vary by student, a typical one might allow a teenager to take more time on homework and tests, enter the school through a back door — to avoid the chaos of the main entrance — and leave a classroom when feeling anxious. Once the students are in school, Hovey explained, staff members can help them build the confidence and skills to eventually transition to Roxbury’s regular classes — and stand a chance at navigating college or a job once they graduate. During an informal study period after lunch, I watched him confiscate cellphones he said the teenagers were using to “hide from, control and avoid” their feelings; scoff at a student who claimed to be too anxious to return a book to the school library; and challenge a particularly reserved boy who said he had nothing to work on. “I’m just a lot more relaxed now,” she told me in her messy bedroom, where the walls were adorned with “Star Wars” posters and the bookshelf overflowed with young-adult fiction and sci-fi, as well as a worn copy of “Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul.” Near her bed were two prescription bottles — one for Prozac and another for Klonopin, a benzodiazepine tranquilizer.
4 days ago
Charlie Stross on Twitter: What Trump/2017 has taught the world about the USA so far: About 95% of US foreign policy is autonomic reflexes. Imperialism on autopilot.
@cstross: What Trump/2017 has taught the world about the USA so far:

About 95% of US foreign policy is autonomic reflexes. Imperialism on autopilot.
4 days ago
Reality is a countably infinite Sierpiński cube | David R. MacIver
I was thinking out loud on Twitter about what weird beliefs I hold, after realising (more or less as I was writing it) that my philosophical positions are practically banal (at least to anyone who has thought about these issues a bit, whether or not they agree with me). And what this means is that experiments are continuous functions to the set {yes, maybe} endowed with the Sierpiński topology . Reality is a closed, connected, subset of the countably infinite dimensional Sierpiński cube. Well, one obvious philosophical implication is that reality is compact, connected, and separable, but may not be Hausdorff. Indeed we usually won’t want to – it’s not very friendly to work with – but whatever model we choose for our physical systems should have a continuous function (or, really, a family of continuous functions to take into account the fact that we fudged the non-determinism of our experiments) from it to the relevant Sierpiński cube for the physical system under question.
4 days ago
17 Minutes of Lost ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ Footage Found – Blooms Mag
When [director Stanley] Kubrick trimmed the 17 minutes from 2001 after the NY premiere, he made it clear the shortened version was his final edit. The film is as he wanted it to be presented and preserved and Warner Home Video has no plans to expand or revise Mr. Kubrick’s vision.” Almost like discovering a monolith buried underground, Warner Brothers recently found 17 minutes of lost footage from Stanley Kubrick‘s masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey in a salt-mine vault in Kansas. They point us to a reports from Forgotten Silver and Blastr about an event in Toronto where Douglas Trumbull and David Larson, who were working on the now canceled documentary 2001: Beyond the Infinite: The Making of a Masterpiece, mentioned the footage had been found in perfect condition. An entire sequence of several shots in which Dave Bowman searches for the replacement antenna part in storage.
4 days ago
Exploiting misuse of Python's "pickle" - Made of Bugs
Warning: The pickle module is not intended to be secure against
erroneous or maliciously constructed data. Recently, however, I stumbled upon a project that was accepting and
unpacking untrusted pickles over the network, and a poll of some
friends revealed that few of them were aware of just how easy it is to
exploit a service that does this. As such, this blog post will
describe exactly how trivial it is to exploit such a service, using a
simplified version of the code I recently encountered as an
example. However, as mentioned above, the target server uses Twisted, and it
serves all requests in the same thread, using an asynchronous
event-driven model. This means we can’t necessarily predict which file
descriptor on the server will correspond to our socket, since it
depends on how many other clients are connected.
4 days ago
Python Exercises
Write a program that asks the user for a number (integer only) and prints the sum of its digits Format can be any string that contains any number of the labels: <artist> , <album> , <track> , <year> Write a python program that calls ifconfig and splits its output to files according to the network interfaces it finds. The following code assumes a class named Widget which represent a thing that needs to be built. Given the mass renamer you wrote in Regular Expression exercise, write test code to verify:
4 days ago
wtfpython/README.md at master · satwikkansal/wtfpython · GitHub
Here is a fun project attempting to collect such classic and tricky examples of unexpected behaviors in Python and discuss what exactly is happening under the hood! If you're an experienced Python programmer, you might be familiar with most of these examples, and I might be able to revive some sweet old memories of yours being bitten by these gotchas 😅 Things get quadratically worse as the number and size of the string increases (justified with the execution times of add_bytes_with_plus function) Therefore, it's advised to use .format. add_string_with_plus didn't show a quadratic increase in execution time unlike add_bytes_with_plus becuase of the += optimizations discussed in the previous example. Read this short but an awesome guide to learn more about how namespaces and scope resolution works in Python.
4 days ago
Docker for R Package Development · Jim Hester's blog
However each build takes at least a few minutes
to run, so trying to debug something using only travis can be a time consuming,
frustrating process. Docker provides a nice way to setup and run linux environments on a wide
variety of distributions. Because these environments are run
on your local computer you can have a very tight feedback loop, which can make
debugging issues much less time consuming. In
particular the rocker project by Carl Boettiger, Dirk Eddelbuettel, et al.
provides a large set of containers with various configurations. If you then
try to compile it in docker you will get an error invalid ELF header indicating the library was built for the wrong architecture.
4 days ago
Beaker | Peer-to-peer Web browser. No blockchain required.
The Web’s original design enshrined its core values: to be open, free, and highly connected . Beaker rethinks the Web as a peer-to-peer network, where users own their data and run applications independently. Beaker is the world's first Web browser with builtin tools for hosting content directly from your computer. Versioned URLs Each change published to a Dat peer-to-peer website is added to its history log and distributed across the network. Beaker provides a set of Web APIs for reading, writing, and watching Dat archives from within a site.
4 days ago
APTN Investigates: Fair Play - APTN NewsAPTN News
APTN Investigates In the season premiere of APTN Investigates, Kathleen Martens looks into protests against a John Furlong speech recently held at University of British Columbia. The 2010 Vancouver Olympics president and CEO was high on the podium back then until an article about residential school survivor allegations caused a controversy.
4 days ago
James Breakwell on Twitter: Me: Did you hear girls can join Cub Scouts now? 7-year-old: They should be the ones who want to join us.
@XplodingUnicorn: Me: Did you hear girls can join Cub Scouts now?

7-year-old: They should be the ones who want to join us.
4 days ago
GitHub - agermanidis/livepython: Visually trace Python code in real-time.
It doesn't handle a lot of edge cases and features may change. Livepython is a desktop app that lets you visually trace, in real-time, the execution of a Python program. In addition, it can track changes in global and local variables as your program is running. Livepython is meant to give you a quick grasp of a program's execution flow. It's less messy than sprinkling print statements throughout your code and simpler to use than debuggers/profilers.
4 days ago
Noah Smith on Twitter: My one biggest piece of advice to all grad students is: Your friends don't have to be the people in your program. And vice versa.
@Noahpinion: My one biggest piece of advice to all grad students is:

Your friends don't have to be the people in your program. And vice versa.
4 days ago
Noah Smith on Twitter: Just read Parable of the Sower. On the surface it's a brutal dark dystopian novel, but really it's a how-to guide for how to make friends.
@Noahpinion: Just read Parable of the Sower. On the surface it's a brutal dark dystopian novel, but really it's a how-to guide for how to make friends.
4 days ago
Think Indigenous Podcast | Indian & Cowboy
We program a full day of 20 minute keynotes that present on diverse areas of Indigenous Education. The four day conference features keynotes, cultural event programming, a gala, breakout sessions and sharing roundtables that support educators, principals, boards of education, parents & many others better understand and articulate the challenges in contemporary classrooms today. Inspiring, informative and provocative, the Think Indigenous Education Conference (TIEC) will offer educators from all backgrounds the opportunity to work together in the enhancement of Indigenous Knowledges & Reconciliation. We operate under the mandate of Indian Control of Indian Education, fostering the spirit of creating culturally relevant teachers who promote excellence in education. Building on the strength of Indigenous knowledge, ITEP is made stronger through the pride in our culture, language and traditions.
4 days ago
Bruno Latour, a veteran of the ‘science wars,’ has a new mission | Science | AAAS
To research it, Latour spent 2 years at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego, California, acting as an anthropologist observing scientists at work. Central to Latour’s work is the notion that facts are constructed by communities of scientists, and that there is no distinction between the social and technical elements of science. In later writings, Latour acknowledged that the criticism of science had created a basis for antiscientific thinking and had paved the way in particular for the denial of climate change, now his main topic. We are being attacked unfairly.” Claude Allègre, a French scientist and former minister of education, was running a very efficient ideological campaign against climate science. That does not mean you cannot produce good science, but scientists should explicitly state their interests, their values, and what sort of proof will make them change their mind.
4 days ago
Exploding Git Repositories – Kate Murphy
If you are an adventurous sort (and can handle a potential reboot) I invite you to clone this tiny repo : How does a tiny repo cause git to run out of memory? Git also allows de-duplication of “tree” objects (which define the directory structure in a repository). On my laptop this ends up blowing up the stack and causing a segfault. It includes a mention of a repo of this nature being uploaded to Github in 2014.
4 days ago
Rob Hoadley on Twitter: @jengerson Calgarians will wake up Wednesday morning shocked to learn they voted to leave the European Union
@robhoadley: @jengerson Calgarians will wake up Wednesday morning shocked to learn they voted to leave the European Union
4 days ago
Women leadership in Canada: Executive and board diversity
As the corporate governance landscape in Canada continues to evolve and prioritize gender diversity, Osler has released its third annual 2017 Diversity Disclosure PracticesReport [PDF] (the Diversity Disclosure Report) to provide an updated snapshot on the representation of women in leadership roles in corporate Canada. Our Diversity Disclosure Report examined gender diversity at the executive and board levels of all TSX-listed companies, other than closed-end and exchange-traded funds, that made disclosure prior to July 31, 2017. The 2017 report revealed that while there is still a long journey ahead, progress is being made. The data presented in this report was obtained by surveying public disclosure documents filed by all TSX-listed companies that are subject to National Instrument 58-101 Disclosure of Corporate Governance Practices (NI 58-101), which requires disclosure respecting the representation of women on boards and in executive officer positions. In addition to our survey results, our Diversity Disclosure Report highlights notable developments over the past 12 months affecting gender diversity both in Canada and internationally, and provides some examples of best practices for promoting the advancement of women in the workplace.
4 days ago
Python command line interfaces: An overview of argparse. – Vuyisile Ndlovu on Technology
git – A version control system Vim – A text editor and Grep – A search utility The benefit of using a module like argparse is that it allows parsing and validation of user input without having to write lots of code. In this article, I will introduce the most common argparse features and show you how to build a simple calendar application. As you can see, from writing only three lines of code, we now have very basic usage documentation that tells us the name of the script and what optional arguments are supported. We have successfully created an interface using argparse that takes care of input validation.
4 days ago
Amal El-Mohtar on Twitter: @owlofscowl I will super happily accept a long list of digital humanities recs from you please &amp; thank you!
@tithenai: @owlofscowl I will super happily accept a long list of digital humanities recs from you please &amp; thank you!
4 days ago
Why the Web Won't Be Nirvana
The truth in no online database will replace your daily newspaper, no CD-ROM can take the place of a competent teacher and no computer network will change the way government works. The cacophany more closely resembles citizens band radio, complete with handles, harrasment, and anonymous threats. Yet Nicholas Negroponte, director of the MIT Media Lab, predicts that we'll soon buy books and newspapers straight over the Intenet. Hundreds of files show up, and it takes 15 minutes to unravel them—one's a biography written by an eighth grader, the second is a computer game that doesn't work and the third is an image of a London monument. A poor substitute it is, this virtual reality where frustration is legion and where—in the holy names of Education and Progress—important aspects of human interactions are relentlessly devalued.
4 days ago
p2p social networking with Rotonde & Beaker Browser - louis.center
To clear this out and setup a fresh feed for yourself, click the Input command here field at the top of the page, and press Ctrl + Shift + Backspace . Beaker Browser is built on top of a p2p protocol called dat which allow users to distribute and share websites directly between each other. The idea of a p2p network is that users will seed websites and data they are interested in, allowing distribution of that information to be more resiliant and available to others, without a central repository. Hashbase is a hosting service built by the creators of Beaker Browser, which can act as another seed for dat:// based websites. After your Rotonde feed has finished seeding to the Hashbase servers, your site will continue to be served to new visitors even after you close Beaker Browser, and go offline.
4 days ago
Union Station has just installed a glass moat outside the building
It's hard to imagine Union Station without scaffolding and construction walls encasing large sections of its facade, but we're starting to see some very promising signs emerge from the epic renovation underway at Toronto's main transportation hub. The latest development that's been spotted is the Front Street moat, which has now been fitted with slick-looking glass panels easily visible from the front of the station. This section, which is part of a massive project to revitalize the old train station, will ultimately serve as a skylight over a predominantly retail area below the Great Hall. The project is meant to bring a more modern, open-concept design to the station and to create a better user experience via the addition of increased retail and food options . We've already seen evidence of the improved elements of Union when the York GO Concourse opened a couple of years ago, but much of the construction underway is taking place out of sight, so it's exciting to witness major milestones like the enclosure of the moats.
4 days ago
Cockpit: Workspace in Tmux
×To run the downloaded file, you need to give necessary permission. At the Unix / Linux prompt, you should enter $ chmod +x filename.sh, and run it by entering $ ./filename.sh ** Make sure you have ‘tmux’ pre-installed in your system.
4 days ago
Thomson Reuters pledges $100-million to growing Toronto technology hub - The Globe and Mail
The expanding centre has made a temporary home in a tower just south of the city's financial district but is ahead of schedule on its hiring plan and could outgrow its current space by the end of next year. With a 12-year lease on the revamped Duncan Street building and plans to move in early in 2021, the company has secured a foothold that can accommodate its eventual goal of having 1,500 staff at the hub. In Toronto, Mr. Smith hopes to recruit a young, diverse work force, which helps to explain the new office's location in a trendy corridor just west of the city's financial core. The Toronto hub is one of six large technology centres Thomson Reuters operates between Bangalore and Dallas, connecting developers spread across 43 countries. Other staff contributed to a project to shrink the computing resources required to run the company's Eikon desktop platform, which competes with Bloomberg LP's financial terminals.
4 days ago
10 tips for making researchers’ voices heard by politicians | University Affairs
Remember that while a relationship of trust can take a great deal of time and energy to build, it can be shattered in mere minutes, especially if one fails to make the distinction between advising and representation. As Quebec’s chief scientist, I head the province’s main research-funding agency, the Fonds de recherche du Québec, whose budget is set annually by the government. First, unlike researchers, elected representatives rarely remain in office for more than a few years, which inevitably has a bearing on their outlook and working deadlines. Researchers hold knowledge of great value, and it is their social responsibility to share it in order to contribute more directly to the improvement of our public policies. Now that you have taken note of these tips, and looked at other resources such as INGSA, I urge you to meet with your MLA, participate in a parliamentary commission, or offer your support to the development of policies in your city.
4 days ago
Petition · Sign the petition to help save #FirstNationsChildrenNOW · Change.org
We are a group of concerned citizens urging Prime Minister Trudeau and the Canadian government to support culturally based equity for First Nations children. In a landmark ruling released on January 26, 2016, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal found that the Canadian government is racially discriminating against 163,000 First Nations children and their families by providing flawed and inequitable child welfare services ("FNCFS Program") and failing to implement Jordan's Principle to ensure equitable access to government services available to other children. Sign our petition and share on your social media using the hashtag: #FirstNationsChildrenNOW Follow us on: Take selfie with a placard that either uses the tagline, “First Nations Children NOW”, or a statement of your choice. It is unacceptable that the federal government does not provide First Nations children, youth and families with equitable education, health care, child welfare and basics like clean drinking water. Signatories:Senator Murray SinclairBob Rae PC CC OOnt QCSheila FraserShelagh Day C.M.Gordon RitchieMuzzamil ImranLinda FraserHeather FarnworthShanly ArnettSarah DinnickCarol WeinbaumBarb CollombinKate RobsonGeoff CapeEdward MorawskiAtom EgoyanArsinée KhanjianCarol SewellBrian ImrieKaren GoosAlthea MacdonaldTracy PryceMimi JohHenry JackmanJohn CarnellaJohn FilipettiTara BlackDavid AllanMary AllanSusanne TruelsenKate DanielsMary WellnerCheryl MilneMark KingwellMartin KatzVictoria JackmanElisa NuytenBarbara Fal
4 days ago
🦇Ghouliana KingKong on Twitter: So happy I've found @Nnedi. She writes heroines I wish I'd read about as a young girl... Never too late
@medeamaterial: So happy I've found @Nnedi. She writes heroines I wish I'd read about as a young girl... Never too late
4 days ago
Russell Keith-Magee on Twitter: I’m suddenly very disappointed that in all Python’s history with the GIL, nobody has named a GIL-related package GILLIAM.
@freakboy3742: I’m suddenly very disappointed that in all Python’s history with the GIL, nobody has named a GIL-related package GILLIAM.
4 days ago
Nnedi Okorafor on Her Dianoga Story in From a Certain Point of View | StarWars.com
Now she gets paid to pen stories and book reviews, interview fellow fans, writers, and other interesting people, and aspires to one day craft a Boushh disguise and join the ranks of the 501st Legion. The captive beasts of the Star Wars galaxy are a mysterious lot, a weirdly wonderful menagerie of creatures who are misunderstood, marginalized, and regarded as monsters. Okorafor has earned international acclaim as an award-winning novelist melding African culture with elements of science fiction, fantasy, and magical realism. Now as part of the all-star list of authors in the new From a Certain Point of View anthology, Okorafor takes us into the garbage chute in “The Baptist,” lending her stunning imagination and elegant storytelling to bring a sense of dignity and depth to an unlikely hero — the creature from the trash compactor. So I knew I wanted to tell this creature’s story in a way that showed her life as being just as spectacular as the human and humanoid characters of Star Wars .
4 days ago
Universities introducing term limits for Canada Research Chairs to meet diversity targets - The Globe and Mail
Federal granting councils allocate the 1,600 chairs among universities, and the schools nominate academics to fill those positions. Because of a 2006 legal settlement, the Canada Research Chairs (CRC) program was obligated to set equity targets that match the number of academics eligible for the positions. The University of Ottawa, which has frequently fallen short of its targets, says it is now limiting Tier 1 chairs to two terms as a way to get new academics into the program. Vivek Goel, vice-president of research and innovation at the University of Toronto, said his school has long limited its chairs to two terms – both endowed positions and CRCs – to give as many academics these opportunities as possible. Term limits were recommended earlier this year by the federal granting councils and in the government-commissioned Fundamental Science Review, known as the Naylor Report.
4 days ago
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