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Explorable Explanations
Upstanding examples of using play to learn.
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5 days ago by seanclynch
Building a BitTorrent client in Go | Jesse Li
Very educational and clear post about building a bittorrent client.
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6 weeks ago by seanclynch
Puzzle generator in Elm
Nicely done tutorial on making a laser-cut jigsaw puzzle using Elm's SVG library.
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7 weeks ago by seanclynch
Automate the Boring Stuff with Python
Looks like a really neat book and nice way to pick up Python.
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10 weeks ago by seanclynch
Why Software Projects need Heroes
Paper exploring the idea of "Hero" projects, where 20% of devs account for 80%+ of code. Seem to find that it is more common than you'd expect.
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11 weeks ago by seanclynch
S0lly's Cellivization
A Civilization 1 clone made in excel and the associated comments.
linklist  gaming  programming 
november 2019 by seanclynch
Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator
Comments also contain lots of great links to other map generators and topics.
linklist  maps  cartography  programming 
november 2019 by seanclynch
How I Start
Awesome intros to different programming languages and how experienced folks in that language get started.
linklist  learning  programming  reference 
august 2019 by seanclynch
Build an 8-bit computer | Ben Eater
Amazing tutorial on computer internals from transistor to programming.
programming  coolasshit  learning  tutorial  compsci 
august 2019 by seanclynch
Rust Language Cheat Sheet
An excellent source of info for folks like myself who desire to learn rust.
linklist  learning  programming  reference  rustlang 
august 2019 by seanclynch
Tarot for Hackers - Christine Dodrill
Blog post on the cool intersection between programming and tarot.
linklist  ratpeople  goodread  spirtuality  programming 
august 2019 by seanclynch
Reading postmortems
Check out the link to danluu's collection of postmortems - great reading there!
linklist  devops  programming  distributedsystems  learning 
july 2019 by seanclynch
Hero Patterns
Great tool for quick and easy backgrounds & textures on your sites.
linklist  tools  design  programming 
march 2019 by seanclynch
sveinbjornt/Sloth: Nice GUI for lsof
Nice open source app for viewing open files and processes on mac. Fun to play around with and see some internals.
linklist  programming  opensource  networking 
february 2019 by seanclynch
Hexagonal Grids
Awesome, in-depth blog post on working with hexagonal grid systems.
linklist  programming  algorithms  cartography 
february 2019 by seanclynch
Training Citizen Cyber Warriors on the Michigan Cyber Range
Only halfway through this video, but at a high level, the concept is pretty interesting.
linklist  goodwatch  programming  civic 
january 2019 by seanclynch
Advent of Code 2018
Excellent website for practice, learning or just for fun.
linklist  programming  learning  education  reference 
december 2018 by seanclynch
How to Teach Adults to Code | Jared Nielsen
Good piece on approaching specific types of students and the overarching benefits of lifelong learning.
linklist  learning  programming 
december 2018 by seanclynch
Backed by $250K, Coded by Kids will reach 120 kids per week at two rec centers | Philly
From my impressions volunteering a couple of months last summer, Coded by Kids is an excellent program with a particularly bright future.
linklist  education  programming  inspiration 
december 2018 by seanclynch
Creating a QR Code
Awesome step by step demo of how QR codes are generated. Love interactive explanations, it's remarkable how much better they make the experience by allowing play and experimentation.
linklist  algorithms  programming  goodread  guide 
november 2018 by seanclynch
Raspberry Pi Trojan | Tobsan Blog
Good breakdown of malware specifically made for rasberry pis. Shows what the IoT is up against!
linklist  security  hacking  programming 
november 2018 by seanclynch
Manpages for
Man pages for a new site called, claims to be a developer forge in the same family as github and co. Looks really fresh, love the multiple subdomains for each tool, and the design is a little jarring, but it makes for a more unique feel than many other sites.
linklist  opensource  programming  tools  creativity 
november 2018 by seanclynch
An introduction to medieval cities and cloud security
Wherein a useful analogy for cloud security is presented and explained succinctly.
linklist  security  programming  cities 
november 2018 by seanclynch
The Future of Notebooks: Lessons from JupyterCon | Hacker News
Good thoughts on programming environments and the future of notebooks. Maybe one day we can see what this looks like.
programming  interesting  creativity  linklist 
october 2018 by seanclynch
A series of meetups promoting the decentralized web in a principled manner.
linklist  meetup  decentralization  programming 
october 2018 by seanclynch
Unhosted Web Apps
Excellent resource on many topics related to decentralization. Written by a creator of the remoteStorage protocol. Will definitely be returning to this page.
linklist  decentralization  favorite  digitalanthro  programming  hacking  hosting  networking  reference 
october 2018 by seanclynch
Nim programming language
Definitely want to try out - along with Rust and Lisp.
opensource  programming  learning 
october 2018 by seanclynch
Build impossible programs | Julia Evans
Great talk about the magic of programming and the motivation & reasoning behind building 'impossible' things.
linklist  programming  creativity  motivation  inspiration 
september 2018 by seanclynch
This seems like a useful project in terms of prototyping and digital design of complex systems. I wish more systems like this included hardware that is paper-like.
linklist  design  productivity  programming  useful  tools 
june 2018 by seanclynch
Mastodon 2.4.0 | Hacker News
More good news about Mastodon, probably the fastest growing decentralized network around today. I like it because it is familiar to non-tech people. Just need a good way to describe the differences and pro/cons.
linklist  decentralization  opensource  programming 
june 2018 by seanclynch
Cool Backgrounds
Simple site for generating cool background images for social media and landing pages and such. The creator has other, well-designed, tools as well.
linklist  tools  programming  useful 
may 2018 by seanclynch
Short Introduction to the Art of Programming by Edsger Dijkstra
A great little introduction to programming by one of computer science's most influential founding members.
linklist  compsci  algorithms  programming  goodread 
may 2018 by seanclynch
Maps & their promise of fractal discovery
Really cool (tweetstorm?) about procedurally generated maps and how to program them.
linklist  art  maps  programming 
may 2018 by seanclynch
Programming in the 21st Century
The last post of a long-running blog. Some great content here.
linklist  blog  programming  goodread 
may 2018 by seanclynch
Scuttlebutt, a Decentralized Alternative to Facebook | Hacker News
Cool discussion of the merits and problems with decentralized social networks.
linklist  decentralization  socialmedia  networking  programming 
may 2018 by seanclynch
e1ven/Tavern: Tavern
Mentioned in a hackernews comment, sounds right up my alley.
linklist  community  programming 
may 2018 by seanclynch
tversteeg/castle-game: 2D destructible terrain strategy game
A rust-based lemmings/tower defense type of game. Should check out codebase.
gaming  programming  rustlang 
may 2018 by seanclynch
Testing Distributed Systems
Really nice resources on testing distributed systems. Covers both the higher level stuff as well as case studies and examples.
linklist  programming  reference  software 
may 2018 by seanclynch
D3 Graph Theory Tutorial
Nice introduction to graph theory and nice little demo/interactive code bits. Will definitely send this to people wanting to learn more graph theory.
linklist  graphs  algorithms  tutorial  reference  programming 
may 2018 by seanclynch
JavaScript to Rust and Back Again: A wasm-bindgen Tale – Mozilla Hacks
Awesome blog post on early webassembly and the technical aspects of getting webassembly working with javascript.
linklist  javascript  programming  webassembly 
may 2018 by seanclynch
Filesystem Hierachy Standard
Detailed reference explaining all the how and why behind the standard linux filesystem.
linklist  programming  reference  devops  linux 
may 2018 by seanclynch
Building my ideal router for $50 - Tyblog
Nice tutorial on building a custom home router. Nice example of DIY, homebrewed culture.
linklist  digitalanthro  networking  programming  creativity 
may 2018 by seanclynch
Mariano Guerra - A Tour Through the Distributed System Zoo
Nice talk that goes through a bit of background on distributed systems. Some Erlang-focused content, but still generally applicable concepts.
linklist  decentralization  programming  goodwatch 
may 2018 by seanclynch
Interesting library that sort of emulates the LSDJ UI I was interested in earlier. I think this sort of UI has a lot of potential and I'm glad I found a library that does it.
programming  useful  prototyping  front-end 
may 2018 by seanclynch
Web App Pen Testing Cheat Sheet []
A follow up link to the other security focused checklist I posted earlier.
linklist  security  webdev  programming 
april 2018 by seanclynch
OWASP Cheat Sheet Series
Just finished reading the Checklist Manifesto and saw this link soon thereafter, has a plethora of examples of how checklists can be implemented in software security / development.
linklist  programming  security  checklists 
april 2018 by seanclynch
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