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Ian's Shoelace Site
A wonderful site with beautiful graphics of various shoelace knots. I love the internet.
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11 weeks ago by seanclynch
Build an 8-bit computer | Ben Eater
Amazing tutorial on computer internals from transistor to programming.
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august 2019 by seanclynch
Wikipedia Vital Articles Level 1
Awesome page on Wikipedia that details five levels of vital articles, that is, core, foundational knowledge for the rest of the wiki.
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august 2019 by seanclynch
The 5th edition of the Systems Reference Document for DnD. Available in JSON and other formats!
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july 2019 by seanclynch
Hack the Company
CTF challenges based on real historical hacks.
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july 2019 by seanclynch
Dwarf Fortress coming to Steam and
Wow, awesome news and they are adding bundled graphics. A definite step forward for the creators.
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march 2019 by seanclynch
Cr1tikal's Father's Hobby
A video that reminds us why the internet is amazing.
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october 2018 by seanclynch
Fold N Fly ✈
Beautiful site for folding paper airplanes, make me miss high school physics classes!
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october 2018 by seanclynch
Code for Philly Launchpad 2018 Review
Overview of the projects from this years launchpad. My Brother's Keeper was really impressive given the timeframe, overall everyone did really, really well though.
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may 2018 by seanclynch
Stuff in Space
Ridiculously cool visualization of all of the stuff in space. Why the internet is so fucking great.
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may 2018 by seanclynch
Visually Mapping Gopherspace in 2018
Awesome visualization of the Gopher Protocol (alternative to HTTP) in real space.
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may 2018 by seanclynch
Mapping the whole internet with Hilbert curves
Really cool looking map of the internet, with a great writeup.
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april 2018 by seanclynch
Awesome art pieces in ~140 characters of javascript.
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january 2018 by seanclynch

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