REFL.ME - Information without intermediaries
Very interesting app that can make requests and display the returned info. Opens up some nice possibilities.
linklist  android  api  useful 
6 days ago
S0lly's Cellivization
A Civilization 1 clone made in excel and the associated comments.
linklist  gaming  programming 
6 days ago
Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator
Comments also contain lots of great links to other map generators and topics.
linklist  maps  cartography  programming 
6 days ago
2019 Fall Foliage Map & Nationwide Peak Leaf Forecast
Gorgeous map and info on autumn leaves changing colors.
linklist  maps  nature  coolasshit 
19 days ago
An Update to Our Community and an Apology | Hacker News
Some more info and discussion around Stackoverflow moderation.
linklist  communityfeedback 
19 days ago
Huge personal collection of Usenet posts
linklist  digitalanthro  internet  history 
20 days ago
Information Civics
Fantastic read on the connection between civics and computer networks.
linklist  goodread  decentralization  civic 
21 days ago
HEAD - A free guide to <head> elements
Everything you ever wanted to know about the <head> element.
linklist  webdev  reference 
5 weeks ago
Ledonardo, light painting hardware project
Fun creative project with great results and writeup.
linklist  art  creativity  hardware 
5 weeks ago
Alternative comment structures for Twitter convos.
linklist  digitalanthro 
10 weeks ago
Every Noise at Once
Beautiful graphic of music genres.
linklist  music  coolasshit  internet  data  design 
11 weeks ago
The Lonely Work of Moderating Hacker News | Hacker News
Good article and discussion on how Hackernews is moderated and why it's participants are generally happy with the site.
linklist  community  moderation  digitalanthro  communityfeedback 
11 weeks ago
Exploring the vastness of a website — Elliott's Computer
Great post on the value of 'random' or 'explore' sections of websites, rather than recommendations.
linklist  internet  communityfeedback  digitalanthro 
11 weeks ago
How I Start
Awesome intros to different programming languages and how experienced folks in that language get started.
linklist  learning  programming  reference 
11 weeks ago
The Good Employee
A modern company viewed with graph theory, with some humor.
linklist  graphs  digitalanthro 
11 weeks ago
Gorgeous site that provides a bit of perspective about us.
linklist  art 
11 weeks ago
HTML & CSS Is Hard
Attractively designed HTML & CSS tutorial, might be good for getting into web dev.
linklist  learning  htmlcss  tutorial 
11 weeks ago
SaaS that helps discover exploding trends before they take off.
linklist  data  trends 
11 weeks ago
Tranquility Calendar
Interesting alternative take on calendar systems, wish there were many more options like this one.
linklist  webdev  productivity 
11 weeks ago
Trails of Wind
Really cool visualization of the alignment of airport runways globally, can use arrow keys on left section to scroll.
linklist  maps  data  interesting 
11 weeks ago
Build an 8-bit computer | Ben Eater
Amazing tutorial on computer internals from transistor to programming.
programming  coolasshit  learning  tutorial  compsci 
12 weeks ago
Die With Me
Interesting small, novel community that only allows chat at low battery.
communityfeedback  digitalanthro  community 
12 weeks ago
Rust Language Cheat Sheet
An excellent source of info for folks like myself who desire to learn rust.
linklist  learning  programming  reference  rustlang 
august 2019
Startup that provides pre-packaged, finely-attuned garden squares for urban farmers.
linklist  nature  gardening  urbanfarming 
august 2019
Wikipedia Vital Articles Level 1
Awesome page on Wikipedia that details five levels of vital articles, that is, core, foundational knowledge for the rest of the wiki.
linklist  coolasshit  reference  learning 
august 2019
Tarot for Hackers - Christine Dodrill
Blog post on the cool intersection between programming and tarot.
linklist  ratpeople  goodread  spirtuality  programming 
august 2019
The Online Encyclopedia of Puns
linklist  funny 
august 2019
The 5th edition of the Systems Reference Document for DnD. Available in JSON and other formats!
linklist  gaming  creativity  coolasshit  project 
july 2019
Reading postmortems
Check out the link to danluu's collection of postmortems - great reading there!
linklist  devops  programming  distributedsystems  learning 
july 2019
Corner Garage Co-op
Cool, inspiring project for a co-op + mechanics bay.
linklist  startup  ratpeople 
july 2019
Hack the Company
CTF challenges based on real historical hacks.
linklist  security  privacy  coolasshit 
july 2019
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