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Ginger's Postcards from Earth and Beyond :: Astro - Scenic :: deepfreeze11808a
Description : Scopes sit covered in the 1F degree deep freeze. Moon hidden by roof overhang. Location : Divide, CO Camera : Canon 30D unmodified, Sigma 8mm Fisheye lens with collar attached, on a fixed tripod. Settings : Single shot, F3.5, 10secs, 1600 IS
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january 2008 by sdscott
Donald Lee Photography Fisheye Example
Defishing the Canon 10D and Sigma 15mm fisheye lens
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january 2008 by sdscott
New Life For Old Lenses
Adapting vintage optics to 21st century digital cameras.
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january 2008 by sdscott
Optical Lens
Focal Reducers (Field reducers)and Focal Magnifiers (Barlow lens)
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january 2008 by sdscott
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