Big Data enters Indian policy - Livemint
Note: Anybody wanting to understand these emerging issues better would do well to read two review articles: (1) “Big Data: New Tricks For Econometrics” by Hal Varian, Journal Of Economic Perspectives, Spring 2014; (2) “The View From Above: Applications Of Satellite Data In Economics” by Dave Donaldson and Adam Storeygard, Journal Of Economic Perspectives, Fall 2016.

Niranjan Rajadhyaksha is executive editor of Mint.
3 days ago
CloudFlare CEO says his Daily Stormer takedown was “arbitrary” and “dangerous” | Ars Technica
What a strange way to justify the kicking off of the Daily Stormer... but very Silicon Valley.
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4 days ago
Here’s what white supremacy looks and sounds like now. (It’s not your grandfather’s KKK.)
Lots of links here on how alt right uses multicultural discourse for the goal of white supremacy.
5 days ago
Debating the liberal case against identity politics - Vox
Iling asks Lilla some hard questions and Lilla gives it right back; including affirming american exceptionalism (we are a project). still a good debate to think about when thinking about polarization and trump
6 days ago
The Man Who Wrote Those Password Rules Has a New Tip: N3v$r M1^d! - WSJ
100j or 100g. this could be about expert advice; or alternatively about computer security.
the thrust of the article is that experts now think long easy to remember phrases (the key is long) are better then shorter, but hard to remember random sequences of characters
6 days ago
Meet Alex, the Russian Casino Hacker Who Makes Millions Targeting Slot Machines | WIRED
Fascinating profile of a guy who breaks the randomization algorithm of casinos and then blackmails them for money. Not clear how genuine he is.

use in 100j, pair with Natasha's articles.
6 days ago
Big Data Is Coming to Take Your Health Insurance - Bloomberg
In the context of a free market, the big data healthcare conundrum is this: The better we get at predicting and treating, say, diabetes, the better private insurance companies will get at charging people for their future diabetes care. The asymptotic limit is a subpopulation of poor, sick people who cannot afford insurance and live off Medicaid, and a bunch of healthy people who are well covered but don’t need insurance. As Republicans have learned in recent weeks, high-risk pools are incredibly expensive.

Obamacare took a step toward addressing the conundrum when it forbade insurance companies to charge more for pre-existing conditions. But that’s not enough, because it doesn’t deal with the oncoming tide of "expected health conditions.”
6 days ago
A Dozen Times Artificial Intelligence Startled The World
all the stuff you can do with images and deep learning neural networks
6 days ago
The Most Regressive Tax : Democracy Journal
Good article on why sales tax is bad -- not just because its regressive but because the way it's done in America, it amplifies uncertainty because it's not factored into the announced price at restaurants etc.
6 days ago
Yale Law Journal - Amazon's Antitrust Paradox
Great article on the new anti-trust paradigm and how Amazon violates it. use for 100j
amazon  teaching  platformization 
6 days ago
Are Index Funds Bad for the Economy? - The Atlantic
An interesting report on some new research that may have implications, if true, for anti-trust philosophy.
6 days ago
The Minority Report
use this as an example of looping effect? 100g
6 days ago
Internet warriors: inside the dark world of online haters | Technology | The Guardian
Documentary with people who make ferocious comments online in comment threads; they're called trolls here, but are they, really? they seem the opposite of trolls, way too serious about their opinions. use in 100j
7 days ago
Transcript | This American Life
interview with a troll on this american life. 100j?
7 days ago
How brands respond to political crisis
social media now means that brands become part of every crisis. debatable?
7 days ago
Fyre Festival, a Luxury Music Weekend, Crumbles in the Bahamas - NYTimes.com
100j on social media and deception. Pair with a movie called Ingrid Goes West. 100j
8 days ago
When Silicon Valley Took Over the 'New Republic' - The Atlantic
Foer's concern is kind of touching though again, he seems to idealize journalism's past
platformization  journalism 
12 days ago
what problems do people think antitrust is going to solve?
Unlike political antitrust, which would probably require a social movement to move it forward, these antitrust arguments have the potential to gain traction without necessarily requiring legislation or a revolution against the current antitrust regime. The 1970s shift toward Chicago-style antitrust happened, to a considerable extent, because the old economic framework seemed increasingly inadequate for explaining the world people found themselves in. As the current framework comes to seem similarly dated, this could be another moment when such change is possible.
12 days ago
You Should Read the “Maoist Insurgency” Memo. It’s Bananas.
I'm more struck by how the writing style resembles academic writing on neoliberalism
12 days ago
Turing's Pre-War Analog Computers: The Fatherhood of the Modern Computer Revisited | August 2017 | Communications of the ACM
More on how Turing did not invent computers and the universal turing machine was not some conception that was realized in later computers.
13 days ago
tool to do coding within libreoffice files.
13 days ago
Why the ‘backfire effect’ is damaging political debate
I love these lines:

"But far from being an echo-chamber, it’s incredibly easy to find opposing views on social media. They’re everywhere. Your timeline and feed are bursting with knaves and fools.
There they are just look at them what unbearable assholes and so damn wrong about everything.
I don’t live in an echo-chamber or filter-bubble. Quite the reverse! I’m surrounded by idiots and dangerous demagogues. In fact, I’m the only sensible one here."
polarization  research 
13 days ago
Limn articles might be great for teaching purposes
13 days ago
Why Do Gas Station Prices Constantly Change? Blame the Algorithm - WSJ
using algorithms to set prices, even by brick and mortar stores.
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14 days ago
STS as science or politics?Social Studies of Science - Harry Collins, Robert Evans, Martin Weinel, 2017
Collins Evans argue that given the current post-truth climate, STS should rebrand itself as experts on expertise.
15 days ago
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