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24 days ago
SuperAgent — elegant API for AJAX in Node and browsers
SuperAgent is light-weight progressive ajax API crafted for flexibility, readability, and a low learning curve after being frustrated with many of the existing request APIs. It also works with Node.js!
javascript  ajax 
4 weeks ago
ddnexus/pagy: The ultimate pagination ruby gem
Pagy is the ultimate pagination gem that outperforms the others in each and every benchmark and comparison.
august 2018
Splitting is a JavaScript microlibrary with a collection of small built-in plugins designed to split (section off) an element in a variety of ways, such as words, characters, child nodes, and more!
august 2018
jianstm/Schedule: ⏳ This is what a swift timer should look like.
Schedule is a lightweight task scheduler for Swift. It allows you run timed tasks using an incredibly human-friendly syntax.
august 2018
Flexbox fallbacks for popular UI solutions that use CSS Grid.
css  grid  flexbox 
may 2018
dry-rb - Home
dry-rb helps you write clear, flexible, and more maintainable Ruby code. Each dry-rb gem fulfils a common task, and together they make a powerful platform for any kind of Ruby application.
may 2018
Ruby Object Mapper is an open-source persistence and mapping toolkit for Ruby built for speed and simplicity.
may 2018
Velocity is an animation engine with the same API as jQuery's $.animate(). It works with and without jQuery. It's incredibly fast, and it features color animation, transforms, loops, easings, SVG support, and scrolling. It is the best of jQuery and CSS transitions combined.
animation  javascript 
march 2018
Parallax.js | Simple Parallax Scrolling Effect with jQuery
Parallax.js is a dirt simple parallax scrolling effect inspired by Spotify.com and implemented as a jQuery plugin.
parallax  javascript 
march 2018
A little js library (~8kb min, 3kb gzip, no dependencies) to help you keep track of position, scrolling, and pagination. Nothing too fancy, but since I couldn't find a suitable library for these purposes, I made one for a friend and myself and you too!
scroll-tracking  parallax  javascript 
march 2018
Jarallax | JavaScript parallax scrolling with NO dependencies
Smooth parallax scrolling effect for background images using CSS transforms with graceful degradation for old browsers. Parallax plugin with NO dependencies. jQuery supported. Youtube and Vimeo parallax supported.
parallax  javascript 
march 2018
mewo2/terrain: Fantasy map generator
This is code for generating fantasy maps, using the algorithm behind @unchartedatlas. For more details, see these notes.
february 2018
Generating Worlds With Wave Function Collapse - PROCJAM Tutorials
Wave Function Collapse (WFC) by @exutumno is a new algorithm that can generate procedural patterns from a sample image. It's especially exciting for game designers, letting us draw our ideas instead of hand coding them.
gamedev  procedural 
february 2018
PixaTool by Kronbits
You can use PixaTool to get 8bit / Pixel style images or videos, optimize your PixelArt or game assets just adding some cool effects. Also PixaTool is able to convert images into ASCII/ANSI art exported in images(.PNG).
gamedev  pixelart 
february 2018
A rich and powerful templating language for JavaScript.
javascript  templating 
january 2018
jaredreich/pell: 📝 the simplest and smallest (1kB) WYSIWYG text editor for web, with no dependencies
the simplest and smallest (1kB) WYSIWYG text editor for web, with no dependencies
javascript  text 
july 2017
Kiba - (Extract Transform Load)
Writing reliable, concise, well-tested & maintainable data-processing code is tricky. Kiba lets you define & run such high-quality ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) jobs.
etl  ruby 
july 2017
Vault: A tool for managing secrets.
Vault is a tool for securely accessing secrets. A secret is anything that you want to tightly control access to, such as API keys, passwords, certificates, and more. Vault provides a unified interface to any secret, while providing tight access control and recording a detailed audit log.
june 2017
Introduction - Consul by HashiCorp
a tool for discovering and configuring services in your infrastructure
discovery  services 
june 2017
ActiveObject by drexed
ActiveObject is a collection of commonly used object helpers in a ruby based project.
ruby  rails 
may 2017
Search, sort, filters, flexibility to tables, list and more! - List.js
Tiny, invisible and simple, yet powerful and incredibly fast vanilla JavaScript that adds search, sort, filters and flexibility to plain HTML lists, tables, or anything.
may 2017
willowtreeapps/spruce-ios: Swift library for choreographing animations on the screen.
Spruce is a lightweight animation library that helps choreograph the animations on the screen. With so many different animation libraries out there, developers need to make sure that each view is animating at the appropriate time. Spruce can help designers request complex multi-view animations and not have the developers cringe at the prototype.
swift  ios  animation 
march 2017
GitHub - sschmid/Entitas-CSharp: Entitas is a super fast Entity Component System (ECS) Framework specifically made for C# and Unity
Entitas is a super fast Entity Component System Framework (ECS) specifically made for C# and Unity. Internal caching and blazing fast component access makes it second to none. Several design decisions have been made to work optimal in a garbage collected environment and to go easy on the garbage collector. Entitas comes with an optional code generator which radically reduces the amount of code you have to write and makes your code read like well written prose.
march 2017
Ramjet makes it looks as though one DOM element is capable of transforming into another, no matter where the two elements sit in the DOM tree.
march 2017
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