Finding interesting documents with grep
A good introductory tutorial for this useful tool
opensource  linux 
27 days ago
Why taking writing breaks is important
Good advice, and not just for fiction writers
8 weeks ago
» using notational velocity mnmlist
Leo Babauta on using Notational Velocity
11 weeks ago
The eight rules for good documentation
"Like good code, good documentation is difficult and time consuming to write"
techcomm  writing 
12 weeks ago
Prioritization – More Important Than Any Productivity Technique
wherein we hear something I've been saying for years: productivity isn't about doing more. It's about doing what you need to do more effectively.
april 2018
Producing Open Source Software
wherein we learn, in book form, about *how successful projects operate, the expectations of users and developers, and the culture of free software.*
april 2018
Manoush Zomorodi says it's time to get bored
The host of the Note to Self podcast explains how to step away from our screens and enjoy the pleasures of boredom to refresh our minds.
march 2018
Some open truisms
Some interesting thoughts about the meaning of open from Bryan Behrenshausen, based on the final lecture of his Duke University course called "Foundations of an Open Source World"
january 2018
An online tool for checking if your browser and its add-ons protect you from tracking
november 2017
Prism Break - Opt out of global data surveillance programs
A list of tools that let you take you data and put it back into your own hands. Or, at least, get it out of the hands and away from the eyes of big tech companies
privacy  security  tools 
november 2017
The Art of the Command Line
Some command line information, in bite-sized chunks
november 2017
Courier Prime
A better version of the classic Courier font, perfect for working in plain text
fonts  plain-text 
october 2017
How and Why to dump your Word Processor
Definitely agree with this, although I still keep a word processor (LibreOffice Writer, in case you're wondering) around ...
september 2017
Org-mode for invoices
Perhaps a bit overkill, but potentially useful
emacs  org-mode 
september 2017
Taking Notes in Emacs Org-Mode
A good intro to org-mode, with video
emacs  org-mode 
september 2017
Getting organized with org-mode
Some good, short video tutorials on YouTube
emacs  org-mode 
september 2017
Plain Text for Writers
An Argument for the Use of Plain Text
august 2017
Goodbye Evernote. Hello Plain Text Notes
How one person moved away from Evernote, using plain text and open source tools
august 2017
How I organize everything with plain text notes
The tools are Mac-centric, but you can apply to information in this article to any set of similar tools on any operating system
august 2017
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