some reading suggestions on Ryan's blog
3 days ago
Guzzle, PHP HTTP client — Guzzle Documentation
nice simple php api for doing http stuff, similar to Requests in Python
php  api 
3 days ago
CUNY Graduate School of Journalism
I love the low contrast photo/header here
5 days ago
What’s killing the orcas at SeaWorld? — San Antonio Express-News
an example longread on the atavist that could be done in gutenberg
9 days ago
Templates – The new Gutenberg editing experience – WordPress
example of creating gutenberg templates with "template_lock"
10 days ago
Kevin M. Fitzgerald | Design & Illustration
portland illustrator with some cool badge examples
19 days ago
Recreation Passes & Permits
the map on this page sucks, but is kindof awesome
maps  exploration 
20 days ago
Oregon County Overlay
overlay of counties in oregon
oregon  map 
20 days ago
Resilient, Declarative, Contextual
nice philosophical overview of the differences between frontend technologies
4 weeks ago
Lemma (morphology) - Wikipedia
when categorizing language a lemma is a canonical form. "run" also encompasses "runs," "ran," "running"
5 weeks ago
Careers at Cardno
global engineering firm
5 weeks ago
Vanseo Design posts on "SVG"
nice little treasure trove of svg tutorials
learnthis  svg 
9 weeks ago
Craft Campaign
a really classy looking email campaign manager for craft
craftcms  development 
10 weeks ago
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