WordPress Gutenberg Editor Block Management Tool - Block Options
this is an interesting concept although I doubt I'd use this... a new set of options that appear in the block controls for things like screensize/loginstate/role/custom logic - there are blocks you may want to show in certain situations!
18 minutes ago
A Simple Intro to React Hooks
finally a somewhat understandable human interpretation
4 days ago
Very old thread about FF scrollbars
77790 - (scrollbar-colors) Style the scrollbar (binding ::-moz-horizontal-scrollbar to XBL)
a11y  firefox  development 
7 days ago
greensock rotational position by tap
this would be a nice addition to the turntable on my player
14 days ago
a nice looking serviceworker
this is a good thing to examine, cloud four is on top of this
17 days ago
Portland & Western Railroad
this company runs trains over the railroad bridge in lake oswego
milwaukie  trains 
19 days ago
nice javscript library for revelaing things as the enter/leave the viewport
4 weeks ago
ECMAScript 6 compatibility table
cool compatibility table of es6 features
development  javascript 
5 weeks ago
sararob/video-intelligence-demo: Video Intelligence API keynote demo from Google Next 2017
nice demo of processing a video file with google intelligence api, similar to how a caption might work
learnthis  development 
6 weeks ago
Babel Demo with JSX -> Not
cool demo that turns jsx into the compiled code
6 weeks ago
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