Sharon Van Etten Finds Peace After Ache - The New Yorker
I accidentally discovered her music during my last jaunt to NY and have been obsessed ever since. About 80% of my top 25 tracks from 2018 on iTunes Music were hers...
music  articles 
The Wandering Center of Our Attention
"Creativity is about asking questions with our actions and our best questions tend to come from allowing ourselves to wander.” Yes!
design  articles  creativity 
11 days ago
An exist strategy: In business, small is beautiful too
I’ve read this one about three times since I first came across it. I find something new in it each time.
articles  ideas  personal  strategy 
14 days ago
Opinion | The Year In Illustration 2018
Honestly I’ve loved how much amazing illustration I’ve been seeing in the Times this past year. In some ways for me, the best source to discover new illustrators!
illustration  nyt  articles  graphicdesign 
14 days ago
Our Love Affair With Digital Is Over
"Analog, although more cumbersome and costly than its digital equivalents, provides a richness of experience that is unparalleled with anything delivered through a screen.” Yup. And more.
analog  culture  digital  technology  articles  nyt 
14 days ago
How Human Does Digital Need to Be?
"Digital brings us not more leisure but rather a shortage of time.” Wise words from Andre Wilkins who I had the pleasure of spending some time with in early December. This should be required reading.
requiredreading  articles  digital  analog  technology 
14 days ago
How Apple Created Music’s Best Device (And Then Ruined It)
I still have a collection of old iPods and will always think fondly of them.
ipod  apple  videos  technology  history 
15 days ago
The Right Kind of Wrong: Inside the Facebook Analog Research Lab
Join me (and maybe a guest or two) for a look inside the Analog Lab and the opening night of a special exhibit of posters, books, zines and more!
analog-research-lab  analoglab  type  tdc  events 
5 weeks ago
The Right Kind of Wrong: Inside the Facebook Analog Research Lab
Join me at the Type Directors Club on Feb 6th for a fun evening of history, prints, questions, answers and more.
analog-research-lab  analoglab  events  travel 
5 weeks ago
Generosity as Doing, Not Thinking
An example of how I wish more people existed in the world.
ideas  articles  personal 
6 weeks ago
Coming down from the Y: 23 years of brilliant design
A lovely rundown of the AIGA conference I spoke at back in May along with an amazing group of fellow speakers and participants.
speaking  conferences  travel  personal  analoglab 
6 weeks ago
Van Eyck - Magical Riso 2018
I'm excited to be heading to the Netherlands to speak and nerd out with fellow Riso printmakers and afficionados.
risograph  conferences  travel  events 
august 2018
10,000 Original Copies
A fantastic talk by Kris Sowersby last week during TypeCon in Portland.
type  typecon  lectures  articles  conferences  typography  ideas 
august 2018
Being Hear — The Book
Excited beyond belief to say you can get the book I made with my friend and amazing illustrator Fuchsia MacAree from the Design Museum in London. In person or online!
august 2018
Rise of the machines: has technology evolved beyond our control?
I cannot wait for this book, and now very much regret not picking up a copy in the UK since it's not out in the US yet.
books  technology  ethics 
june 2018
A Visual History of Light, Animated
Wonderful animations and a great little informative piece overall.
animation  history  articles  science  technology 
june 2018
Why Paper Jams Persist
A good read. If you're into this kind of thing.
design  paper  technology  articles 
june 2018
Reflections on 38 years of Rush fandom
A good read, especially if you're not a fan of the band.
music  rush  articles  culture 
april 2018
Can Reading Make You Happier?
I believe it does. My own experience is that I'm always happier when I have more time to read, especially a real book and not something on a screen.
books  reading  ideas  articles 
april 2018
The Moral Bucket List
"But the stumblers occasionally experience moments of joy. There’s joy in freely chosen obedience to organizations, ideas and people. There’s joy in mutual stumbling."
ideas  articles  nyt  requiredreading  society  culture 
april 2018
What's Next for Humanity: Automation, New Morality and a 'Global Useless Class'
"We’re now living with the collapse of the last story of inevitability."
march 2018
America’s Real Digital Divide
Kids are in real danger here and adults need to pay attention.
technology  social  articles  nyt 
february 2018
When Type Was Dry
I still have a soft spot for Letraset, especially after having acquired a nice collection from Dan Rhatigan.
letraset  type  typography  articles  books 
february 2018
This Just In: Jason Munn
Great little interview with Jason Munn, certainly one of my favorite modern poster designers.
posters  screenprinting  sanfrancisco 
february 2018
TypeCon 2017 Boston - Slanted
A great recap of TypeCon from back in August.
typecon  conferences  articles  personal 
december 2017
R.E.M. - Automatic Unearthed
A fantastic little documentary on my favorite album by my favorite band.
r.e.m.  music  videos  documentary 
december 2017
Art In The Shadows: Artist Damon Belanger Enlivens City With Serendipitous Paintwork
Not high art by any means, but nice to learn a bit more about the artist behind these interventions that are so close to home.
design  ideas  environment  art  articles  history 
december 2017
Christoph Niemann’s Creative Powers: A Mystery Investigated
No one today creates brilliantly simple, evocative images like Niemann.
designers  articles  creativity  ideas 
december 2017
Design is not Problem Solving – Andrew Salituri
“If we position our work as a response, we’re already setting clearer expectations and acknowledging constraints.” Agreed. Thanks Andrew.
design  ideas  articles  designthinking 
december 2017
A Conversation with Milton Glaser
Sage wisdom from one of the true masters of design.
design  graphic  art  videos  interviews 
december 2017
The 50 Best Superhero Movies of All Time
I don't necessarily agree with everything here but it's pretty much on the money.
comics  films  movies  lists  culture  popculture 
november 2017
Facebook confirms plans to create hundreds of Dublin jobs
And a few things I made showed up in this article. Not bad for a Thursday.
facebook  design  analog-research-lab  analoglab  posters  projects 
november 2017
The Antidote to Being Spread Too Thin
I’ve been feeling spread thin lately and this has given me some keys to fixing the problem.
articles  business  process  requiredreading 
october 2017
Stranger for Gord by Feist
RIP Gordie. We truly lost one of the good ones this week.
canada  music  songs  culture 
october 2017
Christoph Niemann’s Creative Powers: A Mystery Investigated
Fantastic piece on easily one of the most astute illustrators working today.
illustration  articles  design  ideas  creativity 
october 2017
Daring Fireball: X Man
I hope someone's told Gruber that iPhone X is an anagram of phoenix.
daringfireball  iphone  apple  articles  technology 
september 2017
Jimmy Mezei: Close Your Eyes and Dive In
Great interview with my friend Jimmy Mezei — or as we like to call him "Sweet Jimmy" a name he acquired during his design residency at Facebook in 2016.
facebook  design  art  interviews  analoglab 
august 2017
Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation?
The most required of readings. The future depends on this.
technology  ideas  iphone  culture 
august 2017
Marshall McLuhan in Two Minutes
A Brief Animated Introduction to the 1960s Media Theorist Who Predicted Our Present
ideas  mcluhan  videos  animation  cool 
july 2017
Douglas Coupland: 'The nine to five is barbaric' | Guardian Small Business Network | The Guardian
In the future, every day of the week is going to be a Wednesday. There will be no more weekends, it’ll be one smooth flow. I wish I could say that in the future there will be no meetings, but there will always be meetings.
douglascoupland  ideas  articles  techniques  future 
july 2017
Exponential growth devours and corrupts
Honest truth: I'm over the valley, growth, and so much bullshit. Speaking my language here DHH.
business  ideas  articles  books 
july 2017
Marshall McLuhan’s 106th Birthday
This would have been better back in 2011 for Marshall’s 100th birthday, but still exciting to have it finally happen.
mcluhan  articles  google  illustration  internet  technology 
july 2017
Campfire - Field Notes
These look real nice. Dig the patch too.
fieldnotes  products  notebooks  design 
june 2017
Spectral, the first parametric Google font by Prototypo
This is definitely one of the more impressive examples I've seen of the future of digital type.
google  design  fonts  typography  type 
june 2017
From The Collection: 011
Love these Milwaukee bus passes. There's a great set on Flickr somewhere too.
design  ephemera  typography  type  history 
june 2017
Digital Prophecies: The Medium is the Message
Fantastic animation work and great storytelling that actually explains one of McLuhan's core ideas in a way that's both accurate and understandable.
mcluhan  ideas  videos  animation  technology 
april 2017
I'm With Her: What I learned designing a logo for Hillary Clinton
Fantastic and informative recap from Michael Bierut on this important project.
branding  design  process  graphicdesign  logos 
april 2017
Utility - Field Notes
Always appreciate the care that goes into the little videos made for each Field Notes release. This one is no different.
design  fieldnotes  notebooks 
february 2017
TypeMedia 2016
Always some great work from designers coming out of the TypeMedia program. This year is no exception.
type  fonts  typography 
february 2017
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