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11 weeks ago
Hijacking of arbitrary miSafes Mi-Cam video baby monitors | SEC Consult
2017-12-06: Contacting vendor through contact@misafes.com
2018-01-03: Resending initial contact approach
2018-01-29: Resending initial contact approach
2018-02-07: Attempting to contact China CNCERT/CC (PGP encrypted), received “550 Mail content denied” from their mailserver, resending unencrypted without attachments, same error message
2018-02-07: Contacting CERT/CC, asking for coordination support
2018-02-12: Asking CERT/CC again
2018-02-12: CERT/CC has decided not to coordinate or publish this vulnerability
2018-02-21: Public release of security advisory
february 2018
如何通过反向 SSH 隧道访问 NAT 后面的 Linux 服务器 | 程序师
autossh -M 10900 -fN -o "PubkeyAuthentication=yes" -o "StrictHostKeyChecking=false" -o "PasswordAuthentication=no" -o "ServerAliveInterval 60" -o "ServerAliveCountMax 3" -R relayserver_user@
january 2018
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