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Pelican CMS Produces Static Web Sites
Another CMS for compiling static web sites, written in Python. A few months ago I bookmarked Hugo, another such CMS. I found Pelican via the main GNU Mailman web site, which is built using Pelican. (Mailman's wiki uses MoinMoin.) Alas, the Mailman web site uses a theme called Chameleon, built on top of Bootstrap, so it's not functional unless I allow Bootstrap to track me. See also m.css, another Pelican theme that may be more privacy respecting.
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4 weeks ago by sbw
Hugo: Framework for Building Static Web Sites
Found via the colophon on Tara Vancil's web site. Looks like an interesting framework for building static sites. The content is in TOML (whatever that is), or JSON, or other data formats. I haven't started reading about the build process yet.
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june 2018 by sbw

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