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25 days ago
Richat Structure : Image of the Day
In this type of geologic structure, rocks exposed in the center of the “bullseye” are older than rocks forming the outer rings. This structure measures 45 kilometers (28 miles) across and is made up of igneous and sedimentary rocks. There are several faults visible (lower left) where strata that were once continuous have been shifted apart.
geology  africa 
6 weeks ago
(1) Play That Funky Music (rare edited version with "white boy" removed) - YouTube
Department of "a little too on the nose"=> there was a Boston-only radio edit of Play That Funky Music where they edit out "white boy"????
youtube  disco  wtf 
8 weeks ago
After Authenticity
i dont think this makes sense to me: "Interest in working with brands, creating brands, and being brands is at an all-time high. Brands and commodities therefore need to be considered and critiqued on the basis of the specific cultural and economic contributions they make to society"
10 weeks ago
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