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viA Morpha
Physics puzzler game made in 72 hours together with Pim Ostendorf.
made  game  coded  open-source  ludum-dare  javascript  2016 
may 2016 by sander
Vuur: Exploring Shared Interaction with Light
How can tangible interaction enable groups to explore rich lighting?
made  written  2015  paper  from twitter
october 2015 by sander
Customise the embedded Vimeo preview.
made  coded  open-source  2015 
april 2015 by sander
Prototype of biofeedback applied to text editing. Code at
made  designed  built  ixd  2015 
march 2015 by sander
Provide PunBB forum users with a plain text archive of a forum
coded  open-source  php  made  python  2006 
february 2015 by sander
A set of scripts that can be used to download PunBB boards and create usable archives of them.
made  open-source  python  coded  2007 
february 2015 by sander
JDir2HTML generates an HTML file listing a directory's content. It works recursively, so it looks in sub-directories too.
made  coded  open-source  java  2006 
february 2015 by sander
Little old Google Closure UI library.
made  open-source  coded  closure  2009 
february 2015 by sander
SIFT en toppunten in schaalruimte
Math BSc thesis on image processing principles.
math  made  written  thesis  lang:nl  2010 
february 2015 by sander
Concordantie op de verzamelde gedichten van Gerrit Achterberg
App and PDF version of the concordance on poet Gerrit Achterberg’s work, generated from Word files.
designed  coded  made  python  tex  java  2007 
february 2015 by sander
Johan Castellanos Photography
Website for an autonomous photographer.
gallery  made  photography  2012  coded  php  designed 
february 2015 by sander
Photo gallery in Node that uses the file system instead of an additional database.
2011  made  gallery  node.js  open-source  photography  coded 
february 2015 by sander
Youth healthcare administration app. I help with the UI design.
made  designed  wpf  2013  lang:nl 
february 2015 by sander
Analyze and interpret historical and current energy data, store time-based feedback.
made  coded  open-source  interactive-institute  python  couchdb  2013 
february 2015 by sander
Super Graph
The Super Graph is a shared electricity usage visualization for the coffee room.
interactive-institute  designed  made  built  2012 
february 2015 by sander
Educational tool for measuring energy usage with Fibaro Wall Plugs on Raspberry Pi.
See it in action:
coded  open-source  made  interactive-institute  2013 
february 2015 by sander
API for time-based IoT data, similar to the old Cosm API.
coded  made  open-source  couchdb  interactive-institute  2013 
february 2015 by sander
WordPress theme and site structure designed and developed together with Martijn van den Broeck.
made  wordpress  designed  coded  hosted  2014 
february 2015 by sander
Wat kost een taxi?
Find the cost for a Dutch taxi. Made together with Kleis Krebbers.
made  javascript  taxi  designed  coded  owned  hosted  2011 
february 2015 by sander
Werewolves game I designed and developed. Works in Chrome and iOS using CouchDB, Node.js and AngularJS. The server is down but the source code is available.
made  game  couchdb  node.js  angularjs  open-source  designed  coded  2013 
february 2015 by sander
Django-based web appointment planner I designed and developed together with Kleis Krebbers and open source contributors.
made  code  django  designed  coded  open-source  2011 
february 2015 by sander
Mette Bouhuijs
I designed this website and developed its WordPress theme for a film and theatre director.
made  wordpress  theatre  friend  lang:nl  designed  coded  2014 
february 2015 by sander
Postboard: free-form tangible messaging for people with aphasia
Paper on Postboard, a shares whiteboard for people with language disorder.
2012  written  design  paper  postboard  aphasia  made  from twitter
may 2012 by sander

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