STET by Sarah Gailey
Short experimental fiction with a fresh take on the AI trolley problem.
links  syllabus  digitaldeath  AI  trolley_problem 
3 days ago
“Blackfishing” on Instagram
Adding this to future syllabuses, to be paired with Lauren Michele Jackson's digital blackface article in Teen Vogue.
links  syllabus  DIG101  DIG340  gender  race 
11 days ago
Video Games In East Germany: The Stasi Played Along
Fascinating history of the Commodore 64, East Germany in the 80s, and the surveillance state.
links  videogames  surveillance  hacking 
14 days ago
Atlantic article on the rise of exorcisms
Adding to my Death in the Digital Age class, where we’re already discussing demons and exorcism in the 21st century
digitaldeath  syllabus  links  dig215 
23 days ago
Before You Make a Thing
Yeah, I think I’m stealing this for my spring Hacking, Remixing, and Design course.
dig401  syllabus  links 
29 days ago
The United States of Guns
Powerful post by @jkottke on the (minority of) Americans’ obsession with guns.
Links  NRA 
4 weeks ago
MIT's Docubase
Not sure why I didn't know before about MIT's Open Documentary Lab and its Docubase, a database of digital documentary projects
links  digitalstudies  database 
5 weeks ago
Cult Conversations: A Series on Horror, Exploitation and the Gothic · Henry Jenkins
Terrific look at where horror has been in the past 100 years, and what the genre looks like now.
Links  syllabus  horror  cinema 
6 weeks ago
Games really need to fall out of love with Lovecraft
“It's time to let go of Lovecraft. No more tentacled multi-eyed monstrosities, no foggy fishing towns or ancient aliens posing as gods.”
videogames  lovecraft  links 
8 weeks ago
From Memes to Infowars: How 75 Fascist Activists Were “Red-Pilled”
White supremacists credit YouTube with being the single-most important media source in their radicalization.
links  YouTube  nazis  alt-right 
8 weeks ago
Standard Patterns in Choice-Based Games
A bit dated now, but still a good overview of the dynamic between interactive narrative structures and narrative motifs.
links  interactivefiction  IF  games 
9 weeks ago
“We’re Going to Have to Do Things That Are Unthinkable”: Masculinity/Games/Torture
Fascinating reading of torture in videogames as masculine ritual and affect (and builds on my own work on virtual torture)
links  torture  videogames 
9 weeks ago
Undum returns
Undum, an interactive fiction platform that was never as widely adapted as it should’ve been, is now on Github, complete with all the documentation. Go write something!
Links  IF  hypertext 
9 weeks ago
Walmart's Patent for a Biometric-Enhanced Cart
Walmart just patented a procedure for capturing customer health data via shopping cart handles. No way this data could be misused, no-sir.
Links  DIG101  data  surveillance 
9 weeks ago
Two popular conservative Twitter personalities were just outed as Russian trolls
Revisiting this 2017 article after reading about Kathleen Hall Jamieson's new "Cyberwar" book.
links  DIG101  Russia  trolls 
11 weeks ago
Amazon Alexa Will Take Over Your Home - The Atlantic
Will probably add this to my DIG 101 syllabus. And it would pair well with Bradbury’s “There Will Come Soft Rains.”
links  Alexa  syllabus  DIG101 
11 weeks ago
21 of the Best Horror Books by Women
I second many of the novels here, but will admit I was disappointed by The Grip of It.
links  horror  fiction 
12 weeks ago
First Monday Volume 23, Number 9
The entire September 2018 issue of First Monday is devoted to emoji 💛🧡❤️💚💙💜
emoji  syllabus  links 
12 weeks ago
GIFs as Disinformation Remedy (aka The GIF Curriculum)
Explainer GIFs for link-averse media consumers…Perfect for my DIG 101, where we’re discussing animated GIFs next week and Internet conspiracies a few weeks later.
Links  syllabus  dig101  GIFs  media_literacy 
12 weeks ago
All the Emoji
A good Emoji resource, with hex codes FOR ALL THE EMOJI
links  emoji  javascript 
september 2018
The Nimble Tents Toolkit for Rapid Response Research
Seriously thinking about making a rapid response research project part of my spring “Hacking, Remixing, and Design” seminar.
links  syllabus  dig401 
august 2018
Around the Antenna Tree: The Politics of Infrastructural Visibility
We touched upon Lisa Park’s critique of the hypervisibility/weird invisibility of antenna trees yesterday in DIG 101. Wish we could have spent more time on it.
syllabus  DIG101  links  infrastructure 
august 2018
AI Literacy: The basics of machine learning
Just discovered this great AI primer from Liz Daly. Perfect for the syllabus.
links  syllabus  DIG101  AI 
august 2018
Facebook is rating the trustworthiness of its users on a scale from zero to one
Key quote: “It is unclear what other criteria Facebook measures to determine a user’s score, whether all users have a score, and in what ways they’re used.”
facebook  DIG101  links  syllabus 
august 2018
A limited parser game with only one command: Take
IF  Inform  games 
august 2018
Fabricationist DeWit Remakes the World
A Twine game about rebooting the world after the apocalypse
links  Twine  syllabus  games  IF 
august 2018
Parser Parer
A tool to shrink recognized commands in Inform in order to create limited parser games. Good for games about power and agency.
links  IF  Inform  code  games 
august 2018
Gotta pull this out whenever we talk about infrastructure in class.
syllabus  DIG101  links 
august 2018
Battery death is the new horror film staple ·
Going to revisit this next semester for my Death in the Digital Age course
links  syllabus  dig215  digitaldeath 
august 2018
"10 Gaps for Digital Literature" - Serge Bouchardon #ELO18 Keynote
A birds-eye view of the state of the field, plus a good assortment of links to digital literature old and new.
links  syllabus  DIG220  elit 
august 2018
Nintendo's Offensive, Tragic, and Totally Legal Erasure of ROM Sites
Nintendo sees emulation only through the lens of IP, sadly. What about preservation, access, or pedagogy?
videogames  fms321  links  syllabus 
august 2018
The death of truth: how we gave up on facts and ended up with Trump
A great critique of that awful earnest bromide "Teach the controversy" from Michiko Kakutani
links  truth  syllabus 
august 2018
Maps as Media – Fall 2018
As usual, @shannonmattern's new course on maps as media looks awesome. Gorgeous design, but even better, wonderful pedagogy.
links  syllabus  maps  digitalhumanities 
august 2018
Horror Blackademics: The Get Out (2017) Syllabus
Some great resources here for teaching the intersectionality of "Get Out"
links  syllabus  horror  intersectionality 
august 2018
Why Reddit’s face-swapping celebrity porn craze is a harbinger of dystopia
There are a lot of deep fake articles out there, but I think this is the one I'll use in Intro to Digital Studies this year.
links  DIG101  syllabus  conspiracy  truth  deepfake 
august 2018
Microsoft’s Undersea Data Center
You can easily apply Holt and Vonderau’s critique of the discourse around data centers in “Where the Internet Lives” to Microsoft’s discourse about its undersea data center.
syllabus  DIG101  links 
august 2018
PYMK: A Controversial Facebook Feature's 10-Year History
Facebook’s People You May Know “mines information users don’t have control over to make connections they may not want it to make.”
surveillance  DIG101  links  syllabus 
august 2018
Watch an Art Work About the Dark Web, on the Dark Web | The New Yorker
Dark Content is a video series on the dark web about people who perform commercial content moderation on the open web.
links  DIG101  syllabus 
august 2018
xkcd: Free Speech
Every once in a while it's worth resurfacing this xkcd explainer of free speech.
links  comics  freespeech  xkcd 
august 2018
Who are QAnon supporters? The QAnon subreddit, analyzed with data. - Vox
Excellent digital forensics work on QAnon. Surprise! Most QAnon posters also post on videogames and Men’s Rights.
DIG101  conspiracy  links  syllabus 
august 2018
What HBR Gets Wrong About Algorithms and Bias ·
“algorithms can often exacerbate underlying societal problems”
links  dig101  syllabus 
august 2018
The consequences of framing digital humanities tools as easy to use | hc:20283 | Humanities CORE
Paige Morgan's engagement with Tsing's theory of nonscalability is worth including in my DIG 401 (Hacking, Remixing, and Design) class.
links  dig401  syllabus  hacking  digitalhumanities 
august 2018
How journalists should not cover an online conspiracy theory | Opinion | The Guardian
Another great piece by Whitney Phillips, one of the best thinkers about toxic media. A critique of they way the news has covered QAnon conspiracists.
DIG101  syllabus  links 
august 2018
This is why Alex Jones has been able to get away with exploiting social media - The Washington Post
Worth including on my DIG 101 syllabus, where I will have a whole section on conspiracies.
DIG101  syllabus  conspiracy  links 
august 2018
Unintended Consequences to Google Context Cards on Conspiracy Videos?
A good look at how affordances of platforms could enable a kind of crackpot hermeneutics.
DIG101  syllabus  conspiracy  links 
august 2018
Yelp, The Red Hen, And How All Tech Platforms Are Now Pawns In The Culture War
A Buzzfeed piece on the way fringe political groups hijack social media platforms.
syllabus  DIG101  links 
june 2018
How to Open Javascript Bookmarklets from the Firefox Quantum URL Bar
I opened about:config, clicked the “I accept the risks” warning, and searched for browser.urlbar.filter.javascript – et viola. Double clicked to toggle to false, and instantly * pinboard worked as hoped.
javascript  Firefox  bookmarklet 
june 2018
The Oxygen of Amplification | Data & Society
Fantastic report from Data & Society on the ways the media inadvertently amplifies the messaging of hate groups
DIG101  conspiracy  syllabus  links 
may 2018
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