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COPE: Create Once, Publish Everywhere | ProgrammableWeb
The digital media world is in the process of dramatic change. For years, the Internet has been about web sites and browser-based experiences, and the systems that drove those sites generally matched those experiences. But now, the portable world is upon us and it is formidable. With the growing need and ability to be portable comes tremendous opportunity for content providers. But it also requires substantial changes to their thinking and their systems. It requires distribution platforms, API’s and other ways to get the content to where it needs to be. But having an API is not enough. In order for content providers to take full advantage of these new platforms, they will need to, first and foremost, embrace one simple philosophy: COPE (Create Once, Publish Everywhere).
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august 2015 by ryanirelan
Content as a Service: What to Know About Decoupled CMS | Pantheon
On June 11th 2015 Pantheon hosted a webinar with Four Kitchens and Pixo to learn about the latest developments with decoupled CMS. Fill out the form to the right to access the 60-minute recording of this high value session. In it you will learn: How decoupled architecture can help future-proof a website
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august 2015 by ryanirelan
Decoupled Architecture with WordPress and Drupal | Pantheon
Last week I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar with Brandon Bowersox-Johnson of Pixo and Mike Minecki from Four Kitchens about their use of a decoupled CMS architecture for client projects. It was pretty great — the recording is available now — and there’s clearly a ton of interest in this topic at the moment. 
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august 2015 by ryanirelan
ElementAPI - Create a JSON API for your elements in Craft.
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august 2015 by ryanirelan
WP-API - WP REST API - a JSON-based REST API for WordPress.
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august 2015 by ryanirelan

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