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Savage Industries EDC Bag
Sweet everyday carry bag designed by Adam Savage. $225.00
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november 2017 by rwhe
Game Anywhere™ Table GAT-64 Plus Portable Gaming Table by Transforming Designs Inc. —Kickstarter
As with any manufacturer, if we are hugely successful then the problem is keeping up with the demand for our product. 1. We have made the necessary preparations so we will be able to meet any scale of manufacturing needs.
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august 2017 by rwhe
Steins - Funranium Labs Store
1900ml FMJ Stein of Science
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april 2017 by rwhe
Timex Expedition WS4 - Wikipedia
The Timex Expedition WS4 is a multifunction digital watch produced by Timex. In addition to regular timekeeping, it features barometer, altimeter, thermometer, compass, and weather forecast functions. "WS4" stands for "Wide Screen 4 Functions".[1][2] It was introduced in May 2009.[3]
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january 2017 by rwhe
The M3SE Project
Welcome to the Model III/4/4D/4P System Expander (M3SE) Project! The M3SE (Model III System Expander) is an add-on device for the vintage Radio Shack TRS-80 Model III, Model 4, Model 4D, and Model 4P microcomputers. It connects to the buffered expansion port, and provides these benefits:

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august 2016 by rwhe

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