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United Federation of Planets
The United Federation of Planets Patch measures approx 3.7" across and is fully embroidered including the white thread done with Glow in the dark thread! Perfect for Vest, Jacket, Shirt or Hat.
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may 2017 by rwhe
Explore At Home Patch
Explore at home through the magic of the viewfinder.
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may 2017 by rwhe
Personalized Hello My Name Is Tag Patch Any
It is a 4 inch design, and I always ship with the Semi-Permanent Adhesive backing. Unless you specify other.
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may 2017 by rwhe
View Hand Drawn Hello, My Name Is… Ima Bargain. And I come in a very mixed bag of plastic badges.
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may 2017 by rwhe
An Honest-To-Goddess Discordian Patch | Historia Discordia
More recently, I happened upon these specs once again and thought: “What they hey, I oughta see if I can get this patch made online!” And so I sent Hill’s specs to an online site and within a few days I had these beauties burning my hot little hands.
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april 2017 by rwhe
CreatorsandDestroyers — Away Team Replica Patch
$10.00 - Full Embroidered Replica Away Team Patch - 3.
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october 2016 by rwhe
sacred-chao-d76122734.png (PNG Image, 295 × 295 pixels)
Black should be replaced with gold. The lettering should become black. If the lettering is too hard to stitch, replace it with the black letter 'K'.
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october 2015 by rwhe
NASA Embroidered Sew on Patch Apollo Logo | eBay
$6.25. Vintage NASA Apollo embroidered patch. Please note this patch has heavy traces of glue on the back but the front is in excellent condition. Patch is 3" in diameter. Free shipping to contiguous U.S.
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november 2014 by rwhe
- Beautifully designed patch with green star on white background. Red outer circle. 75mm. Taiwan.
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november 2014 by rwhe
American Atheist Patch - EvolveFISH and
Invoking the image of an atom with its electron orbits, and bearing the letter "A" for Atheist in the center, this is possibly the only non-religious symbol approved for use in U.S. military cemeteries.
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july 2014 by rwhe
Intergalactic Trading Company - Category: 2001/2010
Patches from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey and its wretched sequel.
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july 2014 by rwhe

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