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James is writing a book! Cheapass Games in Black and White will be a retrospective covering all of our black-and-white games, including design notes, interesting history, and charming anecdotes, delivered to you in a handsome hardbound book (or e-book, if you prefer). Back the Kickstarter launching on April 1st!
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2 days ago by rwhe
Innovation Deluxe | Board Game | BoardGameGeek
Innovation: Deluxe is a complete set of Innovation (Third Edition) and its four expansions, all in a new upgraded art style.

The included expansions are:
Innovation: Echoes of the Past
Innovation: Figures in the Sand
Innovation: Cities of Destiny
Innovation: Artifacts of History
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10 weeks ago by rwhe
GAME THEORY IN THE AGE OF CHAOS goes to Washington by Basket of Adorables — Kickstarter
Here's the table of contents. You can read the earlier versions of these on Medium by clicking the links below.

Introduction: What Happened?
Game Theory and the Two Magic Words that will Impeach Trump
The Gambler: Why Trump Keeps Doubling Down on an Idiotic Russia Strategy
Co-op Mode: Why Trump Sees “Many Sides” to Nazi Murder
Abortion Rights and the Game Theory of Armor
Good Guys, Bad Guys, and the End of an Armed Society
Two Madmen Play Poker: The North Korea Bluff-Off
Sweet Relief: How We Can Pay Our National Debt Upstream
The Kap Trap: Why No Team will Call in Kaepernick
Beating the Veto Player: How to End Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
Playing Chicken with Robert Mueller Is a Bad Idea
The GOP Is Living in a Fantasy World on Taxes—Specifically, Star Wars
Trump Is Tanking the Presidency
Targeting the Clinton Foundation Is Trump’s Dumbest Move Yet
For Trump, Everything Ends When the Wall Comes Down
How to Make a Weak Man Feel Strong: Throw Him a Military Parade
The Democrats Pick the Right Strategy (Even Though It Hurts)
The Grim Trigger: Trump Declares a Trade War on Himself
#MPRraccoon and the Puzzle of Hope
Seizing Children Is Good Policy (If You’re a Complete Monster)
Trump Gambles for Resurrection
Mike Pence is the Werewolf
Conclusion: What happens now?
From the archives: An open letter to Speaker Boehner from a game designer
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december 2018 by rwhe
Card Sleeve Sizes for Games | BoardGameGeek
The current lowdown on FF CE cards, 2008, 2011, and later --rwhe
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december 2018 by rwhe
The Best Earbuds Under $50 for 2018: Reviews by Wirecutter | A New York Times Company
JBL T210
The most bang for your buck

With a tangle-resistant cable, a single-button remote/mic, and a sound that’s an upgrade over the earbuds that came with your phone, the T210 covers all the bases for less money.

$20 from JBL
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november 2018 by rwhe
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