Watch system - Wikipedia
In the traditional Royal Navy watch system (a system used by most other Commonwealth navies), 'watch' refers to a period of time and to a grouping of personnel. Those members of the crew whose work must be done at all times of the day - known as 'watch-keepers' - are assigned to one of two watches: the Starboard or the Port watch. These can be further divided into two parts, e.g. First Port, Second Starboard. These two watches - or more usually the four parts of watches - alternate in working the following watches:

First watch: 2000 to 0000[1]
Middle watch: 0000 to 0400[1]
Morning watch: 0400 to 0800[1]
Forenoon watch: 0800 to 1200[1]
Afternoon watch: 1200 to 1600[1]
First dog watch: 1600 to 1800[1]
Last dog watch: 1800 to 2000[1]
Jiffy (time) - Wikipedia
One author has used the word jiffy to denote the Planck time of about 5.4 × 10−44 seconds, which is the time it would take light to travel a Planck length if ordinary geometry were still relevant at that scale.[8]
2 days ago
ISO 31-2 - Wikipedia
ISO 31-2 is the part of international standard ISO 31 that defines names and symbols for quantities and units related to periodic and related phenomena.
2 days ago
gambas - compile a binary
Unfortunately, I think their website said it was an interpreter which means it requires Gambas.. it is somewhat sad as the application is nice. There is hope though, maybe someone will add native compilation later.

For now, you can do this:

Project-->Make installation package-->

and select from the many distros, ubuntu, deb, fedora, open suse, etc.

and it should include the gambas interpreter in the installation package.

If I'm wrong,please someone slap me with a wet fish..
2 days ago
bloomsday (16 jun 1904)
in Era Astronauticum calendar
very close to
-2000.000 = 01 jan 1905?
from twitter_favs
3 days ago
The AEA calendar
Unix time in megaseconds. Like Vinge.
4 days ago
Unicode (Windows)
These functions use UTF-16 (wide character) encoding, which is the most common encoding of Unicode and the one used for native Unicode encoding on Windows operating systems.
work  dis  unicode 
4 days ago
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