You, dear player, are sole living traffic controller for the dimensional doorway system in that Land full of dinosa…
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Configurable Piecepack PDF Maker
This is an R package and some executable Rscripts designed to make a pdf of piecepack components with the intention that they either be printed on label paper and mounted on components or printed on paperboard and folded/glued together in order to make a piecepack.
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People! If you have weird CDs laying around, upload them to the Internet Archive. It's not difficult, and you'll be…
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2 days ago
“The human race is so puny compared to the universe that being disabled is not of much cosmic significance.” — Step…
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3 days ago
This is a great example of what I was talking about not too long ago: accidentally becoming ‘conservative’ as cultu…
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4 days ago
Here Stride Titans
This is a Matrix game where we, the players, are designing a superheroic world from the ground up! Welcome to a world where Titans reside!
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5 days ago
Doxygen - Users - Generated HTML not suitable for some Android devices
By design, PDF is terrible for mobiles. It is absolutely awful to
navigate on any screen, and was created for a printing to paper for a
fixed page size (usually very large) in mind and is paginated for
rendering on dead trees - so it has wasted space for margins that relate
to aspects of paper that just don't exist in viewers.

HTML is a better alternative - it is designed from the beginning to
scale to the screen size. And the HTML navigation in recent versions of
doxygen output is quite reasonable.

My web site is quite readable on my phone - if I use the right browser
and zoom in. I suspect this of being a browser bug, but I don't know
that for sure. If it's a browser bug, it exists on the two most common
browsers for Android - which sort of argues against that...

I suppose if doxygen could render to one of the electronic book formats
(like .mobi) , that might be an interesting alternative - and it would
could also work on various platforms... That would not be as good as
the current web site, but it would be much better than PDF.
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5 days ago
epub support on Onyx Boox - MobileRead Forums
Hello, world.

I own an Onyx Boox (N96-dt, iirc) for a month now, and the primary thing I'd like to read on it is code. I know it's a bit akward, but my previous e-book reader proved a real printer-killer. I'm using the doxygen tools to extract code and format it in HTML pages, then the 'calibre' linux application to package the HTML content into an e-pub.
Work  doxygen  epub  mobile 
5 days ago
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