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You can recover the pointer by killing firefox, alt-tabing to a taskmanager, pressing alt-F2 and killall firefox or going to a tty by ctrl-alt-Fn and killing from there, you can also just alt-f4 and close the firefox instance.
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Estonian vocabulary - Wikipedia
Ex nihilo lexical enrichment

Estonian language planners such as Ado Grenzstein (a journalist active in Estonia in the 1870s–90s) tried to use formation ex nihilo, Urschöpfung,[3] i.e. they created new words out of nothing. Examples are Ado Grenzstein's coinages kabe ‘draughts, chequers’ and male ‘chess’.[3]

The most famous reformer of Estonian, Johannes Aavik (1880–1973), also used creations ex nihilo (cf. ‘free constructions’, Tauli 1977), along with other sources of lexical enrichment such as derivations, compositions and loanwords (often from Finnish; cf. Saareste and Raun 1965: 76). Aavik belonged to the so-called Noor-Eesti (‘Young Estonia’) movement, which appeared in Tartu, a university town in south-eastern Estonia, around 1905 (for discussion, see Raun 1991). In Aavik’s dictionary (1921), which lists approximately 4000 words, there are many words which were (allegedly) created ex nihilo. Consider • ese ‘object’, • kolp ‘skull’, • liibuma ‘to cling’, • naasma ‘to return, come back’, • nõme ‘stupid, dull’, • range ‘strict’, • reetma ‘to betray’, • solge ‘slim, flexible, graceful’ (which did not gain currency, cf. Contemporary Estonian graatsiline ‘graceful’, although the word itself, interestingly, is used for a certain kind of parasitic worm, namely the Ascaris lumbricoides), and • veenma ‘to convince’. Other Aavikisms ex nihilo (not appearing in Aavik 1921) include • nentima ‘to admit, state’, • nördima ‘to grow indignant’, • süüme ‘conscience’, and • tõik ‘fact’."[3]
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Game & Puzzle Design
Game & Puzzle Design is a peer-reviewed print journal publishing high quality work on all aspects of game and puzzle design. The journal aims to bring together designers and researchers from a variety of backgrounds, to foster a deeper understanding of games and facilitate the creation of new high quality games and puzzles. We are particularly interested in the intersection between traditional and digital game design, and the points at which these disciplines converge and diverge.
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Bad News in New Haven - Jonathan Coulton
The Yankee Doodle has closed for good.
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A construction set for generative interactive artwork, by Kate Compton
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