The Design Index
A hand-picked directory of useful design tools and resources.
design  design+system 
17 days ago
Marvel (UI Design App)
The all-in-one platform powering design
ui  design  app 
29 days ago
Tania Raschia
Simple, intuitive, built-from-scratch tutorials with JavaScript.
javascript  tutorial 
12 weeks ago
Modeling Religion Project
The Center for Mind and Culture, Inc. (CMAC) is a non-profit organization in Boston, Massachusetts dedicated to non-partisan research.
research  prediction  modeling 
august 2018
Dark Patterns
You know all those hoops Facebook makes you jump through just to delete your account? —that's a dark pattern, a UI design intended to confuse the user.
ux  design  ui  advertising 
july 2018
Buy/Sell Digital Currency. I think when I get around to hobby investing in cryptocurrency, this looks like a site that can make that easy to do.
cryptocurrency  investment  money  bitcoin  ETH  ethereum 
june 2018
Joshua Davis Studios
One of my favorite early flash developers. His work has gone on to become a thing of both mathematical and aesthetic beauty.
art  recursive  computer+art 
june 2018
Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings, Conversion Funnels, Form Analytics, Feedback Polls and Surveys in One Platform
tools  analytics  SAAS  UX  heatmaps  surveys 
june 2018
Design System construction system for Sketch
design  design+system  UX 
june 2018
Kaggle is the place to do data science projects
science  programming  data 
june 2018
Modern Data
7 Interactive Bioinformatics Plots made in Python and R
python  plotly  datavisualization 
june 2018
Digamma Consulting
Specialists in Chemical Science (chemotype testing for cannabis)
cannabis  cannabis+market 
june 2018
Google Algorithm Change History (filterable)
google  seo  algo 
june 2018
CSS Guidelines (2.2.5)
High-level advice and guidelines for writing sane, manageable, scalable CSS
may 2018
DiscOmic Labeling System for Cannabis - Growers Network
Describes the system, the label and the ideas behind grouping terpenes with machine learning and a hypothesis behind their grouping.
cannabis  visualization  data  terpenes 
may 2018
Web Style Guide Resources
Lots and lots (223) examples of both style guides and pattern libraries (in some cases, both!)
design  css  patterns  bootstrap  library  guides 
may 2018
Locating 404s with Google Analytics | Practical Ecommerce
Great advice for identifying and tracking 404 pages.
404  analytics  google  UX 
may 2018
How Not To Run an A/B Test – Evan Miller
Good advice on what not to do (don't look at results ahead of time!) when A/B testing. Points out that a Bayesian analysis makes more sense anyway.
statistics  analytics  testing 
may 2018
Sample Size Calculator (Evan's Awesome A/B Tools)
Several statistical calculators especially helpful for testing.
statistics  tools  analytics  testing 
may 2018
Douglas Crockford's JavaScript
An index of very clever articles on Javascript.
js  development  programming  javascript  schema  functional 
may 2018
User Onboarding
A frequently-updated compendium of web app first-run experiences
design  UX  UI  inspiration  gallery 
may 2018
DIY 8 Minute Home CBD Indicator Test! (Clear and Accurate Results!)
CBD  cannabis  testing 
may 2018
Free vectors, photos and PSD Downloads
free  vector  design  photos  graphics 
may 2018
Ideal line length for content
A solid article on the matter. Needs a dash of cognitive science.
research  css  typography  webdesign 
april 2018
A quick and simple static site generator built with JavaScript.
javascript  static  markdown 
april 2018
the New Dynamic | {static is} the New Dynamic
A good showcase for tools to build static sites.
blog  list  cms  static 
april 2018
CSS Checkbox Styles | CSSDeck
Awesome CSS checkboxes for UI development
ui  css  forms 
march 2018
A very nice set of cards and tools to help in UI/UX design.
ux  design  ui  purchase  wishlist 
march 2018
Noun Project - Icons for Everything
Creating, Sharing and Celebrating the World’s Visual Language
design  icon  icons  graphics  library 
january 2018
ES2015 Crash Course
Pretty much what it says. It's free and it's a Laracast, so it's good.
course  javascript  ES6  learning 
january 2018
JS1K Competition
1. Create a fancy pancy Javascript demo
2. Submissions may be up to 1k. (And not crash)
3. Externals are strictly forbidden, unlike "some" contests. (Good luck minifying jQuery though!)
4. Must work on current fx, sa, ch and o. (Let's level the playing field)
5. Minification and hacks allowed. (Go nuts)
6. Bonus points if your submission fits in one tweet ;)
7. Last day to submit is 10 September 2010
javascript  minification  contest  programming  codegolf 
january 2018
Quanta Magazine
Science and mathematics developments
regularreading  science  mathematics 
december 2017
SVG Attribute Reference
Not the definitive guide to SVG, but the best guide.
MDN  SVG  guide  reference 
august 2017
Very nice SVG examples and tutorials
"I’m Dudley Storey, author of Using SVG with CSS3 and HTML5, Smashing Magazine contributing editor, teacher and speaker. I write about all aspects of web development."
smashing  css3  svg 
august 2017
No Life Stories
"The doubt about narratives plays into the hands of what Andrejevic calls the “postmodern right,” which seizes on the idea that “not only are all truths constructed”—a centerpiece of the critiques of power that emerged from the left in the 1960s and ’70s—“but they are nothing more than constructions,” with no possible basis in fact or causal explanation."
from instapaper
january 2017
Daniel Dennett's Dangerous Idea(The New Criterion): Johnson, Phillip
Phillip E. Johnson Law Professor University of California, Berkeley This review of Darwin's Dangerous Idea, by Daniel Dennett, was published in The New Criterion (October, 1995) Daniel Dennett's…
from instapaper
january 2017
Learn Raw React (no JSX, Flux or Webpack)
This is a solid way to get into React if you are more a javascript programmer than web builder
javascript  reactjs  tutorial 
january 2017
Hexagonal Generative Art
Charlotte Dann's Beautiful Hexagonal version of the Game of Life
december 2016
Vue JS Guide
Another! JS framework—this one with real roots in the common JS lingo
Javascript  framework  vue  js 
november 2016
What is the World? Who are We? What are We Going to do About It?
[This is an edited version of a sermon delivered July 17, 2016, at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in Austin, TX. http://www.staopen.org/] What are the big questions that religion answers? I…
from instapaper
november 2016
Movie Review Aggregator Ratings Have No Relationship with Box Office Success
A very nice analysis. Something to reference when writing up the 50% results.
movies  statistics  jupyter  articleRef 
november 2016
Face Your Mange
or... turn your face into manga-style
manga  avatar  graphics 
november 2016
Prism JS
Prism is a lightweight, extensible syntax highlighter, built with modern web standards in mind. It’s used in thousands of websites, including some of those you visit daily.
javascript  syntax  colorize 
october 2016
Texture Lib
Awesome library of free high-definition textures
deisgn  art  stock  textures 
october 2016
Free stock photos that don't feel terribly stock
free  stock  photography 
september 2016
Wordpress Front-end Plugin
Get Medium-like front-end editing for posts and pages.
wordpress  wordpress+plugin  medium 
september 2016
OK House Cat
A bunch of really wicked modded toys
toys  fun  sound  music  engineering 
august 2016
Make a Simple, Database-driven Website with Sinatra and Activerecord
Good detailed instructions on where database configuration information goes for this combination of platform and applications software.
sinatra  ruby  activerecord 
july 2016
Sinatra Recipes
Great tips like how to use an Outh-style module or how to deal with ActiveRecord. Most of the recipes are short and sweet. Get building Trakornag buddy!
ruby  sinatra  recipes 
july 2016
Lots of great tutorials and information.
tutorials  javascript  ruby  sinatra 
july 2016
Javascript screencasts TDSJ
Goes really in-depth on using test-driven javascript development—something I would very much like to be in on.
javascript  development  screencast 
june 2016
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