Responsive logos
logos que s'adapten. grans exemples
logo  responsive 
august 2014
tu tete
pay amb gadgets personalitzables per a news i bebes
bebes  online  nens 
august 2014
roba i moda per a nens i bebes bé de peu
nens  bebes  online 
august 2014
27 lletres (typoteca)
Noia de Sant Cugat que fa corporis a bon preu
type  corpori 
august 2014
alarma configura le per no gastar masas temas en les web sí red socials
socialmedia  tools 
july 2014
Dead Man's Switch
per deixar mails redactara per al hora de morir
mail  muerte 
july 2014
Recursos pdf per a temes web
Descarga free (4 al dia) per temes web, css, etc
web  tutorials  design 
june 2014
animacions css
Just-add-water CSS animations
june 2014
Lightness and Useful icons with Pure CSS3
all the useful icons for good design without adding any images or fonts. Also you can add effects of Animate.css on Licon. I hope that it's useful for your projects.
css3  icons  web  resources  design 
june 2014
tool to help web designers create CSS from sprite images.
The current beta features include the generation of sprites, the combination of spritesheets, the creation of Retina ready images and the export into CSS, Less or SASS files. (ml)
css  web  design  resources 
june 2014
book of wire framing for free
The Guide To Wireframing is a free eBook that covers a lot of different areas of wireframing; it explains the why and how wireframes were introduced, portrays different types of software (pros and cons are analyzed), and last but not least, presents the most popular web and mobile UI design pattern wireframes. This eBook provides you food for thought in a diverting way — we highly recommend it! (kv)
june 2014
bounce (Javascript animator online)
1. Creating CSS3 Animations In No Time

With the rise of CSS3 and HTML5, the usage of fake textures and complex image assets rapidly declines. Designs become simpler and minimalistic. While some of us complain about the similarity of many websites, some are about to embrace the digital possibilities that make the web much more different from print design, i.e. while keeping your design simple, you can still make it stand out with clever animations and hidden surprises that surprise and delight the user. Bounce.js, by Joel Besada, is a tool that can help you create great interactions for the selected objects on your website. Simply choose a pre-defined preset and tweak it to fulfill your needs. Or start from scratch and add desired components. Whenever you're ready, simply export the CSS or get the short URL to share it with your peers. Fancy! (ml)
css  js  web  RESOURCES  DESIGN 
june 2014
Pagina web d'un estudi a Barcelona que va destacar pels seus interactius i webs
Barra_de_favoritos  IDEP  profes  programadors  web  design  barcelona  motiongraphics  web2.0  portfolio 
may 2014
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