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"the dashboard is the main hub"
19 days ago
Max Barry | How I Name Characters
"I do strongly believe in the importance of names, though. They’re the characters’ faces: the part you see over and over. So they’re doing characterization work every few lines. This is why I will find any excuse to get a name like Plath or 6 or Jennifer Government into a book."
writing  naming 
august 2015
David Hepworth's blog: Brian Case's lovely little book about jazz, film and crime fiction
Whenever I sent a hack to interview somebody I used to ask them to make sure they included the little details they told  everyone in the office the minute they got back.
june 2015
BBC News - Sir Mick Jagger goes back to Exile
people only made money out of records for a very, very small time. When The Rolling Stones started out, we didn't make any money out of records because record companies wouldn't pay you! They didn't pay anyone!
Then, there was a small period from 1970 to 1997, where people did get paid, and they got paid very handsomely and everyone made money. But now that period has gone.
So if you look at the history of recorded music from 1900 to now, there was a 25 year period where artists did very well, but the rest of the time they didn't.
GDS  music  business 
may 2015
No Dickheads! A Guide To Building Happy, Healthy, And Creative Teams. — Medium
There is a perpetuated myth within the design community, that a single visionary is required to build great products. Rubbish. Great teams build great products; moreover, in my experience, the greatest teams prioritize and nurture a healthy and positive internal culture because they understand it is critical to the design process itself.
may 2015
Educating Jeremy: how will the new Civil Service master’s course make a difference? | Blog
So far we only have the bare bones of the offer from the LSE. There is a big focus on rigorous policy analysis skills. That is important. To be effective policy makers civil servants need to be skilled at data analysis, acquisition and use of evidence and structured problem solving. These were areas that policy civil servants themselves thought were weak when they were asked as part of a survey done for the policy profession. But these need to be supplemented with the new techniques of policy making: design thinking, on ethnography or social psychology – and ways of engaging users, providers and the wider public.

That is not all policy making civil servants need. The course needs to prepare policy makers for the task of turning policy ideas into effective action on the ground – and the policy profession now sees itself as occupying the position of ‘ringmaster’ able to bring together and synthesise the inputs from a wide range of disciplines. Our work on implementation and public service markets suggests that policy civil servants need to be able to understand organisational design and incentives, risk management and be capable of overseeing writing complicated contracts, as well as having a good grasp of budgeting. And they need to be able to do all that in ever more complex environments.
may 2015
Creative Review - The Language of Luxury
"luxury brands are essentially non-verbal, communicating through imagery and subtle social signalling, rather than rational argument and rhetoric. "The luxury brand is a universe, not a promise. The luxury brand is experiential first and foremost... it is primarily visual and sensory."
The authors note how luxury brands come from a different cultural tradition. While many of the techniques of modern marketing originate in America and the era of hard sell - and are therefore essentially verbal in origin - luxury brands are a European creation, reliant much more on spectacle and mystique."
toblog  writing 
may 2015
Bits of Cents — Disassembling the Dash
"No matter how you slice it, Amazon’s vision of the internet connected future is cheap."
may 2015
Honeywell, I’m Home! The Internet of Things and the New Domestic Landscape | e-flux
It is only too easy to root around in the archives, extract something highly selective, and proclaim this or that radical to have been prophetic. In this case, however, Natalini’s vision appears uncannily prescient.
theackroydturn  from instapaper
may 2015
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