Agile Is Dead (Long Live Agility) - PragDave
What to do:

Find out where you are
Take a small step towards your goal
Adjust your understanding based on what you learned
How to do it:

When faced with two of more alternatives that deliver roughly the same value, take the path that makes future change easier.
5 weeks ago
Danah Boyd Has a Message for Adults About Teen Behavior Online: It’s All Your Fault | Re/code
For example, when teens realized Facebook posts in which brands were mentioned rose higher in the social network’s newsfeed, they began adding brand names like Nike to the end of everything.
5 weeks ago
The UK's civil service needs reform for government to work better | Chris Huhne | Comment is free | The Guardian
A senior civil servant once told me our department was good at policy, but not at implementation. I put my head in my hands. Policy is implementation. If things do not change on the ground – a messy and iterative business that involves telling truth to power about its own inadequacies – then policy has failed. For the sake of our public realm, we need a new Northcote-Trevelyan. Public service is too important to be allowed to decay.
GDS  reform 
december 2013
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