What's Wrong With Public Intellectuals? - The Chronicle of Higher Education
If there is a task, it might be to participate in making "the public" more brilliant, more skeptical, more disobedient, more capable of self-defense, and more dangerous again—dangerous to elites, and dangerous to stability; when it comes to education, dangerous to the idea that universities should be for the rich, rather than the public, and hostile to the creeping sense that American universities should be for the global rich rather than the local or nationally bounded polity.
8 weeks ago
Establishment of a Digital Transformation Office | Prime Minister of Australia
"The DTO will use technology to make services simpler, clearer and faster for Australian families and businesses."
12 weeks ago
Continuity and Change in the Civil Service I: Is “Sir Humphrey” history?
Few senior civil servants have operational experience of running services within the civil service. More have external experience in the private sector, but their core in-house experience remains drafting policy statements, white papers, legislation and other policy outputs. As the ‘Next Steps’ report of 1988 concluded, most senior civil servants’ attention was firmly focussed upwards on policy-making rather than downwards on policy delivery. This remains true today.
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12 weeks ago
LRB · Iain Sinclair · Into the Underworld
But just as estate agents treat edgeland artists and warehouse communalists as pilot fish for fresh territory, so alphabet-soup quangos plot major regime change for the land beneath London. The shielding fences around the Olympic site, the giant construction projects in Shoreditch and London Bridge, are aped by the shacks knocked up to hide the scooping out of bigger and better basements.
AckroydTurn  from instapaper
12 weeks ago
Stork 2.0
What is STORK 2.0?
Secure idenTity acrOss boRders linKed 2.0
World's best acronym. Discovered by Beeker.
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january 2015
The Artist Lives - The Atlantic
These same tendencies—unclever disdain for the Internet, economic compulsion presented as cultural preference—seep through elsewhere. “The operative concept today is the network, along with the verb that goes with it, networking,” he says. “Coleridge, for Wordsworth, was not a contact; he was a partner, a comrade, a second self.”

Network and networking, I agree, are at least as interrelated as ambling and ambulance. And the latter point I can only cede: I too lament that so few modern-day relationships equal one of the supreme friendships of English literary history.
december 2014
Newest U.S. Stealth Fighter ’10 Years Behind’ Older Jets
One Air Force official said that with enough time and more money, the EOTS could be fixed. “Because in five years when the USAF [US Air Force] comes to Lockheed Martin and says we absolutely need an upgraded EOTS with an infrared pointer and [video down-link], Lockheed Martin says… OK no sweat, that’ll be $5 million per jet,” the Air Force official said. “Thus lies the problem in the U.S. military industrial complex. They purposefully build products that require mass amounts of money to ‘upgrade’ when in fact, they could have planned ahead and built an easily upgradable ship / aircraft / radio / weapon system.”
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december 2014
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