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Strange Visitor: A Conversation With Aphex Twin
You're brainwashed in the West with equal temperament, so it's quite hard
for people who like following rules to get outside of that and see what you
can do. But for me it's easy because I don't work like that. I work
Audio  creativity  philosophy  thinking 
may 2017 by rudenoise
Machine love: Dennis Ferrer
I don't pay attention to what I think is happening now. I pay attention to
what I think is gonna happen. That's the difference. That's what I'm trying
to do. I'm not trying to beat you at your game now. I'm trying to beat you
before you can get to that game.
Studio  audio  inspiration 
april 2017 by rudenoise
Rob Swire - Wikipedia
Swire drafted the demos for In Silico using Commodore 64 and Nintendo emulators, and basic synthesiser sounds.
pendulum  audio  drafting  lowtech  production  composition 
march 2017 by rudenoise
These Boys In The Woods Are Making The Best Videos On The Internet
These Boys In The Woods Are Making The Best Videos On The Internet A group of friends are turning their boring lives in the middle of nowhere into some of the…
DIY  inspiration  music  audio  video  from instapaper
october 2016 by rudenoise

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