The ARCHIVE.ORG Manual Library : Free Texts : Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
I'm compiling a list of Archive.org collections I have stuff to contribute to. This has service manuals for ALL the things.
archiveorg  manuals  guides 
3 days ago
Labor Environment Action Network
So they do have a faction that takes the environment seriously. Now all we need is a faction that respects human rights and refugees.
labor  alp  australia  politics  environment 
6 days ago
Salon Care 40 Volume Creme Developer
This is basically retr0brite in a bottle. Wonder if I could get shipped to AU?
retr0brite  hardware  mmxtower 
7 days ago
Past Duration 0.999992 Too Large | newspaint
Adding for future reference next time I rip a DVD with ffmpeg/avconv
ffmpeg  avconv  dvds  ripping  guides  troubleshooting 
7 days ago
Plop Boot Manager 5.0 - Screenshots
The graphics on this boot manager are almost so awful as to be amazing!
bootloader  retro 
8 days ago
Sony Vaio P Pocket PC, Speed 1.6Ghz, RAM 2GB Laptop/Notebook
This looked like a promising machine back in the day, but way too slow
hardware  atom  sony  vaio  laptops 
8 days ago
Gemini PDA Android & Linux keyboard mobile device | Indiegogo
This looks AMAZING. Since the HP 620LX, Libretto and the Sony Vaio P I've wanted a tiny Linux box with a proper keyboard. This could be it, if its real.
hardware  linux  laptop  phone  palmtop  handheld 
8 days ago
LT10W, Miracle 10.4" Color TFT LCD Monitor, 350cd/m2, 300:1, 800x600, Beige
I wanted to know if there were beige 800x600 LCDs available. Finally found one!
lcds  monitors  retro  beige 
8 days ago
DreamBlaster Synth S2 General MIDI Daughterboard  -  Serdashop
Great, cheaper (and more readily available in 2017!) replacement for the Wave Blaster
sound  retro  hardware  soundblaster  soundcards  creative 
10 days ago
RIVA 128/128ZX Drivers | NVIDIA
For Windows 3.11, 9x, NT4, OS/2 and BeOS no less!
windows31  windows95  windows98  windowsnt  os2  beos  drivers  graphics  gpus  nvidia  mmxtower 
13 days ago
VOGONS: Beige towers
This looks like a full-height AT version of my old case!
mmxtower  desktops  hardware  retro 
14 days ago
Setting up CD-ROM Drives at the DOS Level
Guide for using the IDE port on generic AWE32s. Didn't work for me, worth a shot.
soundblaster  creative  guides  dos  ide  cdroms 
14 days ago
Acer Expansion Board MIO-400KF Floppy Hard Controller | Moose Trading LLC
First of all, love the name of this shop. Second, this an amazing little card, has every IO port you could need for a 486 or earlier ISA machine. Can't believe I've had one all this time
acer  hardware  retro  nostalgia  disks  serial  parallelport  ide  isa 
14 days ago
AWE32 Getting Started PSF
User guide for the Sound Blaster AWE32 card
creative  soundblaster  soundcards  audio  retro  isa  guides  pdfs 
14 days ago
Using Zip & Jaz Drives In DOS Mode
Not the clearest instructions, but decent place to start.
dos  nostalgia  retrodosmachine  iomega  zip  jaz 
15 days ago
PowerEdge R630 High-Density and Performance 2S/1U Rack Server | Dell United States
I love these servers, would be great to have a couple in my [well sound proofed!] homelab
servers  hardware  dell 
17 days ago
All the original PC Magazine DOS utilities!
dos  retro  tomirror 
18 days ago
arp and arping
Good cheat cheat for using these commands
networking  arp  arping 
18 days ago
Installing TCP/IP in Windows 95 (1026518) | VMware KB
Funnily enough, I need to research this for an Ethernet network. In the old days we only needed dialup.
windows95  retro  networking 
18 days ago
File:Iran Air Boeing 747-200 cockpit Sharifi.jpg - Wikipedia
I really like this photo, the warm glow of the night and the retro instrumentation.
airlines  boeing747  boeing742 
19 days ago
PuraPC Filter Products
Kills me that nobody in Australia (that I can find) sell these. My Microservers are caked in dust from not having filters.
cooling  computers  hardware 
19 days ago
Zeurkous' DOSIDLE mirror
Essential tool for not pegging your DOS cpu at 100%. I've moved back to POWER.SYS with ADV:MAX, but this still useful for boot disks, etc.
dos  power  cpus  retro 
19 days ago
Testing MS-DOS limitations - Windows 9x/ME - MSFN
Interesting thread with one person's adventures pushing DOS's file system and block device limits.
dos  harddrives  filesystems  retro 
19 days ago
Networking FreeDOS - mTCP - FreeDOS
I am totes going to try this on my DOS machine!
dos  networking  retro  freedos 
20 days ago
Want to make your own trackwear? Yes, yes I do! Can I get a Rubénerd logo on them though?
clothing  design  colours 
22 days ago
Compex drivers - Compex Network Drivers
And of course, those listed for "Windows 95" are for Windows 2000, and "Windows 3.1" are for Windows NT! Just keep downloading them, eventually you'll find the ones you need.
drivers  windows  networking  hardware 
22 days ago
PCGuide.com: IDE/ATA Channels and Resource Usage
Great summary of tertiary and quaternary IDE channel usage
ide  atapi  drives  harddrives  guides  retro  dos 
23 days ago
FalconFly Central, Home of the 3dfx File Archive
And this is the best Voodoo and 3dfx driver and information archives I've ever seen!
hardware  gpus  graphics  retro  nostalgic 
23 days ago
AmiAmi [Character & Hobby Shop] | B-STYLE - KonoSuba 2: Megumin Bunny Ver. 1/4 Complete Figure(Pre-order)
Haven't watched much of the series, but this fig is so cute! Her eyes match the art style to a T.
anime  figs  konosuba 
23 days ago
Abandoned Street Cars | Eric | Flickr
Incredible photos of abandoned trains in the overgrowth, and without that weird HDR aesthetic
transport  trains  trams  abandoned  photos 
23 days ago
PCI and AGP video chips DOS compatibility
This is an incredible matrix of game support and old VGA cards
games  retro  hardware  gpus  graphics 
23 days ago
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