CHIEFTEC BRAVO BA-01B-B-B Black Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case-Newegg.com
This case would be just about perfect for a giant NAS build! So naturally, they're out of stock and seem to be out of production.
nas  hardware  jbod  cases 
2 days ago
SSHFS · osxfuse/osxfuse Wiki
Time to give this another try
fuse  osx  ssh  files  mac 
3 days ago
In Win IW-PLV Tower
This is basically the perfect NAS case. Pity *nobody* sells them.
inwin  hardware  nas  drives  cases 
3 days ago
PPBM6 Planning a new system
This guy did his homework. If I had the money he had to splash, I'd build the same setup
drives  jbod  nas  guides 
8 days ago
Diatom - Wikipedia
Clara and I learned about these fascinating little creatures on a Forensic Files episode. They're rather pretty!
life  science  biology  photography 
8 days ago
Thomas Scherrer Z80 Emulators
So many emulators, so little time...
z80  c128  dos  retro  nostalgia  virtualisation 
9 days ago
NYC's grimy subway stations | am New York
They're not as bad as Paris (mostly), but yeah. Especially coming from the incredible Grand Central station, the subway was so gross.
nyc  travel  trains  publictransport  unitedstates 
9 days ago
Hidden City Philadelphia | Home
What an incredible blog. Instant RSS subscribe!
architecture  design  unitedstates  philly 
9 days ago
5.25 inch 1.2MB- Legacy Computers and Parts
"This unit has all the features of a 3.5 inch drive in a 5.25 inch unit. It has a push button eject, 3.5 inch pin connector, 3.5 inch power connector and is a slim-line drive, but is 5.25 inches wide and is 1.2MB capacity!"
retro  hardware  disks 
12 days ago
Leopold FC660C White PBT Mechanical Keyboard (Topre 45g)
This looks about perfect! But alas no stock anywhere
keyboards  topre 
13 days ago
Isso – a commenting server similar to Disqus
This may be the ticket for comments on my static site
blogging  static 
13 days ago
Stoicism Reveals 4 Rituals That Will Make You Mentally Strong - Barking Up The Wrong Tree
Filing under "may be worth a try", but doesn't really gel with my personality.
psychology  thoughts  guides 
15 days ago
iPhone 7: Coffee Kizoku
Coffee Kizoku make phone cases now?! Clara was more excited than I was XD
art  otaku  cases  phones  anime 
15 days ago
Swag and Apparel Store | HashiCorp
It's been months, and still nothing here alas.
orchestration  cloud  packer  terraform  vault 
15 days ago
Joseph Chinyong Liow: Singapore reminds us when might is not right- Nikkei Asian Review
"At issue is the far more fundamental question of whether small states should accept that big powers get to impose their will at their pleasure, or whether small states should uphold international norms and law."
news  singapore 
15 days ago
JFK AirTrain Brochure
And the pamphlet for the JFK AirTrain.
jfk  nyc  trains  maps  airports  travel  pamphlets  pdfs 
15 days ago
EWR AirTrain Brochure
Holiday nostalgia, first airport we went to on the East Coast :D
travel  nyc  newjersey  airports  pamphlets  pdfs 
15 days ago
An alternative for Plex for audio
audio  music  streaming  selfhosted 
15 days ago
The Midnight Citizen | Podbean
One of the best podcasts out there, and a part of the Onsug. Also never heard of Podbean till now.
podcasts  newtimeradio  onsug 
15 days ago
Referencing other sheets - Apache OpenOffice Wiki
I'm creating a YNAB replacement in LO/OOo. This was the first trick I (re)learned!
spreadsheets  openoffice  libreoffice  guides 
15 days ago
Making retr0bright
Looks like a complicated cocktail, but willing to try to get my vintage hardware looking great again
hardware  retro  retrodosmachine 
15 days ago
@mikobura on Instagram: Shielder cosplayer
Amazing cosplay of Best Girl! And that's definitely not the easiest outfit to wear, let alone make.
shielder  fategrandorder  cosplay 
15 days ago
School Days (Visual Novel) - TV Tropes
Forgot about this series! "Don't be deceived. Innocent Harem Series this is not." - indeed!
schooldays  anime  visualnovels  nostalgia 
15 days ago
Database Soup: Setting up Ghost with PostgreSQL and Apache vhosts
I'd love to reduce the number of disparate DBMSs I run. Would be AWESOME to standardise on Postgres.
postgres  ghost  blog  guides  npm 
15 days ago
Laptops for just about every target config you'd want. Wish I'd seen these before building my gaming machine!
hardware  laptops  gaming 
15 days ago
Help Desk Software | Intercom
Looks like a better alternative to Zendesk.
support  business 
15 days ago
This looks great; especially after the instability of nvALT of late, and lack of a decent non-Mac client.
opensource  notebook  software  text 
15 days ago
Input Club - Programmable Mechanical Keyboards
The colour looks a bit chintzy, but everything else about this indie keyboard looks amazing.
hardware  keyboards  design 
15 days ago
Windows 3.1 | SYSTEM.INI [386ENH] Section
"The [386Enh] section of the SYSTEM.INI file contains information specific to running Windows 3.1 in 386-enhanced mode, including information used for virtual-memory page swapping."
retro  windows31  retrodosmachine 
16 days ago
MS-DOS CD-ROM driver for Teac internal CD-ROM drive
Not as useful as the BenQ one I found, but still pretty solid
drivers  retro  retrodosmachine  dos 
16 days ago
Batch files - (Ab)using DEBUG
A neat trick to issue a soft reset on DOS
retrodosmachine  memory  dos  retro 
18 days ago
Navrátil Software
Best DOS hardware detection tool I've ever found
retro  hardware  nostalgia  dos  retrodosmachine 
18 days ago
Metropoli BBS files | hardware/HDD/
Another great collection of vintage drivers
drivers  nostalgia  dos  retrodosmachine  iomega  zip  jaz 
18 days ago
NullModem.com: Floppy
This would explain why my floppy drives weren't responding!
retrodosmachine  hardware  disks  nostalgia 
18 days ago
"The default QEMM config.sys line is "DEVICE=QEMM386.SYS RAM". If you are using this config.sys line, you are playing with fire!"
qemm  dos  retro  memory 
18 days ago
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