Wooden keyboard enclosure
What a beautiful piece of kit. Almost want to try this myself.
hardware  keyboards  diy  wood 
6 days ago
Emerson Avocent 2 Port KVM Switch - 2x KVM Ports, 1 Local User, 3x DVI-I, 4x USB, Desktop - SV220-001 at TigerDirect.com
And this is the cheapest Emerson KVM that does DVI-I. Could use this with my retro machines, provided they have USB.
hardware  kvm  displays  dvi  dvi-i  vga 
6 days ago
Avocent SV220 KVM Switch | IT Management
This KVM has DVI-I! I didn't know such a KVM existed!
kvm  vga  dvi  dvi-i  hardware  displays 
6 days ago
Amazon.com: Avocent 4-Port Dual-Head DisplayPort 4K Ultra HD KVM Switch (SV340D): Computers & Accessories
This is almost the ultimate KVM, and one of the few that supports 4K. Now if only I could justify spending that much
emerson  hardware  kvm  displayport  displays  4k 
6 days ago
13 Most Haunted Places in Singapore History and the Legends behind them - TheSmartLocal
They're obviously not "haunted", but they're still fascinating places and snapshots in time.
singapore  stories  abandoned 
6 days ago
File:Active USB to PS2 Adatper (keyboard+mouse) open electronic.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
As opposed to a passive adapter, which won't work with new peripherals on old devices.
hardware  ps2  mouses  keyboards  retro  usb  adaptors 
6 days ago
KVM Switches | StarTech.com
A decent selection with all the right ports.
kvm  hardware 
6 days ago
Commodore 128D - Obsolete Computer Museum
Another solid summary of this versatile 8bit machine!
commodore  commodore128  retro 
6 days ago
RGBI to S-Video - H2Obsession
Looks like its possible, but not straightforward.
commodore  retro  commodore128  commodore64  guides 
6 days ago
Fluid - Turn Your Favorite Web Apps into Real Mac Apps.
Thought I might use this for Asana (they don't have a native app, and it sucks!)
gtd  software  web 
11 days ago
GoodTask 3 - Task Manager with iOS/Mac Reminders & Calendars
Integrates with the Apple Reminders app and calendar. Looks interesting
gtd  mac  software 
11 days ago
Blog To Express: First Food Court in Singapore
Scotts Shopping Centre, which was knocked down in 2008
nostalgia  singapore  food 
13 days ago
Kagura by meago on DeviantArt
Best Kagura fanart I've seen in ages!
kagura  azumangadaioh  anime  art 
13 days ago
javascript - Show hide divs on click in HTML and CSS without jQuery - Stack Overflow
I love that the heading and body of the question says "without jQuery", and one of the answers talks about using jQuery. I find "unhelpful helpful" as infuriating as trolls!
stackoverflow  css 
13 days ago
Fate/Grand Order: Binding Accounts and Restoring Data
Because the iTunes Store is such a collosal, steaming pile of fail, I'll need to run through this process. As a boss is want to say "looks pretty straight forward"
13 days ago
A world apart | The Fool on the Hill
A tour down Orchard Road during the 1960s and now.
nostalgia  photos  singapore  orchardroad 
13 days ago
Harry Tan Photo - Singapore Skyline
Half the buildings (maybe 2/3rds?) didn't even exist when we moved there in the 1990s.
singapore  architecture  design 
13 days ago
Street Choco-Maid | Fate/Grand Order Wikia
If I could only have one Craft Essence from the Valentines event, it'd have to be this one!
fategrandorder  tohsakarin  zettairyouiki 
13 days ago
Subway Blogger: NYC Transit is Getting the Shaft
"Vital repairs to the city’s subway system are routinely postponed as suburban projects hog the MTA gravy train, the city comptroller charged yesterday."
newyork  publictransport  trains 
13 days ago
Podcasts | DW.COM
They have quite a few! Trying to expand my news podcasts away from AU and SG.
news  germany  podcasts 
13 days ago
"showRSS tracks most TV shows, so you don't have to. RSS integration lets you automate your set up. Just select the shows you want to keep up with [..]"
rss  torrents  media 
17 days ago
rTorrent with RSS-feeds | ZGC.SE
Seems a bit heavy, but could work.
rtorrent  rss  guides 
17 days ago
Sick Chirpse: Why The Big Bang Theory Sucks Balls
"This show is an affront to geeks everywhere. It is the nerd equivalent of blackface. The Big Bang Theory can cock off."
television  reviews 
19 days ago
FGO Story Translation Project: Main Story
Great translations for the Fate/Grand Order story, including buttons for decisions in the dialogue
fategrandorder  games  guides 
19 days ago
Slack List
I've avoided Slack till recently. Looks like a solid list of good communities.
slack  chat  xmpp 
29 days ago
Sharkoon Furious Chassis w/ Perpendicular Hard Drive Cage
And this case has that retro-futuristic vibe. It's almost terrible enough to be good
cases  servers 
29 days ago
Lian Li Announces the PC-V1000L Full Tower Chassis
And this full height server case looks like a certain older Apple tower!
mac  servers  harddrives 
29 days ago
HPC-7480 - 4U Tower/Rackmount Chassis for EATX Serverboard with 8 Hot-swap Hard Drive Cages - 研華科技 Advantech
This is a wonderful pedestal/rack mount server case. Wish there were more like this with space for more drives.
servers  harddrives  diy 
29 days ago
Care Shop de Cafe
I remember going to this place! The mural on the wall is really cute.
coffee  cafe  singapore 
5 weeks ago
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