Project Wingman Alpha by RB-D2
The graphics for this flight simulator look amazing
flightsims  world  aviation  games 
Shangai in 1987 and 2017
And I thought Singapore had changed in that time, wow
china  shanghai  cities  asia  design  architecture 
google/guetzli: Perceptual JPEG encoder
Could have sworn I bookmarked this before. May finally have a Google thing I use regularly again.
compression  jpeg  images  google 
8 days ago
Homebrew Bundle with Ansible – Mr. F – Misc development topics
Interesting idea, and you can dump config rather than keeping a list
mac  ansible  automation 
8 days ago
Marina City - Wikipedia
Fascinating design. Not sure if I like it or not.
design  architecture  1960s  chicago  usa 
10 days ago
MoinMoin | NGINX
Getting the syntax right for hosting MoinMoin on nginx
nginx  moinmoin  wiki  python  webservers 
10 days ago
WebPagetest - Website Performance and Optimization Test
Easy enough to understand waterfall diagrams you can download and share for website performance
performance  testing  tools  web  webservers 
10 days ago
FAQ: How Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla will eliminate Adobe Flash | Computerworld
"Not surprisingly, not after co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs' 2010 anti-Flash diatribe" ... oh, oh dear.
journalism  flash  apple  adobe 
10 days ago
B&H Photo Video: ATEN CS533 TAP
I'm looking for devices to convert a USB keyboard (my new Topre Leopold!) to Bluetooth to use with my dinner tray iPhone 7+. This is one such example, and even has a stand. the superfluous USB cable adds extra bulk though.
km  hardware  iphone  keyboards  usb  bluetooth 
14 days ago
Reserve Maeda Michelin 2-star Kaiseki Restaurant in Kyoto - Voyagin
Darn, we just missed this place! Couldn't afford or justify anyway.
food  japan  kyoto 
15 days ago
Australia’s taxi app, book a taxi anywhere, anytime | Rydo
Another cab booking service alterative to Uber and GoCatch, looks like.
australia  taxis  phones 
5 weeks ago
Double Figure (2001) by Plaid - Wikipedia
Frank Nora speaks highly of this album, better check it out.
music  overnightscape  reviews 
5 weeks ago
Laphroaig distillery - Wikipedia
I'm told this is among the best. Now if only I could pronounce it!
beverages  whisky  scotch 
6 weeks ago
BusyCal - The Best Calendar App for Mac
There's a blog post pending on this, but wow I'm furious at myself that I didn't start using this sooner. Calendars, To Do lists, Journals, all using my Fastmail and personal CalDAV servers. Slick, fast, awesome.
mac  productivity  calendars 
6 weeks ago
CleanAll Group
I've been told these people are good for end of lease cleaning.
housing  personal  australia 
6 weeks ago
10 Gigabit Networking - LTT Official - Linus Tech Tips
Some solid gear advise, but still outside the realm of what could be considered prosumer affordable, I reckon.
ethernet  10g  hardware  networking 
6 weeks ago
Green Vehicle Guide Home
Australian government comparison site for cars. Fascinating that the Mazda 2 produces less carbon dioxide than either the Swift or Jazz.
cars  environment  shopping 
6 weeks ago
A DIY iBook Dual USB Logic Board Repair - MacNN Forums
More people attempting this risky repair. Reflow a BGA with a propane torch? No problem!
hardware  apple  ibook  repair 
6 weeks ago
DIY obsolete iBook logic board repair :: projects :: geek technique
Been meaning to try this for a decade. Too scared too, but what's the worst that could happen... right?!
hardware  apple  ibook  repairs 
6 weeks ago
iBook-G3-12"-Screw-Guide.pdf - iFixit
Useful to keep track of screws; the iBook G3 was a huge mess.
ibook  apple  hardware  repairs 
6 weeks ago
sc: the Venerable Spreadsheet Calculator | Linux Journal
Still the best article on this awesome spreadsheet. Check out sc-im on Github for the latest iteration.
data  spreadsheets  linux  mac  ncurses  console 
6 weeks ago
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