Google and HTTP
Google is doing what the programming priesthood always does, building the barrier to entry higher, making things more complicated, giving themselves an exclusive. This means only super nerds will be able to put up sites. And we will lose a lot of sites that were quickly posted on a whim, over the 25 years the web has existed, by people that didn't fully understand what they were doing.
google  web 
11 days ago
Is Wikipedia To Be Trusted Anymore? - TruePublica
A Wikipedia editor called Philip Cross (Andrew Philip Cross and later “Julian” on Twitter) has a long record of editing the entries of many anti-war figures on the site to include mostly critical commentary while removing positive information contributed by others.
wikipedia  troll 
24 days ago
Propaganda 101: How To Defend A Massacre | Current Affairs
I put these words in quotes because each serves a particular function: “customary” makes it sound as if regret over deaths is mere arbitrary tradition rather than a humane reaction to suffering, “instinct” suggests that being saddened by suffering is irrational sentimentality, to be contrasted with cool reason.
media  language  politics 
29 days ago
Deadpool Can Fuck Right Off
All of the above offer a post-punchline approach to jokes, one that places far greater emphasis on the joke existing rather than its execution, delivery, or writing. They just kind of rapidly sputter out like nervous tics, and often at the expense of boring features like narrative coherence or rhythm.
4 weeks ago
I Don’t Know How to Waste Time on the Internet Anymore
And then, one day, I think in 2013, Twitter and Facebook were not really very fun anymore. And worse, the fun things they had supplanted were never coming back. Forums were depopulated; blogs were shut down. Twitter, one agent of their death, became completely worthless: a water-drop-torture feed of performative outrage, self-promotion, and discussion of Twitter itself. Facebook had become, well … you’ve been on Facebook.
4 weeks ago
Carl Beijer: Socialism and loneliness
Should we be surprised, then, when people are unable to form healthy, mature relationships? When they view each other as commodities and entitlements, or when they think of their social lives as an oppressive competitive market?
6 weeks ago
Stolen Sumerian Tablets Come from the Lost City of Irisagrig
Most of them are legal or administrative texts– meaning that they contain records such as contracts and inventories of goods that made it easier for private citizens and the city’s government to run their affairs – while a few contain a form of magical spells called incantations, the statement said
7 weeks ago
Nancy Has Been in the Comics Since 1933. Now She Uses Snapchat. - The New York Times
Olivia Jaimes is a pseudonym, and the cartoonist requested the email interview for fear that a conversation might reveal clues to her identity. “I’m a pretty private person and I want to be insulated from the whole ‘Big Thing’ that a classic comic strip is,” she wrote. “The pseudonym lets me do that, and I’m really grateful for it.”
nancy  nyt  pseudonyms 
8 weeks ago
ZAP! Lightning, Gods, and Mushrooms :Cornell Mushroom Blog
I'm reading this thing about how farmers in Japan considered thunderstorms to be good luck because they’d make more mushrooms grow so some Japanese scientists created this lil electrical machine that they wheeled through the forest administering shocks to the ground to simulate lightning strikes and the areas that they shocked yielded twice as many mushrooms as unshocked plots of land ⚡️🍄
10 weeks ago
Trump’s must-see TV: Judge Jeanine’s show and her positive take on the president - The Washington Post
Aides sometimes plot to have guests make points on Fox that they have been unable to get the president to agree to in person. “He will listen more when it is on TV,” a senior administration official said.
news  wp  prez  trump 
10 weeks ago
The Batman Universe – The Depths of Continuity in Batman #44
A few years ago, Tom King put some continuity easter eggs in Grayson #12. Donovan Grant did a great article here at The Batman Universe about the links from continuity. Once again, Tom King has given longtime fans some continuity goodness. In Batman #44, various scenes from Batman and Catwoman’s relationship are showcased. Let’s take a look at what pieces of history Tom King drew from.
10 weeks ago
The Great Comics Switcheroonie | Troubleshooting Comics
On April 1st of 1997, that day's newspapers gave a jolt to regular readers of the comics when they saw their favorite strips being drawn by many wrong artists. Some strips had guest stars crossing over from other strips, while others tried to pass for the usual strip but just looked, well, off!
11 weeks ago
Fellow Travelers
– foreign policy. from the left.
politics  blog 
11 weeks ago
Donald Trump's secret data reversal - POLITICO
Yet the company’s services do not receive high marks from all former clients. Cruz’s data operation, which was seen as the class of the GOP primary field, was disappointed in Cambridge Analytica’s services and stopped using them before the Nevada GOP caucuses in late February, according to a former staffer for the Texas Republican.

“There’s this idea that there’s a magic sauce of personality targeting that can overcome any issue, and the fact is that’s just not the case,” said the former staffer, adding that Cambridge “doesn’t have a level of understanding or experience that allows them to target American voters.”
march 2018
How Democrats can wipe out the GOP and fix America
Below, I will outline a draft platform that would both accomplish worthy goals and provide political benefits.
march 2018
The Modern Moloch - 99% Invisible
Automotive interests banded together under the name Motordom. One of Motordom’s public relations gurus was a man named E. B. Lefferts, who put forth a radical idea: don’t blame cars, blame human recklessness. Lefferts and Motordom sought to exonerate the machine by placing the blame with individuals.
march 2018
The Market Can't Solve a Massacre
Our political rhetoric, like our moral imagination, uses the vocabulary and logic of the market, of assets and investments, of incentives and innovation.
politics  gun's 
march 2018
Shashi Tharoor: In Winston Churchill, Hollywood rewards a mass murderer - The Washington Post
Many of us will remember Churchill as a war criminal and an enemy of decency and humanity, a blinkered imperialist untroubled by the oppression of non-white peoples. Ultimately, his great failure — his long darkest hour — was his constant effort to deny us freedom.
people  wp 
march 2018
How to crush Trump
Jeff Stein: Lets call it "The Cooper Doctrine:" @ryanlcooper's 5-point plan for when Ds retake power:

1) Statehood for DC & PR;
2) Make Election Day a holiday;
3) Free universal health care;
4) Giant tax hikes on rich/corporations;
5) Stop listening to Ben Wittes
how  politics 
february 2018
Even As a Student Movement Rises, Gun Manufacturers Are Targeting Young People
At the Bank of America Leveraged Finance Conference in November, the CFO of one of the largest companies involved in gun accessories and ammunition was explicit about the video-game appeal to young gun enthusiasts. “It has become a recreational shooting market, partly driven by the Xbox generation coming of age,” said Stephen Nolan, of Vista Outdoor.
gun's  games 
february 2018
Cinco 2.5
paul's computer (tayne, celery man)
february 2018
Random Name Generator
Behind the Name is a website for learning about all aspects of given names. Its scope is broad: all given names from all cultures and periods are eligible to be included in the main name database. Names from mythology and fiction are also eligible. There are currently 21100 names in the database, a fraction of what the scope entails.
via:cosmic  tool 
february 2018
Whoever Built the Boston Marathon Bombs is Still on the Loose, Able to Kill Again
Bomb-making materials were discovered in the bedroom of Daniel Morley, above, who had ties to Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev.
WTF  news 
february 2018
Candidates Who Signed Up to Battle Donald Trump Must Get Past the Democratic Party First
The bad news for grassroots activists is that the Democratic Party’s leaders cannot be reasoned with. But they can be beaten.
january 2018
Joe Biden Backed Bills To Make It Harder For Americans To Reduce Their Student Debt
As a senator from Delaware -- a corporate tax haven where the financial industry is one of the state’s largest employers -- Biden was one of the key proponents of the 2005 legislation that is now bearing down on students like Ryan. That bill effectively prevents the $150 billion worth of private student debt from being discharged, rescheduled or renegotiated as other debt can be in bankruptcy court.
january 2018
The Marxist case for the Nintendo Switch
It's remarkable both as a come-from-behind victory, and also as a way a corporation succeeded by breaking out of what Marxists call the capitalist dialectic — that is, by ignoring the received wisdom of the market and the ideology of capitalism itself.
games  lol 
january 2018
The goal of this site is to serve as a research resource for individual and organizational targets of Project Veritas, lawyers representing the victims, and the media.
january 2018
The year we wanted the internet to be smaller - The Verge
“The internet when I was younger was just a bunch of weirdo strangers who were all weirdo strangers together and felt like a community for that.”
january 2018
The War To Sell You A Mattress Is An Internet Nightmare
Why did Casper sue a mattress blogger? A closer look reveals a secret, multimillion-dollar battle to get you into bed.
blogs  econ 
december 2017
Millennials Are Screwed - The Huffington Post
Why millennials are facing the scariest financial future of any generation since the Great Depression.
econ  politics  why 
december 2017
Which is better, Applebee's or Cracker Barrel? Our critic ranks America’s most popular chains. | The Washington Post
Tom Sietsema ate three times each at the top 10 full-service chains, and tells you what’s good — and what’s not
review  list  food 
december 2017
Who Are The Real Nazis? | Current Affairs
It’s time to start taking this stuff seriously. Historians have got to respond to books like D’Souza’s, and they have to do so in depth. They need to concede the points that are right, and vigorously contest the points that are wrong. It may seem like this is “beneath criticism,” but nothing is beneath criticism if large numbers of people believe it. And while Dinesh D’Souza may appear a laughingstock from the vantage point of the academy and the press, his books continue to quietly sell hundreds of thousands of copies.
politics  books 
december 2017
'Uber for busses' startup launches ICO to end tipping as you know it
Skedaddle, an 'Uber-for-buses' startup, is launching a blockchain project that aims to completely eliminate tipping.
november 2017
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