David Letterman on Donald Trump and Late-Night TV Today
So I go over there, and it’s a building the size of the Pentagon. It’s enormous. If you took somebody from — I don’t know, pick a country where they don’t have Designer Shoe Warehouses — blindfolded them and turned them loose in this place, they would just think, You people are insane. Who needs this many shoes?
letterman  interview 
23 days ago
Your political Harry Potter references are Riddikulus
o here we are. Donald Trump’s fascist rhetoric is becoming normalized through pure repetition. Every possible pop culture comparison has been tweeted and aggregated, John Oliver has eviscerated him again and again, Saturday Night Live has forced its best and brightest to parody him every week, and yet he remains as powerful as ever.
politics  media  lowenaffchen 
27 days ago
Q & A with Fatal Farm - Popshifter
Zachary Johnson and Jeffrey Max, a.k.a. Fatal Farm, accept all responsibility and/or blame for Lasagna Cat. . . along with parodies of ’80s TV Themes and Infinite Solutions, a series of science-y “educational” shorts. All are nothing short of brilliant: a bizarre mix of mundane, surreal, and disturbing that will either render you utterly confused or drooling with laughter (and I’m not ashamed to say, I’m in the latter camp).
4 weeks ago
fire car re-enactment
RT : a longtime dream came true tonight
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5 weeks ago
Dilbert creator Scott Adams is the worst blogger | The Outline
Ruminations on 1990s white-collar ennui seem quaint when viewed through a 21st-century lens ... The salaried cubicle jobs rejected in Office Space and Fight Club are now objects of desire for survivors of the dot-com bubble and the 2007 financial crisis.
politics  comics 
6 weeks ago
Tishaura Jones slams Post editorial board while declining interview | Local News | stlamerican.com
You just moved here. It isn’t your city, yet. And graffiti is not what’s killing it.
6 weeks ago
Write to Congress
Our mission is to hold elected officials accountable when we sense actions or inactions that threaten our nation’s founding principles of equality and liberty.
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8 weeks ago
cuomo lottery
RT : there have been more vile programs proposed by democrats in the name of poor-shaming but none so petty
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9 weeks ago
Requiem for a Lightweight | Jacobin
Leftists must remake the Democratic Party, from the grassroots up, in order to combat the juggernaut of capital, warfare, and racism wracking the country. Let Moulitsas, and the diminishing returns his brand of principle-impoverished liberalism offered, serve as a warning of how not to do it.
meatheads  bropair  politics  blogs  election16 
10 weeks ago
Democratic House Candidates Were Also Targets of Russian Hacking - NYTimes.com
“I don’t think you realize what you gave me,” the blogger said, looking at the costly internal D.C.C.C. political research that he had just been provided. “This is probably worth millions of dollars.”
election16  nyt  news  politics 
11 weeks ago
Said the Gramophone: No Beginning
More days than not there'd be viewings; we'd sit in the kitchen trying to "just act normal," as the real estate agent advised, while strangers walked through the house with their shoes on, touching things in our bedrooms and asking us if we were sad to be moving out.
12 weeks ago
AlecSokolow2013 comments on Bill Murray here: OK, I'll TALK! I'll TALK!
I dig his performances, but he was horrible to work with and all of you fans might feel different if you had to experience such a difficult and unpleasant human being.
december 2016
‎‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ review by ryandeel • Letterboxd
Ultimately, the thing that made me feel like I grasped Star Wars 7 came to me while I was at work dwelling on another idea; the difference between movies and TV. Technically, the craft of both mediums is essentially the same now, so what separates them? Personally, I think audiences expect TV to focus on character and attitude, and they expect movies to focus on theme and concept.
review  film  tv 
december 2016
What the hell is wrong with America’s establishment liberals?
And this story is delivered in an almost psychotically annoying style, directly transplanted from the internet of the mid-2000s, an unholy reanimated prose corpse shambling through the discourse, groaning hideously if it can haz cheezburger.
politics  twitter 
december 2016
Parallax City
RT : new sketchbook project: please enjoy 🙇🏻
art  from twitter
december 2016
The End Of Blippy As We Know It | TechCrunch
remember the site that would tweet all your purchases and accidentally posted credit card numbers
disruption  from twitter
november 2016
RT : Yes, the org Betsy DeVos funded did literally say working in a mine is "exciting" for children.…
politics  gah  from twitter
november 2016
TOM THE DANCING BUG: Super-Fun-Pak Comix / Boing Boing
Super-Fun-Pak Comix: "I was just elected President of the United States."
comic  tomthedancingbug  trump  election16  from twitter
november 2016
Roger Rabbit Punching Nazis: The Lost Prequel
This is all very short lived as the plot takes a heavy turn following the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour which inspires Roger and Richie to enlist in the army.
november 2016
Trump or Chimp
RT : I am pleased to announce the official launch of . The resistance begins now
trump  lol  from twitter
november 2016
banksy soda machine
RT : i'm really glad i searched "bansky soda machine" and got exactly what i wanted
img  art  drink  from twitter
october 2016
The Vigilante Manifesto – Medium
the tie-in material for the next batman movie is intense
october 2016
Stakes is High – Medium
hat’s what politics is — the way we distribute pain. It’s not a sport or a fraternity or a game. It’s how we determine who gets medication and who dies young, who learns in a class of twenty kids and who learns in a class of thirty, whose school has a counselor that’s trained to look for signs of sexual abuse and who doesn’t.
october 2016
Vandana Shiva Achieves Amazing Feat Of Appropriating Her Own Culture
After all, what benevolent activist would reject a technology that vastly reduces the use of harmful pesticides, and increases crop yield?
october 2016
How Howard Stern Owned Donald Trump
Stern, out of nowhere, with zero reference: “Why do people think it’s egotistical of you to say you could’ve gotten with Lady Di? You could’ve gotten her, right? You could’ve nailed her.”

“I think I could have,” Trump responds, uncertainly. But, with Stern’s nudging, he goes on to appraise the appearance of Diana—skin, height, etc., as if she were a horse—using the tone of sadistic connoisseurship he also used when talking about Machado. With this, Stern knows he’s got his checkmate. A fool’s mate, actually. Radio gold. Only a few sentences from Stern, and Trump has stooped to the show’s level of discussing every woman—and a princess, no less, who had recently died tragically—as though she were a stripper.
politics  election16  radio  how 
october 2016
What Is The Point Of Tim Kaine?
Tim Kaine is a test-tube candidate designed by party scientists to win a reddish state election in a Bush-era midterm. He has no utility in 2016, let alone 2020 or 2024.
politics  election16  pareene 
october 2016
Wow. The Youth Today Just Look At Phone... Remarkable
A, "Selfy Stick"? Shit... I remember the days when the only "stick" a child would be given would be a rifle to go fight in Vietnam. Instead now, of this, we have the selfy stick, a torrid symbol of a culture that is so far gone that it enjoys taking photographs and sharing them with their friends. What else is there to say but "img farnsworth I don't want to live on this planet any more".
lol  g0m  sa 
october 2016
‘Finally. Someone who thinks like me.’ - The Washington Post
In the age of Donald Trump and online conspiracy theories, how one voter came to believe in what's being said in the dark corners of the Internet about President Obama and Hillary Clinton — and how Trump will rescue the United States.
wp  election16  politics  words 
october 2016
RoboCop Archive :: View topic - RoboCop and Rule...
Moderators: please don´t ban this topic, I am interested in knowing if any of you have ever used the Rule 34 to find x-rated material of RoboCop. (I am not going to post any links here and I want the topic to be respectful among members here)
august 2016
Excerpts From TIME Magazine's Cover Story on "Trolling"
"Trolls" - an insidious new type of internet user who doesn't use the shift key - come from a broad spectrum of sexualities, ethnicities, and political affiliations. However, or do they? It would really fuck up the central thesis of this article if that were the case, so I'm bafflingly going to state it once and then immediately attempt to prove the opposite.
sa  g0m  lol  troll 
august 2016
Gawker.com style guide from 2007
Posts can be anything -- inspired by a flickr photo, a blog post, news story, something you overheard, something you've always wondered.
gawker  blogs 
august 2016
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