Något skaver med protesterna mot Peter Springare | ETC
Vi har redan en situation där en folkrörelse  som kan beskrivas som både rasistiskt och nyfascistisk verkar i Sverige, och representanter för rättsväsendet känner sig trygga med att prata öppet om sin önskan att förinta människor med vissa politiska åsikter.
Vintage Cassettes
Here you will find the beatiful pictures of sealed compact casettes. Cassettes from 1970-1990 are covered the most. Collecting vintage cassettes is a great hobby and brings all good memories back. Cassettes are organized by brands and then the years they were produced. We concentrate on the most important brands. This site try to cover three markets: US, Europe and Japan. We also added the History of Compact Cassettes located to the right.
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6 days ago
The Far Right’s Leftist Mask | Jacobin
The European far right has cynically appropriated left-wing and pro-worker talking points for its own purposes.
6 days ago
BBC - Travel - The intoxicating drug of an Indian god
The cannabis plant’s role in Hindu mythology has authorities turning a blind eye to India’s drug shops.
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8 days ago
the health goths are really feeling zip ties rn for some reason ~ refigural ~ fashion, art, and beauty refigured
This fat-shaming, coupled with Health Goth’s obsessive emphases on cleanliness and power, underscores the latent metaphorical fascism at its heart. That latent fascism is the absent center of much of the online discussion about Health Goth, although it does occasionally break to the fore.
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10 days ago
Subjoi - Love Shy - YouTube
Less of a remix and more of a filter dream in the final death throws of house music!

If we don't continue to invent, this is where we end up, with absolutely NOTHING new. EQ plagiarism, with ever diminishing returns for the integrity of genuine underground dance music. I bought this original 12' when it came out and I could basically make this version with my own mixer!

If you're young, your one job is to invent something NEW. In this case, your job is to find a new way of expressing what deep house might have spoken to in the late 80's to the mid '90's and make it for 2016! Putting a filter on an old track doesn't do that. Sorry, it might sound pleasant but it has zero soul or street value today, no matter how gritty it's trying to be.

Real underground music must be contemporary by its very nature and is, itself, a reaction to contemporary music. This song, like SO many other micro-label house tracks only redistributes nostalgia. And I'm a very nostalgic person!, but this kind of thing does nothing to forward the real dance scene in a viable way.
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13 days ago
Sports Nutrition Companies Are Going for Bodybuilders’ Weak Spot: Their Sweet Tooth
Advances in food technology, particularly related to dairy and the lower costs of whey, have enabled manufacturers to improve the quality and variety of healthy, low-fat foods they distribute.
17 days ago
Brigid Schulte: Why time is a feminist issue
The image that came to mind was this: time confetti.

What I didn't know at the time was that this is what time is like for most women: fragmented, interrupted by child care and housework. Whatever leisure time they have is often devoted to what others want to do – particularly the kids – and making sure everyone else is happy doing it. Often women are so preoccupied by all the other stuff that needs doing – worrying about the carpool, whether there's anything in the fridge to cook for dinner – that the time itself is what sociologists call "contaminated."
17 days ago
Leading Putin Critic Warns of Xenophobic Conspiracy Theories Drowning U.S. Discourse and Helping Trump
There’s now an identical – and quite profitable – Democratic cottage industry that specializes in pointing to every death of anyone with any proximity to Trump or Russia and strongly implying – with zero evidence – that they were murdered. But the difference is that it’s not confined to the fringes but is fully embraced by numerous mainstream Democratic figures.
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17 days ago
Lets's Talk: Mall Grab, lo-fi house and originality: LetsTalkMusic
This old school house revival is definitely an extension of what I think people take away from vaporwave, a genre that relies on nostalgia in order to bring out this feeling of hauntology and loneliness in sound. It is influenced by slowed down funk or chopped and screwed culture, extending samples and sustaining chords to express this feeling of something missing. When this is brought to the dancefloor, the takeaway is that dancing is a highly personal and hypnotic procedure. Burial touched on this and reviewers would say this was dance music for the walk home from a club at 7 am. Come down music. And with come down music, there's that slight feeling of regret and depression.
18 days ago
LIBRIS - Paper prophets :
Paper prophets : a social critique of accounting / by Tony Tinker
26 days ago
RA: Breaking Through: Project Pablo
That album, I Want To Believe, though mostly written in Montreal, bears the unmistakable mark of the so-called Canadian Riviera, full of bright keyboard riffs and thick basslines
26 days ago
Hotet från <div> de auktoritära</div> | Aftonbladet
En förvånansvärt konsistent ideologi håller på att skapas ur dessa strömningar. Etiketter som ”höger” och ”borgerlig” används, trots att tankegodset har föga att göra med den traditionella svenska borgerlighetens betonande av ekonomisk frihet och öppenhet mot omvärlden. Identiteten formas av striden mot ”vänstern”.
Eftersom ”vänstern” är för betydande asylmottagning är det höger att vara emot. I samma åsiktspaket finns mediekritik, antifeminism och förnekande av global uppvärmning. Det auktoritära märks i den nymornade vurmen för värnplikt. Sådana förslag har föga att göra med försvarsförmåga, utan emanerar från viljan att se andra lyda och inordna sig.
Fortfarande saknar denna ideologi både intellektuella och politiska företrädare.
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27 days ago
Dispatches: Berlin | Frieze
Unlike other far-right parties, the AfD began as an intellectual movement.
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27 days ago
Immunity: The Evolution of an Idea | .....
Modern immunology traditionally conceives of the immune system as providing defense against pathogens. Alfred I. Tauber criticizes this conception of immunity as too narrow, because it discounts much of the immune system's other normal functions. These include active tolerance of nutritional exchanges with the environment and the stabilization of cooperative relationships with resident micro-organisms. An expanded account extends immunity's functional role from singular 'defense' to broadened discernment of environmental 'exchange.' This ecological perspective has profound theoretical implications, for the basic notion of immune identity is reconfigured: highlighting the organism as a holobiont (a consortium of diverse organisms living in cooperative relationships) challenges prevailing concepts of individuality and the self/nonself dichotomy heretofore organizing immune theory. Indeed, if theoretical interest is focused on the challenges of maintaining immune balance in the full ecological context of the organism, then immune regulation assumes new complexity. Tauber maintains that the key to unravelling that puzzle requires a critical re-assessment of the cognitive processes that underlie immune effector functions. Accordingly, he provides the outline of a re-formulated 'cognitive paradigm' that dispenses with agent-based models and adopts an ecologically conceived understanding of perception and information processing. The implications of this revised configuration of immunity and its deconstructed notions of individuality and selfhood have wide significance for philosophers and life scientists working in immunology, ecology, and the cognitive sciences.
27 days ago
Svenska högerextremister öppnar kontor i Washington
Begreppet Alt Right har effektivt fungerat som samlingsnamn för en bred och spretig uppsättning högerextrema ideologier och positioner.
Men nu tycks alltså Spencer, Jorjani och Daniel Friberg försöka fylla Alt Right-begreppet med ett tydligt politiskt innehåll. Enligt Jason Jorjani är den nya organisationen ett försök att smälta samman europeisk och amerikansk extremhöger till en.

I Europa handlar det om att förena de Nya högern-baserade ideologiska linjer som präglat Arktos utgivning, som arkeofuturism, identitarism och fjärde politiska teorin, vars främste förespråkare är den ryska ideologen Alexandr Dugin.
28 days ago
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