Azerbaijan Gets Islam and Politics Right | Frontpage Mag
Although Azerbaijan is 95% Muslim, it also is home to one of the most flourishing Jewish communities in the Muslim world.  There are three synagogues in Baku, and an active Jewish community with schools and cultural centers. Moshe Becker, a Jewish leader from Azerbaijan, said that in Azerbaijan "there has been no anti-Semitism and we live very peacefully, even cooperating with our Muslim and Christian brothers."
3 days ago
Adam Smith - Wealth of Nations — Bk 5 Chpt 02 "Consumable commodities are either necessaries or luxuries."
The Greeks and Romans lived, I suppose, very comfortably though they had no linen. But in the present times, through the greater part of Europe, a creditable day-labourer would be ashamed to appear in public without a linen shirt, the want of which would be supposed to denote that disgraceful degree of poverty which, it is presumed, nobody can well fall into without extreme bad conduct. Custom, in the same manner, has rendered leather shoes a necessary of life in England. The poorest creditable person of either sex would be ashamed to appear in public without them. In Scotland, custom has rendered them a necessary of life to the lowest order of men; but not to the same order of women, who may, without any discredit, walk about barefooted. In France they are necessaries neither to men nor to women, the lowest rank of both sexes appearing there publicly, without any discredit, sometimes in wooden shoes, and sometimes barefooted. Under necessaries, therefore, I comprehend not only those things which nature, but those things which the established rules of decency have rendered necessary to the lowest rank of people. All other things I call luxuries
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4 days ago
Expressen Kultur: Konspirationsteorier – ett vapen för sluga maktspelare
Auktoritära ledare världen över använder konspirationsteorier för att utöva sin makt. 

För att förstå vår tids politik måste vi förstå lockelsen i att se världshistorien som en enda sammansvärjning, skriver Rasmus Fleischer.  
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5 days ago
Folkets ilska i Göteborg skakar Socialdemokraterna
GÖTEBORG. I stora delar av Europa är socialdemokratin i djup kris – och nu slåss även svenska Socialdemokraterna för att undvika ett historiskt svagt valresultat.

Ingenstans är det så tydligt som i Göteborg.
5 days ago
Cwejman: Politiker prisar ett musikliv som deras politik förtrycker
Kommunen har ett regelverk som inte accepterar icke-vinstdrivande verksamheter. De ställs inför ett ultimatum: Bli näringsverksamheter eller lägg ned.
11 days ago
Germany's left and right vie to turn politics upside down | World news | The Guardian
Inside Alternative für Deutschland, calls for higher pensions and rallying cries against labour market deregulation clash with the official positions of the party’s upper ranks, where its leader, Alice Weidel, advocates Swiss-style pension funds as the model for Germany to follow, and its deputy leader, Beatrix von Storch, rails against high taxes on Twitter.

New research, however, suggests that political realignments are not only taking place in party headquarters but across the country at large. Sociologist Klaus Dörre’s in-depth study of a new “workers’ movement on the right”, based on more than 70 interviews across Germany, reveals rapidly increasing support for the AfD’s “exclusive solidarity” among functionaries and members at Germany’s unions.
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26 days ago
Mathias Wåg 🐊 på Twitter: "Finns inget som skrämmer mig mer än människor som tror, fanatiskt, på ett status quo. Att imorgon alltid kommer vara en fortsättning på idag och igår. Att den här civilisationen står utanför tiden. Den kapitalisti
Finns inget som skrämmer mig mer än människor som tror, fanatiskt, på ett status quo. Att imorgon alltid kommer vara en fortsättning på idag och igår. Att den här civilisationen står utanför tiden. Den kapitalistiska realismen.
4 weeks ago
Russia's Resistance Has A Leader. Does America's?
"jag gillar inte kålsuparteoremet i texten och inte heller tanken på endimensionella globala kraftmotsättningar, men tanken på ryssland som den första moderna fallna demokratin är intressant."
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4 weeks ago
Stolen Arab Art: Israeli exhibition showing Arab artwork without artists' consent | Middle East Eye
"We are showing the works in the exhibition in Israel without the artists' knowledge or consent, acutely aware of this act of expropriation," the 1:1 Centre for Art and Politics, a gallery in southern Tel Aviv, said in the exhibition's statement.

"By delineating these political and geographic boundaries we wish to call attention to Israel’s exclusion from the Middle East family," the gallery claimed.
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4 weeks ago
John Coltrane: Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album – Sonic Magazine
Och utöver det ta er an de senaste släppen från exempelvis Vijay Iyer, Stefano Battaglia, Sons of Kemet, Goran Kajfeš, Jaimie Branch, Shinya Fukumori, Espen Eriksen Trio, Matthew Halsall, Ill Considered, Jeremy Pelt eller någon annan av alla nu livs levande hårt svängande, vibrerande jazzmusiker.
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5 weeks ago
Facebook was never ephemeral, and now its Stories won’t have to be | TechCrunch
At first, the Stories war was a race, to copy functionality and invade new markets. Instagram and now Facebook making ephemerality optional for their Stories signals a second phase of the war. The core idea of broadcasting content that disappears after a day has become commoditized and institutionalized. Now the winner will be declared not as who invented Stories, but who perfected them.
5 weeks ago
YouTube Debuts Plan to Promote and Fund 'Authoritative' News | WIRED
According to YouTube executives, the goal is to identify authoritative news sources, bring those videos to the top of users' feeds, and support quality journalism with tools and funding that will help news organizations more effectively reach their audiences. The challenge is deciding what constitutes authority when the public seems more divided than ever on which news sources to trust—or whether to trust the traditional news industry at all.
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5 weeks ago
(1) Pit Schultz - there is a strange trend in social media in...
there is a strange trend in social media in increasingly orientating towards the lowest common level, and by that turning into an reincarnation of mass media. by producing formats which incentify the production of socially reproduced redundancy, with a low cognitive threshold and small ranged , image based feedback loops. the new short attention span story feature borrowed from snapchat, tested on instagram and imported to facebook, enforces the bell curve of statistical self-similarity through the selfiefication of the lives of a normative global middle class. it could be attributed to the tested principles in a number of companies with the involvement of facebooks profit manager sheryl sandberg: starbucks, mckinsey, world bank, disney, and the clinton administration. she has been recently applauded and criticized for her model of "trickle down feminism" and stands for the methods of value extraction in facebooks corporate culture.
youtube / google instead puts its focus on the expansion of 'authorative news' to serve the hand of the news hosting companies, which they as well slowly kill not only just by centralizing and portalizing news production but by taking away the ad revenue model, to offer an own paywall gateway hosted by google. in its wide news initiative google has more far reaching plans, than the mere ideology of normative optimisation from the consulting school of mckinsey. google is about the change the infrastructure of news production and turn publishing houses into advertisement partners.
the class of users which would invest into upscaling knowledge production, and free cognitive capital, these platform companies ultimately were thriving on in their phase of expansion, is thinned out this way. the smaller but relevant number of citizen journalists, long form bloggers, podcasters, feed curators and commenters, are rather punished with the absence of new and advanced power user features.
this means that strategically in the mid term facebook, google & co become intermediaries between classica
5 weeks ago
Cornucopia?: Hur är Valueguard-KTH:s bostadsindex konstruerat?
Detta leder fram till att Valueguard-KTH:s bostadsindex alltså kompenserar för prispåverkande faktorer som var lägenheten ligger och vad för lägenhet det rör sig om, och är statistik, inte data. Exempelvis säljs det förhållandevis fler små (och därmed dyrare per kvadratmeter) lägenheter kring terminsstart på högskole- och universitetsorterna, men en sådan ökning av kvadratmeterprisets data justerar allts Valueguard-KTH index för.
5 weeks ago
Krönika av Emma Bouvin: Studsmattan skulle ge mig egentid - DN.SE
Man skulle kunna tro att jag köper mycket leksaker till mina ungar för att jag älskar dem. Det sista är visserligen sant, men inköpen görs främst för att jag med alla medel försöker hitta ett sätt att få barnen att leka UTAN MIG. Alla dessa grejer jag dragit med hem i förhoppningen att få lite tid för mig själv. Pyssel i horder, lektält, sandlåda och vattenballonger. Det slår alltid fel. Pysslet kan inte pysslas utan vuxen inblandning, lektältet måste mamma sitta i, sandlådan måste mamma gräva i, vattenballongerna kan barnen inte fylla själva och så fort de är fyllda går de sönder och så sitter man fast där vid vattenkranen i tre timmar.
6 weeks ago
Tomas Hemstad: "Vad får man publicera och vem tar ansvar för det?" - Politism
I en eventuell bredare debatt om vad man väljer att publicera, och hur det urvalet sker, hoppas jag att den också ägnas åt de ”låt gå”-plattformar som helt avsagt sig sitt publicistiska, redaktionella och kuratoriska ansvar, där högerextrem press likställs med Aftonbladet, där man köpa nazist-propaganda jämte Barbapappa eller spela spel som heter White Power: Pure Voltage.
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6 weeks ago
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