Flat Icons
A collection of "flat" icons. Very nice.
april 2013
CSS Responsive Menu
Using responsive CSS techniques to change a menu's behavior.
january 2013
Five Programming Books
DHH lists a few programming books that have helped improve his abilities.
programming  books 
december 2012
50 Free Mini Icons (PSD) | Premium Pixels
A free set of monochromatic icons, hard to pass up.
december 2012
iOS App Icon Template
Automates the process of rendering various icon sizes for iOS apps.
ios  photoshop  psd  template 
december 2012
Free Web UI and Mobile Kits for Developers and Designers
Great looking set of design kits, including a few for mobile.
november 2012
Ratchet: Bootstrap for iPhone
Prototyping tool for designing iPhone apps.
apps  ios  iphone  mobile 
november 2012
MapBox | Fast and beautiful maps
This looks like an amazing tool for folks serious about mapping.
november 2012
Yosemite HD on Vimeo
A gorgeous timelapse of Yosemite. One of the best I've ever seen.
photography  timelapse  video  nature 
october 2012
A smartwatch that actually makes sense - Lennart Ziburski
This looks like a smart watch that I'd buy and actually use.
watch  design  tech  iphone 
october 2012
iPhone 5 and iOS 6 for HTML5 Developers
A great rundown of all the latest features in iOS.
html5  ios  iphone  mobile 
september 2012
BookBlock: A Content Flip Plugin
A plugin that makes content switching flip like pages in a book.
september 2012
Screenqueri.es | Pixel Perfect Responsive Design Testing Tool
A very well-done tool for testing responsive design/layouts.
responsive  tools  css  testing 
august 2012
Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 2
Amazing 360 degree view of the Curiosity rover's perspective on Mars.
science  rover  mars  space 
august 2012
MARS Greeley Haven 360 Panorama
Amazing 360 degree panoramic picture of Mars.
science  nasa  mars 
august 2012
ImageOptim — make websites and apps load faster (Mac app)
Image compression utility that removes comments and color profiles (not quality).
images  osx 
august 2012
Summer Reading… and Programming
Really cool interactive video reading/programming experience.
programming  books  javascript  video 
july 2012
Using devicePixelRatio for Retina Devices
This is a development tip to use window.devicePixelRatio for delivering retina-caliber graphics.
javascript  retina  design 
july 2012
Society6 | Affordable Art Prints, iPhone Cases and T-shirts
A great resource for artistic and inspirational prints.
design  art 
july 2012
PHP: The Right Way
I don't do a whole lot of PHP these days, but occasionally a PHP app finds me. This looks like a solid reference for writing good PHP.
php  reference  programming 
july 2012
.Mail | Tobias van Schneider
A case-study on redesigning the classic email client. A good read to say the least.
design  email  ui  inspiration 
july 2012
Destroy All Software Screencasts
Looks like a great series of screencasts for serious programmers.
screencasts  programming 
july 2012
Quick Introduction to Moqups - Moqups
An online wireframing tool, similar to Balsamiq. Could be useful.
wireframeing  design 
july 2012
How to Retinafy your Website
A PDF flow chart created by Thomas Fuchs on how to add retina graphic support to your website.
retina  graphics 
july 2012
Ryan Singer's Reading List
A nice list of books courtesy of Ryan Singer of 37signals.
books  design 
june 2012
Redactor WYSIWYG editor on jQuery
This looks like a really slick editor built on jQuery.
jquery  javascript  wysiwyg 
june 2012
test/spec/mini — Gist
This is my preferred style of testing my Ruby apps.
ruby  testing 
may 2012
Jaguar E-Type Concept by Laszlo Varga
Wow, what a beautiful car design. So simple, yet so badass.
design  cars 
may 2012
CSS Arrows
A useful way to make arrows using purely CSS.
css  design 
may 2012
Brian Hoff: Hey Designer, get it right!
Design is all about the process, be careful letting outsiders in too early.
may 2012
In Flux | Trent Walton
A good post and reminder about slowing down as it relates to keeping up with the constant change of the web.
design  retina 
may 2012
Glyphish Backgrounds for iOS
I'm a huge fan of the icons, so I know these backgrounds are of high quality.
icons  backgrounds  ios 
may 2012
Sketch | The designer’s toolbox
Vector drawing app that's focused on UI and simplicity. Very nice.
design  mac  sketch 
may 2012
RubyMotion - Ruby for iOS
As a huge fan of Ruby, this could be big.
ruby  ios  iphone 
may 2012
Designing Lasting
Great post on shooting for design that stands the test of time.
march 2012
White & White Clock
A nicely designed digital clock.
design  clock 
march 2012
Adobe Shadow | Adobe Technology Sneaks 2012
A utility to inspect websites on all devices simultaneously.
design  adobe  tools 
march 2012
Essential JavaScript Design Patterns
A in-depth look at JS design patterns.
books  javascript 
march 2012
Bit Timer: A Simple Intervale Timer
The name speaks for itself. Pretty great UI design going on here.
march 2012
Advanced Caching in Rails
This is a great article on advanced caching techniques in Rails.
rails  caching 
february 2012
SimpleVid on GitHub
Embedded and responsive video player for self-hosted H.264 videos (with a flash fallback).
jquery  video  javascript  html5 
february 2012
Nice Things
A site full of different kinds of design inspiration.
inspiration  design 
february 2012
Help! Linux ate my RAM!
How Linux uses your RAM (tip: don't believe what "top" tells you)
february 2012
A simple way to make use of parallax.
javascript  parallax  effects 
february 2012
A library of precisely prepared monochromatic icons and symbols.
design  icons 
february 2012
Clear for iPhone
A great looking todo app for iPhone, by the Realmac Software crew. The UI is pretty slick.
iphone  todo  ios 
january 2012
Responsive Design Sketchbook — App Sketchbook
A very useful sketchbook for those embracing responsive web design.
january 2012
HTML5 Please - Use the new and shiny responsibly
A simple UI for a quick glance at support for HTML5 and CSS3.
html5  reference 
january 2012
Kendo UI - The Art of Web Development
A framework for HTML5 UI's (CSS3, modern JS, etc).
html5  framework 
january 2012
LukeW | Multi-Device Web Design: An Evolution
Great article and references for designing on multiple devices.
design  mobile  responsive 
january 2012
Amazon.com: Moleskine Watercolor Notebook Large
A great Moleskin with heavy watercolor paper, so it's safe with sharpies.
books  design  sketching 
january 2012
Five Simple Steps - The Icon Handbook
Supposedly a great book on the art of the icon by Jon Hicks.
january 2012
kibo.js on GitHub
A simple JavaScript library for handling keyboard events.
javascript  keyboard 
december 2011
Guide Guide for Photoshop
A Photoshop utility used for working with grids.
photoshop  tools 
december 2011
Play by Play - Your courtside seat to Dribbble!
A Mac app for browsing Dribbble. Worth the $2.99 price tag.
december 2011
Git undo last commit
A good reminder of how to undo commits in git.
december 2011
A well done javascript library for keyboard bindings.
javascript  keyboard 
december 2011
Cocoa Literature
A great resource for Objective-C programmers.
ios  cocoa 
december 2011
Here's to the Crazy Ones - Letterpress Poster
A beautiful poster illustrating the copy written for the "Think Different" Apple campaign from 1997.
apple  poster 
december 2011
Asynchronous UIs - the future of web user interfaces
A good read, but this may take things a bit too far.
ajax  javascript 
december 2011
A List Apart: Getting Started with Sass
Unlike Haml, Sass actually has promise.
sass  css  tutorial  ala 
november 2011
Thinking of interfaces as sets of jobs (Ryan Singer)
An interesting approach to working through the design of an interface.
ui  design 
november 2011
The Obvious, the Easy, and the Possible
A good post on the tradeoffs to consider when making the tough decisions when designing an app.
november 2011
A great read on copying vs innovation.
innovation  design 
november 2011
A front-end framework for building JS heavy web apps.
javascript  mvc 
november 2011
Time Lapse View of Earth from Space
An absolutely stunning video from the Space Station.
earth  video  timelapse 
november 2011
Mobile UI Patterns
A gallery of a few patterns found in mobile design.
mobile  patterns  design 
november 2011
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