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Your Money | Fast Company
It's time to take stock of the role of money in your life, the road to financial security, and the price of success.
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november 2011 by rowansimpson
What do you do after you make a ZILLION dollars?
You need to be responsible and show the people around you that they all made the right decision in trusting you, in buying your business, in buying your goods and services, in working for you, etc. You have few chances in life to demonstrate that you’re made of the right stuff and this is one of them.
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march 2011 by rowansimpson
Paul Buchheit: What to do with your millions
Now for the hard question: What to do with your life?
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may 2010 by rowansimpson
Indexed » Relativity.
The "line of indifference" or the boundary between feeling rich and poor.
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november 2009 by rowansimpson
Billionaires Who Got Richer in the Financial Crisis - The Wealth Report - WSJ
"Great wealth, to use a phrase from the 1920s, is a “restless visitor,” flitting from one lucky beneficiary to the next."
october 2009 by rowansimpson
How We Value the Super-Rich - Wall Street vs. Silicon Valley -
"The not-so-admired billionaires, particularly the wizards of Wall Street, operate in the shadows of capitalism. We are not really sure how they are making all that money. But we suspect that just a little bit of it used to be ours. "
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september 2008 by rowansimpson
An economic mystery: Why do the poor seem to have more free time than the rich? - By Steven E. Landsburg - Slate Magazine
"First, man does not live by bread alone. Our happiness depends partly on our incomes, but also on the time we spend with our friends, our hobbies, and our favorite TV shows. So, it's a good exercise in perspective to remember that by and large, the big winners in the income derby have been the small winners in the leisure derby, and vice versa."
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september 2008 by rowansimpson

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