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Khosla Ventures
We are in the company-building business, not in the "deal" or "capital" business.
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october 2011 by rowansimpson
Founder Collective - Strategy
"Unlike big venture capital firms, we expect to generate returns almost exclusively from seed stage investments. Hence, we have the same incentives as founders to increase the value of the company in future financings. We are also comfortable with smaller exits if that's what the founders want.

A significant portion of our fund comes from active entrepreneurs, many of whom have made Founder Collective their sole entity for private company investing. When we invest in your company, you get access to and help from these entrepreneurs."
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december 2009 by rowansimpson
Pitch yourself, not your idea – chris dixon's blog
"...many VCs tell entrepreneurs to “come back when you have a demo.” They aren’t wondering whether your product can be built – they are wondering whether you can build it."
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november 2009 by rowansimpson
Milestone Based Investing
"Early stage venture capital is by definition milestone based investing. The entrepreneur raises enough capital to get to a significantly different place with his or her business and both the entrepreneur and the investor hope that the next round will be done at a significantly higher price that reflects the progress made."
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august 2009 by rowansimpson

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