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Emily Cummins - Sustainable Fridge
Innovative design from a young inventor based in Leeds, UK
socialventures  invention  refridgrator  africa 
february 2009 by rowansimpson
The Wealth Report - : Why the Rich Give to Charity
"My guess is that the wealthy practice a kind of suspension of disbelief when it comes to charity. They know that changing the world through charity can often be an illusion, since the problems they’re trying to solve are so vast and complex that no single donor (except maybe Mr. Gates and Mr. Buffett) can have a discernable impact. But they also know that they feel better for trying, and that charity makes them better people."
charity  socialventures  giving  motivation 
november 2008 by rowansimpson
World Expeditions - Community Projects
Community Project Travel is a unique “philanthropy” program that we have operated since 2005, functioning entirely as a ‘not-for profit’ division of our company. The program offers purposeful adventures for everyday travellers, where the main objective is to improve the lives of other people or the environment in a meaningful and sustainable way.
travel  socialventures  giving 
october 2008 by rowansimpson
Positive Footprints - Documentary Series - Positive Footprints - Nepal
This is the story of what happens when a group of travellers choose to make a difference, the effect it has on them, as well as the local community.
nepal  socialventures 
october 2008 by rowansimpson
Barron's Online: The secrets of good giving
"Giving money away, as any serious philanthropist will tell you, is every bit as hard as making it. Maybe even harder."
giving  philanthropy  socialventures 
september 2008 by rowansimpson
Q-Drum - About
"...a low cost rollable water container for developing countries." Via Guy Kawasaki
invention  socialventures  design 
june 2008 by rowansimpson

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