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Lightweight sales focussed CRM
crm  saas  sales  tools 
march 2015 by rowansimpson
Magic Number for SaaS Companies
A measure of the efficiency of money spent on sales and marketing
saas  metrics  startup 
may 2014 by rowansimpson
SaaS metrics calculated automatically from Strip account data
metrics  saas  stripe 
january 2014 by rowansimpson
Insights On SaaS From The $32 million HubSpot Mega-VC Round
SaaS companies often charge on a subscription basis — so cash comes in over time (often monthly).  However, the acquisition cost is paid up front.  The result is, even if you’re making margin on each sale, the faster a SaaS company is growing, the more cash it will need to fuel that growth. 
saas  businessmodel  funding 
march 2011 by rowansimpson
Capsule CRM
Simple online hosted CRM for small business sales teams
saas  crm  tools  sales 
may 2010 by rowansimpson

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