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The "Watch Later" Project
"I've got Boxee on my big screen in our family room and when I am home at night, I'd like to fire up Boxee and watch all the video I've come across on the Internet but did not have time to get to."
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june 2009 by rowansimpson
Technology Review: HD Over Wi-Fi
Startup Quantenna Communications ... chipset makes it possible to employ beamforming, in which a high-bandwidth stream of data can be directed toward a specific device, such as a television--something not possible with standard Wi-Fi routers. The result is a wireless connection with effectively double the range and bandwidth. The device will be available later this year.
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april 2009 by rowansimpson
Fork of XBMC for OS X
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november 2008 by rowansimpson
Stream Music from your iPhone to iTunes with Firefly Media Server - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)
Mike Ter Louw has brilliantly managed to port mt-daapd, the Firefly Media Server, to iPhone. Firefly makes use of your iPhone's built in mDNS/Bonjour media service to stream audio to iTunes.
iphone  firefly  mediacenter 
august 2008 by rowansimpson
Don't Overpay for HDMI Cables
Instead of spending $60 on a 6-foot cable, you're better off shopping somewhere else.
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may 2008 by rowansimpson

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